Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Basketball back on a roll

Now that the Chipotle issues are behind them, the basketball team seems to be playing better. They beat Fordham Tuesday to get back to .500 and have won three in a row. Fordham is a pretty good team, so this win is a decent indicator. The team also played its best defense in weeks. Other things to like:

-- Diallo is providing solid minutes off the bench and he's avoiding foul trouble.
-- BC is blocking plenty of shots. We couldn't exploit length and height earlier in the year. No we are finally playing smart, aggressive D.
-- Winning despite a poor shooting night. We are still missing way too many shots, but the ball movement and rebounding is getting better. More shots will drop soon.

The team has one more game before ACC play. A win would be a nice boost before  the schedule becomes brutal.


CT said...

A little confidence for a young team. Nice.

Another de-commit on defense today. Any timetable for a new DC?

Hoib said...

I was at the game, allot of fun. I'd like to see the Barclays become an annual event for us NYC area alums. In the past we always had the St. John's game. Both teams played hard aggressive D. Nice to see Diallo making progress. Robinson and Turner will be the cornerstones of the team for years to come. An important piece that is missing is a true PG, we'll have to wait till next year for that. Also a true 4 would be nice, but we are certainly starting the long journey back to respectability.

Knucklehead said...

The California tournament was an embarrassment. I am not sold yet. The wins are starting to stack up though. Beating Harvard was important. Beating another Jesuit school on the road is good. If we are going to get back to top 25-50 ranking we will need three things(that I like what I see from this team): 1)multiple local prep school players that are talented, 2)overseas players with consistent production and 3)hustle-never saw hustle once from Donohues groups. I know John Wooden said diving for loose basketballs was an erroneous endeavor but I disagree. UCLA had so much talent they didn't need to over exert themselves in this manner.

mod34b said...

high water mark?

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