Sunday, November 22, 2015

Delay in second viewing

Sorry for the delay, but the second viewing thoughts won't be available until Monday. The Harvard basketball game cut into my time (I'll write about the hoops team too). As always, thanks for the support.


EL MIZ said...

how about the hoops squad! the freshman can play and Eli Carter looks like the basketball version of Tyler Murphy!

blist said...

Yeah, feeling good about hoops! A future in Conte!

Tim said...

Men's soccer team just won two NCAA tournament games to advance to the sweet sixteen.

Men's hockey just won their 9th game in a row. They are 10-1 on the season, ranked #2 in the country.

Women's hockey is 15-0, ranked #2 in the country.

Men's basketball is 3-0 for the first time since 2008.

Women's basketball is 4-0 for the first time since 2010.

Tim said...

Recap: our hockey and basketball programs are a combined 32-1 right now.

Big Jack Krack said...

Thanks for putting things in perspective, Tim.

Just a few thoughts. I really do think the future of BC Football is bright, with the caveat that Brad Bates has to stop "dumbing" the schedule down, etc.

It was a tough year for us, and especially galling to watch the mismanagement of players on the offense, and absolutely no ability to hold the position of OC displayed by Fitch. On and on............

But - we're not South Carolina losing to The Citadel; we are not the University of Georgia, needing overtime to squeak by Georgia Southern; we're not Florida needing overtime to escape - and I mean escape FAU. We are not Kansas, thank goodness, winless I think, and losing to WVU 49 to 0. And how about Georgia Tech - with high expectations and predicted to win the Coastal Division, but some injuries here and there and they are 3 and 8. They went from #14 entering ND Stadium to just plain rank!

Sure, Clemson beat us at their place pretty good 34 to 17, but that was our worst loss and they are #1 or #2. It's tough for new players to play in front of 82,000 loud and boisterous fans.

As someone said, and I agree - we tenderized ND for Stanford. I don't like to see injuries to any players, but we knocked out ND's running back C.J. Prosise (or at least he's doubtful) and one or two other players. (Did cornerback KeiVarae Russell break his leg in our game?)

Our guys played long stretches without a break, but didn't wear down. We are a tough minded, disciplined football team and I think this season was truly an anomaly for many reasons.

We can be frustrated with some of the coaches, but our players should have our admiration.

And so for all players who may read this blog, I apologize for the negativity. It's directed at the coaches, AD and President and BOT - not you (with some exceptions, I guess)

I am proud that " You are - BC". Thank you and beat Syracuse in the Carrier Dome.

And Happy Thanksgiving - I wish you could all come to my house.

blist said...

I'm often too busy to pay very close attention to the football team, especially this year (a blessing, really), so I take my cue from BJK and ATL - thanks for the insight (and optimism. BJK)!

EL MIZ said...

BJK - for whatever its worth, i heard through the grapevine this weekend that a few players (including Hilliman) who are hurt could have come back to play, but Addazio sees the season as basically lost so he is getting those guys redshirts or medical redshirts and gearing up for next year.

the long story short of this season is Addazio built himself up a good amount of goodwill in years 1 and 2. this year, the offense was a disaster. the goodwill saved up has been spent down to close to zero. next year will be huge for Addazio and predictive of whether he has another year or so left on the Heights, or whether he will be around through the end of his contract.

mod34b said...

Daz has 5 full season to go. 5 more years of celebrating mediocrity as success. #nevertoexcel.

Daz built up good will in year #1 and #2 by being .500 coach, getting BC to an undesirable bowl and losing each time. Wow. Being better than Spaz is no cause for celebration.

Do you remember last year when so many thought an extension of Daz's contract was a good idea? One commenter in 12/2014 actually said that we needed to sign Daz to an extension because Michigan might hire Daz if Harbaugh fell though. I am still cracking up about that one, but scarily that might be how Bates was thinking.

God help BC.

mod34b said...

did you know that in 3 years of ACC play BC has beaten exactly one team with a winning ACC record. In 2013, BC beat a 5-3 VT team.

During the last 3 years, BC has played 23 ACC teams and only beaten 1 that had a winning record.

next year, we have 4 OOC chumps: WAGNER (wtf?), Buffalo, UMass and UConn. Not sure we can beat UConn, but assuming we do, that's 4 wins. We beat 2 losing ACC teams and we are bowling.

And many will call that progress. B.a.r.f.

Does anyone see the mid 1980s years, The TOB years, the Jag years - winning football against decent opponents - happening in the next 5 years.... I don't

mod34b said...


