Saturday, November 21, 2015

More frustration in Fenway

Let's run through the 2015 BC Football checklist. QB rotation? Check. Ineffective Offense for long stretches? Check. Clock management issues? Check. Special Teams' mistakes? Check. Wasting a great defensive performance? Check. So, this was a complete copy of most of our loses this year, yet Addazio has the gall to lose it with the refs? This loss was on Addazio and his staff. This season is almost over and they still are just throwing stuff out there hoping it works.

Fortunately for Addazio, he built up plenty of goodwill in his first two seasons, because this is using most of it.

I will have grades and second viewing thoughts late Sunday night.


mod34b said...

Well it was a fun game to watch. Sorta.

Better - much - than expected

Defense was great fun to watch.

Offense perked up too - but too late.

Smith run was awesome.

Did not le Daz yelling at players and being a big dick in getting a penalty. His play calling in second to last drive was truly bad.

I also saw daz mouth words "mother fucker" in response to a pass interference call. No BC coach should e saying that on national TV. Anyone else catch that.

Lot to like about game except our coach and the result

Ps. I think our D put a big dent in ND playoff hopes. nD is just not #4 in USA and now everyone knows it.

mod34b said...

Lots of dropped passes by both teams.

Wonder if Fenway baseball lighting was a factor. ?

eagleboston said...

I am not going to criticize the coach for swearing. Big deal. I swear watching every BC game, even when they are good. People are more concerned about that than the fact he has burned critical timeouts early in every close game this season. However, I am upset that he caused an unsportsmanlike penalty at a critical juncture in the game. He owes the BC community an apology for that.

eagleboston said...

Mod, the Notre Dame fans are saying they should have blown us out by 30 points, except they kept shooting themselves in the foot. One commented that they were moving at will on the BC defense.

mod34b said...

U curse EB? So

R u the head coach making $3,000,000 and BC's most visible spokesman and role model?

mod34b said...

Not getting your point EB about ND fans

mod34b said...

Defense caused turn overs. Essential part of defense. Not an oopsy by ND.

We blew ND out of national playoff. We exposed them as not good. Not elite

Yay! Take that Domers. Ha.

Colin said...

Was at Fenway tonight. D played their heart out, I give them a ton of credit. Would have been very easy to give up after the putrid offensive and coaching performances.

One thing I'd like to point out though. If we ever play at Fenway again, we should NEVER EVER let it be an "away" game. The entire ballpark was basically one big ND gush-fest. At least 75-80% ND fans in the stands. ND play-caller over the PA. ND commercials and hype-film all throughout the game on the big screen. Signs over the green monster saying "WE ARE ND" in Red Sox style lettering. It was really an embarrassment to let them come into our city and take over the field like that. This was a great opportunity to show off the "BC brand" and build community between BC sports and the greater Boston populace and we totally blew it. Shameful by the athletic department to let it play out like that.

dixieagle said...

Completely agree, Colin. I called out this asinine decision on a BC Facebook post and they tried to blame it all on the ACC. I think there has been a ton of negative feedback from BC fans over this. Profoundly stupid to allow this in our backyard.

Addazio acted like an ass - totally uncalled for penalty which hurt an offense that couldn't afford it. Dumb.

That said, our D showed ND to be frauds, and I'd be totally surprised if this didn't knock them out of the top 4. I will be pulling hard for Stanford next week.

Bravesbill said...

Who cares if a coach curses, esp. after such a bad call? If it doesn't affect the outcome of the game I could care less. If it causes 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalties, that's where it matters. And those plays that were called in the second to last drive were some of the dumbest decisions I've ever seen. I was truly dumbfounded.

Knucklehead said...

We tenderized ND tonight(Our defense beat the crap out of them). Stanford is going to cook ND next week. You are welcome Stanford.

They are out of the playoff either this weekend or next. Later ND. Another season not meeting expectations.

On the other hand I wouldn't mind seeing Alabama pummel ND in the championship game/playoff. Just to see their douchebag fans realize their team is overrated.

Unknown said...

Difficult to watch... This game at Fenway, this ND prank and our administration allowing us to be used this way, our coach- why would one choose him, and listening to Doug Flute as ND's announcer, he did a great job just too much yapping about the enemy for me. ND won't be bounced from their rankings, it's all about $, powers that be want them in the playoffs.

