Monday, October 05, 2015

BC-Clemson gets prime time treatment

The ACC announced the kickoff times for October 17 and slotted BC vs Clemson for prime time. The game will start at 7 pm and either be on ESPN2 or ESPNU.

While much of the TV appeal is based on Clemson's hot streak, BC is a big factor in the national prime time slot. Our game against FSU was one of ESPN's highest rated Friday night games.

The ESPN2-ESPNU aspect will be cleared up next week. I think the network is hoping we handle Wake and Clemson doesn't trip up against Georgia Tech.


mod34b said...

oh no! the one game we do not want on TV will be a national TV.

it will be Shinskie at Death valley ugly

NEDofSavinHill said...

If they let Flutie play the next two games they may win both. Two of the best long passes ever thrown in BC history were thrown against Duke . The TD pass and the one from the end zone on third down. Every pass that flutters or wobbles doesn't count as a completion? Is that really your best criticism? The miracle in Miami fluttered. So it shouldn't count according to some. PLEASE READ the ACC STATS. At this point in the season a BC QB is 7th in the conference in yards per play. He's 3ed in pass efficiency. He's second in the conference in pass yards per attempt. Can anyone guess his name? He is one of the two QBs that ATL describes as a poor passer. Stop the propaganda. Tell the truth.

Hoib said...


Come on, the miracle was a bullit. The sooner people stop comparing Troy to Doug, the better off he'll be. Believe me there will never be another Doug. The closest I've seen is Manziel, in college of course. The endzone play was great. The comentater said they should just hand off to get the punter some room. Instead Fitch made that call. Yeah I know they just run up the middle all the time.

ccw said...

Those stats are utterly meaningless given the small sample size. I mean get real.