Syracuse just fired 3rd year coach Scott Shafer.

Be inspired BB. Be Bold. (ok, I know you cant be bold)

Bravesbill said...

Looking at mod's links from the last post, it looks like Hoib was the only one on board for extending Daz after last season. It seems like Hoib is one of the only Daz supporters this season.

Hario said...

i think i agree with miz -- most of Daz's goodwill is used up after this year and he will have to produce next year.

i think another reason im willing to give him one more year is that im not really sure about potential replacements - i dont see bates as a creative or bold AD in hiring a new coach

mod34b said...

Daz 2016 recruiting: regressed.

#10 in ACC
#60 nationally (per Rivals)

talent not attracted to Daz.

EL MIZ said...

mod - i view seasons 1 and 2 more from an expectation standpoint than a straight w/l standpoint. that first team was 2-10 and awful and Daz won 7 games, which exceeded everyone's expectations. last year's team i thought was a mild exceeding of expectations. this year's team has been an incredible fall short of expectations, which puts me more or less back at zero.

next year i'll expect 7-8 wins, and we'll see what he does and how the team looks. i expect to be underwhelmed and think the small takeaways from this year (the sideline meltdowns including getting flagged for a 15 yarder for unsportsmanlike, the complete brain farts in 2-minute drills, the complete embarassment of the OL his year) lead me to believe we'll be calling for a new coach (and possibly new AD if attendance continues to fall and Brad keeps giving us the "who me?" look). i'd love nothing better than to be wrong, to have the young OL gel, Hilliman back running people over, to win some close games, etc. - we'll see.

Hoib said...


I was for extending and of course hindsight is 20 20. I'm not now in the dump Daz catagory, but he's on the clock. That game was an upset ripe for the taking and we whiffed. We had 2 weeks to prepare for an ND team, our arch rival, that came in sleepwalking. Daz and our guys did not have their best night, which is a must when you play your rival. Had we played like we did against Clemson I'd be ok w/ it, but we didn't. You judge someone on their body of work not their worst day. BTW, it's easy to be you just sitting back waiting to critisise other peoples opinions or ideas w/o ever offering any of your own. W/ the exception of just saying we suck over and over again. I'd rather be wrong and pull for my team, than be a perennial downer like you, and your buddy Mod.

Thomas said...

How much of our early Basketball success can be attributed to scheduling cupcakes? Haven't been able to watch any games yet.

mod34b said...

Hoib - ND is not our Arch Rival and not our rival at all. wrong-o!

Hoib, you did say a year ago you were leaving this blog spot. Wha happen? You've lost your sense of humor.

I think you might be better suited for BCI. ... Lotta happy talk about Daz over there by the "writers" of BCI - kinda of the anti-Beerfart mindset. The comments from last year on bci about the need to extend Daz are hysterical.

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...

el miz and hario - I guess it is a non-debate. BC is not firing Daz this year.

I think Hario hit on the best reason: Do we Want BB picking a successor? we will wind up with Scot Shafer. maybe a year of .500 ball (2 wins over ACC) is all we can expect now.

Miz, I do see how people were happy about year 1 and 2. But I can't see .500 ball with 2 bowl loses exceeding expectations. Daz achieved the bare minimum amount of success. I guess the GDF/Spaz error wrought BC that low.

Bravesbill said...

Hoib, I've offered many opinions as others could attest to. The reason I brought that up is that you seem to be a Daz homer for whatever reason.

Hoib said...


Don't ever remember you having anything positive to say about any BC player, or BC sports in general. Maybe your buddy can find some past posts to prove me wrong. He seems to have little else to do.

JBQ said...

BC soccer really had a great week. They won twice in the preliminary round and now are in the Sweet 16 against Georgetown. Charlie Davies is one who played for the Eagles. He was going to be a national star and then was hurt badly in a car accident. He is now back and playing well with the Revolution. For some reason, Klinnsman won't give him a shot. Let's accentuate the positive.

Bravesbill said...

Hoib, I was actually a Donahue apologist basically up until last season.

mod34b said...

Hoob. Chill. It's a bc sports blog. No need to be so angry about nothing. Show some class

Hoib said...


I stand corrected. I was early on Dump Don. I admit I was biased having had such respect for Al, and being very upset w/ the poor way he was treated. I guess we just see things differently. I shouldn't have put you in league w/ Mod 34, for that I apologize. There's only room for one in his Dungeon.

mod34b said...

Hoob, so so angry. why?