BaldEagle90 said...

Did BC get paid anything to have this ND home game in Fenway? Doesn't BC have a big relationship with the Yawkey trust and whatever the current Soxs' ownerships marketing arm is?

Tim said...

Yes, BC is aligned with Fenway Sports Management. They are useless. According to their own website, their biggest accomplishment is getting meatballs served at BC:

Also note their description of BC:
"BC has won a record five NCAA College championships and sent more than 40 alumni into professional sports leagues."

What is this record that we hold? And I'm pretty sure we've sent a heck of a lot more than 40 players into the pros over the years.

mod10aeagle said...

All season Addazio has been rolling his eyes and shaking his head as if to say, "these kids are killing me", when what he should be saying is "sorry I've done such a crap job coaching you up." He's always the victim, never the culprit, and I'm really sick of the whole act.

On the other hand, and despite the horrendous coaching on the offensive side of the ball, I'm proud of how the entire squad played last night.

Bates should spend a few nights in the woodshed (at least) for allowing this PR debacle to happen. Watching ND fans sing their Alma Mater in Fenway on national TV ... I could see the BC players down the other end of the field in "alma mater" position, but did they have to wait for ND to finish? Ugh. If so, that had to suck mightily.

I don't care how much money BC might've received for it (ND got a hell of a lot more, and a hell of a lot more than money).

Hoib said...

Well, it was the perfect set up. Arrogant overrated ND comes to Fenway in their puke green uniforms. Plays like crap, only problem is we were worse. Yeah the D played well most of the time, but the 2 TDS they gave up were the result of gifts. One a dumb penalty, and the other being outfought for a gift warped int. if you want to win you need to want it, we just didn't. I think NDs arrogance will catch up to them. How stupid to schedule a "home" game on the east coast, when you have to go to the west coast a week later. Well known fact that teams traveling from the east coast to the west coast generally have a hard time. Serves those mother fuckers right. Best part of the game for BC was Flutie. I hope some day he coaches for us, what an offensive mind. It must have been very hard to contain himself watching his beloved Eagles play like crap. I loved the old unis, though.

JERZeagle said...

To mod10's point:

Addazios totally plays the victim to his player's ineptitude all game long, and then at the press conference, his defense is that we are young and mistakes happen. Total bullshit.

I know there are a lot of coaches out there who are hot heads and have attitude problems, but there is something very uncool about addazio. I feel like he is on the verge of a mental meltdown at all times and its also clear that during the broadcast no one on the team really 'has his back.'

Knucklehead said...

The difference in this game was the roughing the kicker call in the 2nd quarter on the missed field goal. The call was marginal at best. However like I said yesterday we needed to play them straight up. No kick blocking, no unnecessary onside kicks etc.

If addazio merely let them kick the field goal then that drive would have ended with a 3 and not a 7. That as the difference.

He went for a block against Clemson that cost us 7 points when we playing them tight in the first half as well.

Saw Tom McManus at the game. Guy is a maniac. Awesome.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Being vulgar and crude should not be a characteristic of a head coach. Mod is correct. Daz is incapable of controlling his emotions and should not be on the sidelines. He should be relegated to the booth. Bates should discipline him for his boorish behavior. Daz is an embarrassment to the BC community. Children were watching that game with their families and have to be subjected to his moronic behavior. 2. ND's triumphal march through Boston backfired. BC was competitive and not overmatched even with a poorly coached offense. BC got $2million for a road game and had no travel expenses. It was a great score for BC. ND will never play in Fenway again. At the end of the game their announcers were downtrodden but if they beat Stanford they will be playoff bound. 3. Ohio State using the Meyer-Daz offense generated 130 yards of total offense against MSU. The single wing doesn't work. But Daz will run it as long as he is here. 4. The most offensive part of the game was during the moment of silence when the ND fans were booing and shouting Allahu Akbar.

Hoib said...


They missed the FG which made the penalty that much worse. Horrendous penalty on, The 2 try as well. Daz has lost all credibility w/ his players in trying to prevent dumb penalties w/ his stupid display.


