Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Picks Week 9

I am heavy on the home teams this week...especially when they are getting points. Of course this is for entertainment purposes only.

(Picks in bold.)

Georgia Tech-6 at Virginia

Ole Miss-7.5 at Auburn

Illinois+4.5 at Penn State

Central Michigan-2.5 at Akron

USC-5.5 at Cal

Oklahoma State-2.5 at Texas Tech

Clemson-10 at NC State

Texas-5.5 at Iowa State

San Diego State-3 at Colorado State

Notre Dame-10.5 at Temple

Arizona+4.5 at Washington

Last week I was 6-4. I am 45-32-3 on the season.


CT said...

20-10 VT.

When there's no right answer at QB, there's no wrong answer, either.

JBQ said...

@CT: There is a right answer and there is a wrong answer. Flutie won't develop because the current system is not conducive to his talent. The question is just why was he recruited in the first place. He has to be very good because he was the number one quarterback in lthe state of Massachusetts. If Addazio was recruiting Cardale Jones clones at 6 ft 7 and 300 lbs, then all would be right with the world. Smith and Wade are nowhere near that height. Chase Rettig was a very good quarterback who had to start before his time. He had a younger brother who was even better. It is obvious that he wanted no part of Addazio under the influence of his brother. Smith was hurt because this offense keeps running the qb into a brick wall. Smith was "ear holed" at the goal line and his career may be over before it even starts. He is a nice kid who really wants to succeed. You cannot win if you can't score. Zero to zero is not an optimum goal unless you are playing in the World Cup. The Boston Herald article on failure because the players are young is not a viable explanation. Spaz brought in Christian Suntrup to run a pro offense. He is still on campus in year 4 of 5 years of eligibility. When you talk 3-9, you are really saying (2-0, 1-9). Since Addazio is guaranteed 13 million for 5 more years, he has no incentive to succeed. Brad Bates has to take "flack" for a lousy business decision with the extension of an obviously deteriorating situation. Now, you have basketball pre season ranked 157. Haven't enough alarm bells gone off yet? The Spaz-DiFillipo disaster has run its course and what is going on now could very easily destroy the entire BC athletic program. Come on now, John Fadule, be realistic. He is a prep school phenom who is little more than an 8 man football product. Throw away the crystal ball, you can see where this is going.

Knucklehead said...

Not defending CT.

I saw Christian Suntrup in a spring game 3 years ago. He could barely walk and had massive knee braces. He could barely throw more than 15 yards.

I know he went to a big catholic school in STL and was recruited by Nebraska according to some of the websites. He is not a good player though.

Hoib said...


A possible future post. How many if any of the coaching names that were floated when Daz was hired ran a pro set offense? The reason I bring this up, is that's what Flutie or Suntrup would need to run to be able to succeed. I don't know the facts, but mt sense is very few successful college teams run a pro set today.

CT said...

Rettig's brother got offered by LSU. Enough said.

Enough with the Suntrup thing. It's a running joke at this point. Move on.

if Daz's contract is the issue, then no one has incentive. You want to pay coaches per win? What year is this?

Don't jump. Nothing going on now is anything that other schools haven't been through. The department isn't at stake. Geez.

You ppl need to form your own support group. A couple of you above and the dozen poster a day guy who apparently lived in temporary housing.

On second thought, jumping will ease the pain. Mine. Primarily from reading the exact same post over and over again.

I hope Flutie does well. I'd much rather read those posts.