Monday, November 16, 2015

Final game gets 12:30 treatment

Thanksgiving weekend provides tons of TV spots. There are college games Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Despite those opportunities, BC will face Syracuse in the now familiar 12:30 PM Saturday slot. The game will be broadcast, not cable and you can probably find it on the usual ACC local stations.

BC is a good TV draw in general and certainly when we win. This year even started out well from a ratings standpoint. But losing takes its toll. I don't blame the ACC or the TV execs. Nearly every other ACC game has more appeal. Syracuse isn't even bringing much to the matchup.

But I do hope that the ACC, BC and Syracuse keep playing this game on the final weekend. The only way to make it a true rivalry is to play it every year in this slot and hope for more meaningful matchups.

I don't think many casual BC fans will make a point of watching this game this year. However, if we upset Notre Dame, all the BC fans you know will come out of the woodwork.


mod34b said...

"if" ha!

JBQ said...

If "ha" too.

mod34b said...

Daz has no expectations of success in 2016.. he claims we must wait until 2017 for success.

"This [ND] team is deep and talented. Not that there wasn't talent before—I didn't really study them. But I know that this [ND] team is deep and talented. That's the byproduct of a guy who has been the coach for a fair amount of time and recruited well and built it well and has it going now.

"That's obviously what we want to do here and that's the process that we're in with our young classes right now. They're large classes and we have another big one coming again. Two years from now, those guys are going to be third year players and that's when you're really hitting your stride."

GP11 said...

Two years from now, I'll gladly take a 9-1 record, top 4 in the country with two games left in the season. I think you would too there Mod! Yeesh

mod34b said...

So GP, you believe Daz?

If so, I can introduce you to a guy from Nigeria (a prince, he tells me) who has promised that I can make a lot of money with a large inheritance he needs to put in a U.S. bank

Hoib said...

I'd rather save the last home w/e for FSU or Clemson. Bring them up to Beantown when it's cold, and give us a real home field advantage. I've said it before, I'd like to move the Cuse game to neutral site NYC. Got the idea from going to the Pinstripe, where I saw so many BC people. The rivalry thing at Alumni doesn't work over Thanksgiving because all the kids go home.

mod34b said...

It is rivalry weekend. Clemson and FSu have actual rivals to play. Not coming to play BC

blist said...

Anyone who has followed the team knows Spaz had an awful recruiting year with the-now Junior (? or is it senior?) class and that we'd pay the price. I guess the question is, does it justify how bad we've been this year? I'd chalk up at least two losses to the coaches screwing up the QB situation. I think Daz, like most football coaches, is great when he has a plan and can see it through (season-wise, game-wise) but really has trouble adapting when the plan goes south. I also think we miss Ryan Day a lot. I don't think any of those are fatal, I still have faith that Daz can recognize and work to overcome his shortcomings. Beating ND would suure go a huge way to affirming my faith in him.

dixieagle said...

Always trying to buy time for himself. Getting very old.

mod34b said...

blist, yes, Spaz recruited no OLs the year he was fired (really, who is signing up for a 2-10 team with a coach that everyone knows will be fired?). Spaz did recruit 6 OLs the year before. In 2014, Daz got rid of 3 of those 6 (or they quit etc.) He did not successfully recruit replacements for the 2013 year or the ones that left BC. He tried, but did not succeed.

Myth #1: Blame Spaz. no, sorry Daz, I blame you.

Also, look at this year's recruiting. BC is #13/14 in ACC in quality of recruits (avg stars) and 10/14 in overall recruiting class. The 3 OLs for next year are all 2 stars with offers from places like Cornell, MAC teams etc. I think one guy did have a Miami offer.

myth #2: Daz is a great recruiter: The evidence does not support that claim.

Dixie - I am with you. So unseemly for Daz to try to equate himself with Brian Kelly. Sad thing is that many in the BC community are buying the bull and will be willing to give Daz 2 or 3 more year and also think that getting to 6-6 next year is ok.

Myth #3; Daz, like Brian Kelly needs time to produce winning football. Nope, Daz has had enough time to show us his abilities, and I am not impressed at all.

eagleboston said...

Ok, Mod, you have been complaining for weeks now. Who do you want to coach BC? And be realistic. Nick Saban and Les Miles are not coming to BC.

blist said...

I'm partly trying to convince myself to believe. After the excuse making of Spaz and Donahue, Daz's excuses are getting old fast. I don't recall Cowboy Jack, Coughlin, Henning, O'Brien (but for his meta we are what we are), or Jags making endless excuses. The idea is to play and to win.

Hoib said...


O'Brien (but for his meta we are what we are), wasn't the an excuse, was the truth, no one wanted to hear it, they prefer excuses so they can dream

mod34b said...

eagleboston -- I will be raising consciousness about the Daz-aster for the next 52 weeks until Daz is fired in November 2016. However, should I be wrong, and he is successful next year (we do have a ridiculously easy (and dull and very disappointing) O-O-C scheduling that includes Wagner!), I will be more than happy to applaud. I am just not getting that vibe after 3 years.

Is 0-7 in ACC play not concerning to you EB? or do you buy the excuses?

If you are smiling and happy with your head in the warm, cozy and dark Ostrich hole, then great for you EB. I will not seek to take away your bliss. Ignorance is bliss - for some.

Have I or anyone ever asked that BC hire a coach for $6,000,000+ per year like Saban and Miles? No.

Do you really not see any viable alternative to Daz? Nuts.

Yet EB you complain worse than anyone on the game-day threads about how awful BC is playing and how were are doomed and will lose. Aren't you tired of that?

mod34b said...

EB - BB agrees with you. He thinks Daz "has a plan" is "unflinching" in his coaching and "recruiting fantastically" BB on YouTube

What a joke.

The Boston Series said...

Daz is following Kelly all right. In his third year Kelly was 10 - 1. What is Daz's record?