MSU won the game throwing 1 pass in the second half. They pretty much ran the single wing w/ 2 b/u QBS. They jamed it down the the throats of the National champs in their building. Now that's football, and I'm a Buckete fan. I really enjoyed watching that game verses the track meets they run in the Big 12, or the NFL for that matter. It's all about heart and execution. Daz can't get our guys to do it. When you see smash mouth properly executed it's how football was meant to be played

Joseph said...

I guess that many posters here have no idea of the "Shamrock Series" It is completely and totally an ND thing by their AD to make money for them and to get alums involved. They hired Fenway for this game. BC had no say in anything except to agree to play. This is all part of the ACC boosting the brand. BC does not have the draw to pull this off with anything more than scraps.

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

The call to go for 2 was really iffy there. If he took the 1 then we would have been down 9. Then 1 TD and 1 FG win the game with 10 minutes to play.

One positive about the Eagles- we are a well conditioned football team. I was there 15 rows from the field. Our players did not get tired and were playing with the same voracity at the end as the beginning. ND looked worn our in the fourth Q - especially their O line. That is why I think ND is going to lose to Stanford and get knocked out of the Top4 - which we might have already taken care of last night.

Knucklehead said...

Fuck off. Every here knows the circumstances.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I think Jeff Smith can be a fine QB with some good coaching and a decent OL. I think his arm is adequate. Its incredible how much these kids can improve with coaching and some experience with the speed and pressure of the game. I don't know what to say about the receivers - but you have to believe if the spring and fall sessions focused as much on the passing game as the running maybe they'd not be dropping so many catchable balls. Having said that - the two most important things are the OL followed by a good defense. Big question next year is the DL after losing 45 and 90. But the linebackers and secondary look to be pretty good. Love number 9, Milano and Strachan.

Overall, a surprisingly valiant effort yesterday. Daz's swearing is fine (Don Brown cusses constantly) - but he has to get a grip on how and when to call timeouts and deal with the waning moments of the game. When he needs them he lets a ton of time elapse before making a decision. I'd love to get a decent offensive coordinator who coaches from the sidelines and stays next to Addazio. I think Addazio's head coaching experience was too limited when we hired him and he will improve each year. That's why I would have been inclined to hire someone with a longer tenure as head coach someplace. I personally like Daz and want him to succeed. The disconnect, of course, is the money he makes. The downside for these top tier head coaches is that the patience goes down as the money goes up. That certainly is the case everywhere else - especially in the business world. You want the huge bucks? Fine - but get ready for high expectations and a ton of stress. It's not for everyone.

If Daz maintains perspective (not excuses) and humility and really focuses on righting the ship - we will get back on track. Of course, its critical that Bates keep up the gentle pressure in the off season and ride herd on the program. His role (like any good manager) has to be one of making Daz and everyone else better at their jobs. I have more concerns about Bates than Daz.

This can be fixed if everyone works like hell and works smart. I'm neither optimistic nor pessimistic - its up to everyone connected to the program. If they figure it out and do their jobs - it will work out fine. If not - then somebody else deserves the opportunity.

Have a great Thanksgiving folks - the single best man holiday of the year!! Great food, friends, family, the Detroit Lions and none of the pressures of that over the top overdone money pit called Christmas. Enjoy!

Hoib said...


It was a no brainier to go for 2, makes it a one possession game. Once the penalty incurred I can see maybe kicking, but me I still would go for 2. The bigger issue is why the kid didn't have them ready for the play. didn't he learn anything from Wake? Kid has great talent, I just don't see it as a QB. Maybe a wing back type, but he'd have to catch. Not sure he has the hands and concentration, can't catch the GD snap for Christ sakes. Robinson drops more than he catches. You would think "Athlete" would include the ability to catch the ball. The Frosh. Left tackle made a hell of a block on Smith's TD. I'm so down hearted about this game, grasping at straws here.

Hoib said...


