Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Will USC hire Ricky Brown before BC?

Remember Ricky Brown? He was less-heralded during his time at BC. Guys like Kiwi got a lot of the attention, while Brown served as a tackling machine in Spaz's old system. After BC he spent seven seasons in the NFL with Oakland and Baltimore. The past two years he's served as a GA at Southern Cal. Now as Southern Cal's new coach Clay Helton remakes his staff, he might promote Brown from a Grad Assistant to fulltime Linebackers Coach. Helton is using the Bowl time to evaluate his openings. It would be a shame to let a young alum coach join another Power 5 team when BC still has a need for a Linebacker coach.

I am not losing sleep over Ricky Brown falling through our fingers. If he has success at USC, it helps BC in the long run. But he would seem like a perfect fit at BC. NFL ties. Young and in theory would be able to connect with recruits. He's from Cincinnati, so he is familiar with one of our most critical recruiting territories. It seems like a good risk worth taking.

But this sort of speculation doesn't mean much. Brown has no professional connection to Addazio and there is that little issue of BC not having a Defensive Coordinator. If Addazio is doing things the right way, he hires a DC and then he and the DC find a good Linebackers Coach together.

I expect Addazio will move fairly quickly on a new DC. He's going to want someone in place once the quiet period ends so that he can lock in recruits. And then he'll find a Linebacker Coach. In the mean time, best of luck to Brown out in California.


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BCballer said...

Hey pulsar, Why not 'click on link 3 times times times'...why 'click on link 3 times times'?

And more importantly, for a head coach committed so much to the running game, why are we banking on a guy with a broken foot recovering...or else we are looking at 2 senior 'contributors' and a converted fullback at the tailback position?

Here's a question to ponder this holiday season: what exactly are the strengths of this BC team? QB-nope, DL- nope( scary depth ), OL- c'mon now , kicker- ummm , WR- I'm gonna stop here. Yes, I realize that I can do what a lot of posters do and pore over a roster and fall in love with heights/weights and such, but as far as on-field production, what are we actually looking at?

Oh well, GO EAGLES, and Merry Christmas to all fellow-sufferers from a long-time lurker and infrequesnt poster. Thanks ATL for all you do here...awesome stuff...keep shining the light so that we get there!!!!

NEDofSavinHill said...

Merry Christmas

eagle1331 said...

Al Washington + Ricky Brown together again? Let's hire Kiwi too... he's not on a Roster right now... We'll have the old crew from the Virginia debacle back together again. What better representative of the program on the recruiting trail then a bunch of guys that played at BC, played in the NFL, and wanted to come home?

Merry Christmas All...

The Boston Series said...

I was amazed looking at the number of bowl games that are played. Some of the teams I never heard of; most of the games I wouldn't watch under the most dire circumstances. Which makes me wonder at the measure used to evaluate coaches by giving them credit for making a bowl.

In my day a 50% record was considered a failure. In my card at Boston Latin School when I'd have a 50% which was always written in bright red ink ( no wonder to this day I don't like red) my dad's face would get as red as the ink when he would open it. The ensuing time was not fun. But had I known that 50% by a coach was considered good work I may have been able to convince him (he was a big BC football fan) to relax by saying: "hey, dad, the BC coach got fifty percent and a contract extension." At least I'd have some excuse rather than having to stand there and be berated.

Which brings me to my point. As long as BC is happy with 50% whoever comes to coach does not matter nir dies it matter who is his assistants. You look at their schedule which has all cream puffs outside of the ACC and you see that is the goal. Sadly the lassitude spreads to other sports.

BC needs coaches from BC who understand the tradition. We have enough skilled graduates in the coaching business who should be brought home. We should have an AD from BC. Until we get BC guys into our athletic department we won't get over the idea that being mediocre is all right.


Hoib said...

Boston Series

Flynn, Gladchuck, Holovak. Were all BC guys. Their #'s were around 500. No easy answers here, we've always been a small fish trying to swim in a big pond. In The ACC we're trying to be a minnow swimming in the Atlantic. If you are going to be a long time BC fan you need to be comfortable rooting for the underdog. Celebrate your victories when they occur because nothing comes easy to BC, w/ hockey being the glaring exception. Merry Christmas!

Kash86 said...

BC doesn't need coaches from the school, they need to have the ability to spend the money to get the best available.

Its really not difficult. As long as the school decides to go cheap, they're going to continue to be an afterthought, plain and simple.

There isn't some magical tradition at BC that only BC grads understand, college sports is really a simple business and BC is FAILING by their reluctance to spend money for coaches and facilities

mod34b said...
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CT said...

The truth is Unknown. And Unknown speaks it with aplomb.

John said...

When I got home from overseas in 1971, we went 9 and 2 and didn't get a sniff at a bowl. In 1974 we went 8 and 3 with early losses and domination coming down the stretch and didn't get a sniff at a bowl. My how times have changed.

I agree that we should be competing for the ACC Championship instead of being the laughingstock of the conference. Are we happy with that?

The BJK's are going to Australia and New Zealand right after Christmas until Jan. 19th.

I am giving up blogging during that time, of course - but it will be a nice break.

Truth be told, BC Football is no longer fun for me, and blogging is really too negative. I don't want to fill my life with negative stuff.

I hope BC can pull out of it, but who knows?

Merry Christmas all, and Happy New Year. I'll be watching the semi-finals from the beach in Sydney before the real exploration begins. :-)


eagleboston said...

Loved Ricky Brown. Here is a thought for DC...what about Paul Rhoades? I believe he was the DC at Pitt. Players loved him at Iowa State.

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