Thursday, October 29, 2015

BC-Virginia Tech preview

Like last week, I keep trying to talk myself into believing BC can win. Last week the Defense and Special Teams nearly won the game on their own. That could happen this week too. But can the Offense get enough points and avoid enough mistakes to enable a BC win?

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
Brad Bates went on BCI's podcast this week  and addressed the indoor practice facilities and other building projects. Fundraising remains a big related issue to all wished for improvements. Life will get a lot easier for Bates if BC can pull off a win or two down the stretch. I would hate to shake down big-time donors or even try to sell Ireland packages coming off a 3-9 season.

Three Simple Keys
1. Complete 50% of our passes. This might seem wildly optimistic, but I think a lot of short quick passes will be needed with the patchwork Offensive Line. And any success in the pass game will open up other things.
2. Get pressure without blitzing. When the front four does it alone, we become impenetrable on defense.
3. Don't allow a non-offensive touchdown. Beamer Ball is practically dead. Don't revive it like a bad Halloween cliche. If we don't give them points, we can win.

Gambling Notes
-- Addazio is 2-0 against Virginia Tech
-- Virginia Tech has never lost three straight to BC
-- BC hasn't lost four straight games since 2012
The current line is BC+2.5

This is Beamer's 23rd game against BC. He passed Paterno a few years ago for most times coaching against BC. I don't see anyone touching that record for a long time because it requires coaching longevity (which is becoming rare) and it requires playing BC nearly annually.

Scoreboard Watching
Notre Dame at Temple is getting the full ESPN treatment, so many of us will catch a bit. I am curious though because this is what Addazio left behind (sort of). He was technically only there two recruiting cycles, but they are winning with some of his players.

I hope to see...
Jeff Smith play. Not for selfish game-related reasons. It is more about the kid recovering from his head injury. If anything a Smith return makes managing this game more confusing. But I will accept that confusion if he is feeling better.

BC is in trouble if...
Another QB goes down. I don't want to give Addazio a free pass, but if Flutie gets hurt and Smith is still not cleared, then it is really not the coach's fault for a loss.

Bottom Line
Two TDs. That's all BC needs from Flutie or Fadule. Just two. I see it as one fluke play (perhaps a long TD pass to Robinson or something. Maybe a long run from Willis.) And then a semi-long drive for the second score. This also requires the D to play great again. I think it can be done.
Final Score: BC 14, Virginia Tech 10


campy said...

VT: 13
BC: l'œuf d'oie

Hoib said...

I wonder if this is the last time we see Beamer. I've followed his career fairly closely since way back when he almost coached us. He's been a heck of a coach, but all things come to an end.

Knucklehead said...

BC 19
VT 18

Assuming Flutie plays the entire game(or Smith plays). Meaning this cannot come down to Faduele. Virginia Tech is not very successful at early games.

mod34b said...

BC 10
VT 21

CT said...

Fundraising from the donors cannot be related to any win-loss record. Being 4-8 or 5-7 is insignificant. Bates made it clear in that interview that he is wholly on board with the idea first enunciated by Daz. "You getter get your licks in now." That's the selling point. They've been selling this season's downturn since before the Maine game. But tell that to the immediate gratification crowd. Or the less than 1% who post on message boards. Good luck.

Knucklehead said...

That post does not make any sense. Utter non-sense.

CT said...

I can't imagine a win or two difference in this season has all that much bearing on anything. Bates said some announcement is coming soon. What? Is he waiting for five wins? Six? Going to a December bowl or not going is not changing anything. The extra practices would be nice but that stuff is overrated. Is that nonsense? If anyone would know...

mod10aeagle said...

Addazio's recent comments regarding the QB situation are baffling. He has talked about this week's practices as if he's auditioning Flutie and Fadule as equal candidates for the job. Flutie has to be either extremely motivated to prove himself worthy or extremely demotivated due to what comes across as a vote of no-confidence from Addazio. Can't understand it.

Hoib said...


I think it's obvious that Daz doesn't think much of Flutie, otherwise why even bring up the idea of playing a w/o.

mod10aeagle said...

Exactly. I was shocked. It has to be tough on Flutie. Regardless of what you think of his performance or potential, he doesn't deserve public humiliation from his friggin' coach.

Hoib said...

i don't think it's meant as humiliation, it's just that Daz is very candid in his comments to the media. Very unusual for a coach. It seems to me he really wants the fans to understand what he's doing.

Knucklehead said...

What do you think he going to announce? How could he announce a bowl game when the team needs 6-7 wins and isn't going to get that many. That is non-sense.

He is going to announce a new practice facility or some bull shit like that.

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

Adazzio is an asshole. He doesn't like Flutie because he isn't a rah rah Type-A douchebag.

Give Flutie an average fucking offensiveline and three full games and he will be fine.

It is all on Adazzio for not having the forethought to redshirt one of the seniors last season or to find some 5th year transfers. It is all on him. No matter what he pontificates.

CT said...

You misunderstood me. The original post I was referring to concerned fundraising and our need to win more THIS season in order to catalyze that. Those two things seem unrelated to me.

Who cares who starts? This offensive line needs help. The WRs are? Crappy? Young? I think Daz likes anyone who keeps him employed. Conspiracy theories are silly, unless you think Daz is a masochist.

eagleboston said...

Don't see how the team that could not beat Wake at home is going to beat Va Tech. Especially when you consider the Eagles have lost even more players since that game. Injuries and Spaz's disaster recruiting are responsible for this step-back year. I also think poor game management by Addazio has been a factor. If you look at the past 2 years, they have lost about 80% of the close games. Ideally, this would be closer to 50%. Under Addazio, BC does not know how to get over the hump and get a win. I think the luck changes next season, but we all have to suffer through this one and stay home in December.

Hoib said...


We held our own the first year in close games because we had Frieze. Since then our putrid kicking game has really hurt us in the close ones. Daz should have fixed that before this year.

Knucklehead said...

Exactly. We lost to Wake Forest because the kicker was pathetic and the coach was not far behind.

Virginia Tech is not good in early games.

Flutie is going to throw two ints but will win the game.

mod34b said...

Fan Duel

Go Fan Duel. Flu-Flu sucks as an ACC QB. He should transfer to Holy Cross or Ahmert

I am eager for Fan Duel to shock the world

Bravesbill said...

Va Tech 20, BC 7