I don't think Smith can stand up to the pounding he'll take playing QB. Can't risk the whole season on someone like him. We need to find a way to use him though. See my prior comment. You know I'm a Daz guy, but I can't give him a pass on the penalty. I'm sure he was warned prior 2 it. To your point on the receivers, I don't see why Fadule get's yanked, if there weren't all the drops he would have moved the team. Don't agree on 9, he made 1 good play, but 2 awful ones, that cost us 14. OC must be in the box. Plenty here wan't to send Daz to the gallows, I'm not one of them, but the clock is ticking. To use your business analogy. He should spend the time he'll have not getting ready for a bowl to do a reevaluation of his methods. Go back to day 1 of spring ball and see where things got out of hand and make the proper changes so we can hit the ground running for 2016, which will be a make or break year. I don't think he needs to change his core beliefs, but he's got to get a team on the field that can execute.

JERZeagle said...

To mod10's point:

Addazios totally plays the victim to his player's ineptitude all game long, and then at the press conference, his defense is that we are young and mistakes happen. Total bullshit.

I know there are a lot of coaches out there who are hot heads and have attitude problems, but there is something very uncool about addazio. I feel like he is on the verge of a mental meltdown at all times and its also clear that during the broadcast no one on the team really 'has his back.'

JERZeagle said...

Oh and also, that was the WORST onside kick I have ever seen, oh, and we were offsides

dixieagle said...

"I think Jeff Smith can be a fine QB with some good coaching and a decent OL".. and therein lies a big part of the problem.

Not seeing measurable progress in the O line and I don't think Daz or Fitch has shown much in the way of coaching skills. Smith also seems very small. Love his speed, though. And Fadule is gutsy and tough. I just hope that someone there can bring the best out in both of them, but I have serious doubts.

Guido said...

I wish to compliment the entire BC team for "playing their hearts every week-end". They are indeed a classy group that represent Boston College so very well !! As far as the game, I actually feel embarrassed for the OC and HC for their ineptitude. Something needs to be done before the start of next season - I will let you be the judge on that "Something". AND MY BIGGEST QUESTION - WHAT THE HELL DOES THE "FENWAY SPORTS GROUP " do for BC ??? We can not get extended hours for parking at games - every expansion plan is blocked by the City of Boston or neighborhood groups. Wake up BC and Brad Bates !!!! AGAIN - WHAT DOES THE FENWAY SPORTS GROUP DO FOR BC ??? We can not even get promoted by the media in Boston - both written and "Sports Talk". Have a happy Thanksgiving you all !!!!!!And to the BC athletes who might read this BLOG - You are indeed a CREDIT TO BOSTON COLLEGE !!!! -- From a Babson Grad who enjoys college football , especially the "EAGLES".

jj1991 said...

I am tremendously proud of the effort of the BC p[layers.However,Fitch's play calling is worse than mine,and I was a JV football coach 30 years ago. It was simply 'retahded'.Coach Addazio's behavior is absolutely inappropriate; his penalty embodies everything he does during a game, and shames our school. The coach/AD combo and the way this game was handled seem to be'malign neglect'on the part of Board and Father Leahy.
Eagle in Marietta

Knucklehead said...

I completely disagree. You only go for 2 to tie or win the game. There were 10 minutes left.

Under your/their thinking you are going to make 4/4 scoring plays. TD/2PT another TD/2PT. Under mine you only need three. TD(PAT), TD and FG. Remember the kicker hit his kick earlier.

Going for 2 there a faulty unconfident thought process. Just like continually costing your team points by being over aggressive on blocking scoring kicks.

janebc said...

All of them played their hearts out. Well done. Coaching is another matter entirely.

Knucklehead said...

He was warned. There was a sideline warning early in the game. When they made that call early(never see that call anymore because there are "get back" coaches telling everyone to keep quiet and stay behind the white line) I said that we were going to get nailed later. That early call was a total fucking set up by the refs to be able to make the personal foul call later in the game.

Complete fucking home job.

Hoib said...


Under my way u need to make 3 plays. You've already scored. Plus you only need to possess the ball one more time. Your way you have to make, 4 scoring plays plus stop them twice. Even in missing the 2 they were left w/ your situation, to play for OT instead of outright win, another factor is you are asking the worst offense in the country to mount 2 scoring drives. I'm just asking them to make 1 3 yd play and mount one drive.

