Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Low expectations for Basketball coming out of ACC Media Days

I have some hope for BC's young basketball roster. The rest of the conference does not. The collected ACC Media voted BC last in their preseason conference poll at the ACC Media Days. The vote wasn't even close. BC was last by a wide margin. But look at those other teams near the bottom (Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech). Why can't BC finish ahead of them?

BC also failed to garner any votes for the various preseason all conference teams and preseason award winners. Given how many minutes all the freshmen will play, someone is likely to earn some all freshman honors.

Nothing Christian nor our player representative Dennis Clifford and Eli Carter said made headlines. I do take solace in Christian saying this year's team is more talented than last year. That's a big statement considering he no longer has Hanlan. I hope he's right and if he is BC will certainly surprise people.

The biggest news out of the media event was the absence of Rick Pitino. College Sports is filled with plenty of hypocrites and jerks, but Pitino is in a class by himself.


mod34b said...

Brad Bates: BC can't compete in major ACC sports.

And I am looking right at you.

Knucklehead said...

Eli Carter? Who the hell is that?

Danya Abrams is not walking through that door. Billy Curley is not walking through that door. Troy Bell, Tyrese Rice, Craig Smith and Reggie Jackson are not walking through that door.

Rick Pitino is not walking through that door either; on ACC media day.

Basketball program sucks. Sorry but all the players are pussies now.

I am at the point where if the school cannot get Mens Basketball and Mens football back to top 25-40ish form in the next couple years then we ought to drop the programs. Drop them, drop baseball. Pick up lacrosse and keep investing in hockey. We could dominate lacrosse just like hockey if we wanted to. It would cost less and I would be happy to watch it on ESPN U rather than the football team on the goddamned internet.

Spend the saved money on elite professors and recruiting talented students to the University.

We need to jump over fucking Tufts and stinking Wake Forest and stupid UCLA in the US News and World report rankings anyway. We need to jump over flipping Mendoza School of business in the MBA ranking too. That shit pisses me off. Who the fuck goes to business school in South Bend, Indiana?

Hoib said...

Maybe the next, Danya Abrams, Billy Curley,Troy Bell, Tyrese Rice, Craig Smith, Jared Dudley, or Reggie Jackson is starting his career. Let's hope so. Good luck guys! Surprise some folks for us.

Bando '87 said...

I'm excited to see the freshmen play. I think the talent level is higher than most expect. Still, the only way to watch this season is to do so with very low expectations for the W-L record.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I agree with you Knucklehead. BC (Leahy, etc.) is just milking the ACC for the cash - BC has no interest in making the investments needed to become competitive in football and basketball. We should stop the charade and follow the University of Chicago, NYU models. Fine - stick with hockey, maybe soccer and lacrosse and be great at them. Plow the savings into getting our academic ratings up higher. That will benefit us all individually more than anything the football team could do. Just tired of losing and our university looking so inept.

CT said...

"You're wrong."

--Doug Flutie

Erik said...

You've seen about 3 of the players play basketball. How do you know they're pussies?

ATeagLe said...

Agreed. We did well until our Big East carryovers graduated. Hard to recruit since. Reason? Our Big East brand of good academics and athletic balance isn't selling so well against the likes of Duke, Georgia Tech, Virginia, NC and Wake. Being a geographic outpost does not help either.