Monday, November 30, 2015

The good and the bad of the weekend

Aside from football there were plenty of highs and lows this weekend for BC Sports.

The Good
The Men's Soccer team advanced to the Elite Eight with a win over Georgetown. The game came down to Penalty Kicks with BC prevailing. They take on Syracuse next.

Also, Men's Hockey continued their hot start with a win over RIT.

Women's Hockey stayed unbeaten with a win over Northeastern.

The Bad
I don't know what happened to the basketball team. They looked young but promising against Michigan State. They followed that loss by sleep walking through a game with a respectable UC Irvine. That loss you could rationalize. The final game of the Wooden was against a bad Santa Clara team. That game was a must win and BC blew it. It wasn't even close. The team looked lost. The defense was lifeless and the offense consisted of Eli Carter chucking it.

Young teams are going to be inconsistent, but I would never expect wild swings like this. Now Jim Christian has to get a hold of things and get the guys ready for Penn State. 


Lenny Sienko said...

Fatigue seemed to be a factor against Santa Clara. We were a step slower and the defense broke down a lot. We also had a great deal of difficulty dealing with the Santa Clara zone. Our zone busters were not hitting.

I think the second game against UC Irvine did us in. We faced a front line of 6'10". 7'2", and 7'6". Wey had no answer for that height and weight. Our guys looked like a junior high team next to the huge Anteaters.

We and Santa Clara are the only teams in the entire field of this tournament, which will not likely be in the NCAA's.

We have some talented kids; but that are very young.

EL MIZ said...

BC hoops shot 28% from FG and 15% from 3. the bench crew of Meznieks, SBT and Millon (probably our 3 best bench players) went a combined 0 for 10. that screams tired legs. feels a lot like the Donahue team in that we are relying a ton on freshmen and they are a bit behind the 8-ball physically. was their 3rd game in 4 nights on the road and their 4th game in 8 days. we will luckily play the standard 2 games a week from here on out. very eager to see how we respond against Penn State.

mod34b said...

let's start the JC excuse train

1. it is a rebuilding year
2. Team is 'young'
3. Donahue left a train-wreck
4. Schedule made kids especially tired for 20 year old athletes.
5. Someone is injured somewhere
6. Team not built to play against bigs.
7. Players are too thin - they need some more beef.
8. Carter is not as good as expected and is a ball hog, me-first guy
9. Chemistry is just not there, but there is a lot of talent.
10. Players just got into a fight outside TD North and are out of it - oops. wrong league
11. [to be added]

Joseph said...

M34 never disappoints. Must be tough being perfect and seeing all the others with such glaring imperfections.

Hario said...

I dont think there is any JC excuse train building...

I will say I dont want Daz fired until bates is gone -- Bates is about to go 0-2 on his coaching hires and has done nothing elss (game atmosphere, etc.) -- do we really want him picking the next football HC?

John said...

In all seriousness, once Brad Bates moves on for whatever reason, we might be better served by an Athletic Director
who is from the area,
who couldn't care less if the President of the University and the BOT like football and basketball or not, because s/he will do their own thing and right this ship,
really understands Boston, N.E. and the Northeast,
knows the history,
knows what it will take to get fans back (in addition to winning, of course)
schedules OOC games appropriately for football - basketball too.
fires the Fenway Sports Group (publicly, if I had my way)
has a great personality, both publicly and privately,
is a top-notch executive who expects and demands a great deal from his/her employees in a nice, professional manner, keeps tabs, gives feedback, has one on one meetings rather than department meetings, takes action etc.,
is honest with the fans,
knows how to - and will - drum up interest for major college football in Boston
establish the Non-BC but general College Football Fan Program - reel them in,
tweaks the game-day experience,
knows how to deal with the public and news media
reexamines all DBS policies (Flynn Fund seats and parking),
Lowers the price for students and single game ticket buyers,
employs all manner of ways to get fannies into the seats = more revenue, not less,
gives tickets to interested high schools if extras are available - line them up ahead of time and establish a policy to distribute the tickets or pick up at will call windows,
welcome fans to campus,
get rid of the "can't, don't, not authorized, prohibited, bull crap,
Fix the tailgating issues, for crying out loud
kick the Newton fire-fighters off the campus (giving out warnings and tickets to tailgaters) screw!

Hell, I could go on in on but I have to jump right now.

I am sick of piss poor performance - I will say that.

I expect more from Boston College.


CT said...

I read John's post and was like "this guy needs to meet BJK. They're long-lost twins."

Ha. Funny.

Mod has no offseason.

Hoib said...


Sounds like Doug Flutie, to me.

Joseph said...

Very well said BJK. Not so sure it all could be accomplished by anyone (like Firefighters)but it is worth a shot. "Ever to excel" has been replaced by "just ok is ok".