On a happier note the hoops team had a nice win today. Played much better interior D and made our FTS. Big improvement over our last game. We played a little bit of zone, which was good to see. I'd like to see a little 2-3 now to go along w/ the 1-3-1. Can't believe I'm saying this, but we could have used Mageritty this year. We have no low post scoring at all. He would have given us more inside D as well, such is life.

Knucklehead said...

I agree with the positive sentiments here. The players played great last night. I thought the offensive line did show improvement. I like that running back number 38 he was great controlling the ball in the second half getting us out of our own goal line. The defense is hands down the best in the country. Connor Wojack is THE MOST UNDERRATED DEFENSIVE PLAYER IN AMERICA. Baker and Burt are classic New England BC football players. Tough as nails and class acts.

Get ready for another battle this weekend with Syracuse. That game will be a grudge match.

Looking back on the season at this point. We have lost all our games but we haven't been blown out. Clemson in Clemson to lose by 17. Not to shabby. Hit a couple kicks and we have 5 wins. Maybe we get those wins back next season. Obviously I want to win and their are no moral victories BS, BS. The games have been really good, as usual.

Addazzio deflects blame which is bush-league since his job is not on line - he is fucking locked in. His offense is not the problem - it worked the last two years remember???????? He needs a QB and an offensive line that can run the system to make it effective.

Beat the Syracuse orange-motherfuckers and take it into 2016.

Knucklehead said...

Your thinking about it the wrong way, my man. Go eagles.

I am assuming extra points are a given:
Your way
TD then 2pt = 2 scoring plays
TD then 2pt = 2 scoring plays
4 scoring plays

My way
TD(then extra point)= 1 scoring play
TD(then extra point) = 1 scoring play
Field going = 1 scoring play
3 scoring plays

Big Jack Krack said...

#38 is Biology Major and RSF Richard Wilson from Detroit. I and others have been calling for him all year.

I think we have some interesting combinations next year, but a fully recovered Hilliman at RB and Wilson at FB might be something. We'll have many options at WR, and should be improved in that category.

I'm wondering what happened to Jim Cashman - did he fall into Addazio's dog house because he studied too much (double major Finance and one other)? I thought he was mismanaged and mis-coached, and should have seen much more action in the O-Line this year. I personally hope he comes back for his 5th year, as he has been accepted by BC into grad school.

What happened to Bobby Swigert? Did he walk away from the program due to the same mismanagement, mis-coaching concerns?

If anyone knows, please speak up. I hope we don't see players leaving the program because of coaching issues. We really do have some very good players, and a solid foundation going forward.

mod10aeagle said...

Would you say we have a plethora of F-bombs in this thread? I would say we do. Just a little bit of frustration boiling over, which is understandable.

I do like the look of the hoop team, so far. Granted, they haven't played anybody yet, but they certainly look like a much more athletic bunch than we've seen in a long while. There were a lot of good hustle plays by guys like Milon and Meznieks, as well as sweet shooting from beyond the arc and tough defense -- they actually defend with their legs! Clifford is moving so much better than past years, which only highlights what a disaster his injuries have been for him. That said, I still can't figure out why he can't hit a contested layup. Perhaps he's had to focus so much on building lower-body strength that his upper body is still that of an 18 year-old. And, while his aggressiveness and skills are great to have, I worry about Eli Carter trying to do it all himself either out of lack of confidence in his much younger teammates or desperation to prove he's got NBA skills. Either way, it could be a problem against better comp.

Knucklehead said...

He is the highest paid employee of the university. He is held to a higher standard.

Tim said...

nice win today by the men's soccer team to advance to the NCAA sweet sixteen

JBQ said...

@Bravesbill: The interference call was a good one as commented by Flutie. Addazio cursed for no reason. The receiver suckered the d back. He slowed down and the back plowed into him. Smith did look good. Fadule took a shot to the head. These are small quarterbacks. Kizer is plus 6 ft 4 and ND now runs him sparingly. You just can't run against 300 pound defensive linemen. It's like running into a wall unless you are Cardale Jones who is 6 ft 7 and almost 300 himself. As for Smith's throwing. He is improving but as Flutie told it he "slings it like a baseball" which is what he does. He has a strong arm. Can't someone teach him to throw using his shoulder? Also Flutie remarked that his nephew is filing reports to him about the team. It would appear that something is in the works. Flutie then felt embarrassed and said that it was a different nephew than the one on the team.

mod34b said...

Our effort did not translate into ND falling in polls (the poll I saw), but happily Daz has risen to #6 on COACHES HOT SEAT

Ps. What's all this talk about FITCH's bad play calling. Fitch is a stooge. That is all Daz. Dax + Fitch = Ditch


Knucklehead said...

Don't worry Mod. Stanford will clear them out next week.

Guido said...

Is it true that ADDAZIO has a new contract that runs through 2020.??? Please tell me that statement is false !!! And a friend told me he is earning about $2.6 million a year !!! And York makes about 550 k per year. If Brad Bates actually gave that contract extension to Addazio , then Bates should be FIRED !!!!!!!!!!!! Get rid of Father Leahy also , if he approved that contract. Better yet , elect a new BOARD of TRUSTEES . I am depressed and will not enjoy THANKSGIVING !!!!!

mod34b said...

Guido. Here is story from blog BCi.

BCi on how great Daz extension to 2020 after .500 ball and 2 toilets bowl losses

Be sure to read comments, hysterical in hindsight

mod34b said...


Another for you

Unknown said...

Knuckle...You continuously say 2 TD/2 conversions, but yet your way means THREE scoring drives. There isn't a coach in America who doesn't go for two points there. You go for 2 to make it a one possession game. Not getting the two is the same thing you are saying to do, they still needed a third possession.

Hoib said...


Thanks, sometimes I think I'm talking to the wall here. I want to leverage the TD, a very rare occurrence w/ us. His way requires the worst kicker in the U.S. to come through 3 times w/ the game on the line. Knucklehead is certainly the correct moniker.

Hoib said...


Carter wasn't at his best, but it's crucial we have a guy who wants the ball at the end of games. In time I think we'll see allot of his takes end up w/ a dish to one of the M&M boys spotting up. I think Harvard's a pretty good team who really wanted to beat us. That was a nice win.

mod10aeagle said...


I agree completely regarding Carter. There were just a few times when he was clearly looking to do it all, and that's going to get a lot harder to pull off when we're in ACC play, obviously. He did create opportunities for others; I just think he's going to have to do more of that in the future. Very glad to have him, no question.

Hoib said...


We're on the same page. The more he sees these young kids make shots, the more he'll want to set them up. NBA scouts want to see that too. Really enjoying the season so far.

Knucklehead said...

Are you in denial asshole?

Go try and leverage the touchdown. You saw what happened when you try and leverage the touchdown when leveraging the touchdown is not needed. Chasing the two was an abject failure but you are probably used to abject failure in your life.

If you really believe that two td's and 2 2pters is a better route/better odds then playing the game out then you are ignorant.

An astute counter argument would be that we failed on the second to last drive. But I would counter that if we got the onside kick after the last drive and moved the ball 20 yards in 50 seconds then an FG wins the game outright. No shitting around with ND in OT. Under your plan after you abjectly fail on the 2pter you have to go chasing the points you missed.

Fucking stupid.

Shut up. Coaches are fucking idiots. They don't know what they are doing and you don't know what you are talking about. Really you don't know what you are talking about.

Hoib said...


Wow, don't know what I did to deserve that.

xx said...

A victory over Our Lady of So' Bend may have blunted the horde's fangs and bought...very...precious...time, but ongoing acute, losing & particularly the sting of not converting enough points from five (5!) O.L.O.S.B. turnovers to prevail, now makes of the Head Gridiron Acolyte but one thing - a Plus Size Target. There is an ambitious Athletic Department Bishop, responsible for this appointment, whose reputation & FBS future hangs in the balance. Compounding this reckoning is the needless, feckless & liberal expenditure of extra capital in 'fixing' a financial circumstance that weren't broke to begin with in bringing it all about. Though Trustees & Clergy may have countenanced the Dabacle, the Arc of the Reaper's Scythe traditionally cants lower in excision of the infirm. This is the way of things among men - one need not protest it. More agreeable to bow slightly at the waist in honorable resignation - that the blow may be swift, accurate & merciful.