Thursday, December 24, 2015

Michigan bloggers look at BC's Defense

While trying to better understand Don Brown, Mgoblog broke down BC's Defense from the Clemson game. It is really worth the read if you like Xs and Os (Part I and Part II). In Part II the writer also had this to say with regards to the plays made by Wujiack and Daniels: "The difference between a very good defense and an okay one is that small." It is a reminder that as much as we will miss Brown, we will also miss some of the players. There is plenty of talent returning, but the great Defense wasn't all about Brown. We also had some very, very good players.


CT said...

Thanks for the link. Good write-up. Love the details, that stuff is hard to find. Would echo ATL on this. Worth the read.

My only quibble seems to be the deluded notion that BC had less talent on defense than what would be expected at UM. Silly fan thinking. Harbaugh's ceiling is higher, certainly, but BC has more talent. It's lazy thinking that our guys couldn't replicate much of their results in the Big 10. I mean, come on. OSU and MSU are no different in a top-heavy conference as Clemson and FSU.

Anyway, as I wait for the family festivities to start, Merry Christmas!

JBQ said...

Harbaugh is definitely one of a kind. He deserves every success that he has achieved. He also knows when to move when the pitchforks are being handed out. Certain people have magic. Jags had magic. Since then, BC has had mere mortals. Maureen O'Hara told Natalie Wood that faith means believing when evidence says not to. So if I can believe in Santa Claus, then I can believe in the real Irish Catholic school winning again. At the end of the SDSt (42) Cin (7), the commentators noted the following. San Diego was the first school to start the season 1-3 and win out including the bowl since BC in 1986. The past is there to inspire us. The future is an unwritten book.

Hoib said...

Very interesting stuff, and it explains why I like a dual threat QB, very hard on the D.


I took the talent reference to be Clemson's versus us. The game certainly showed that, but maybe I'm misreading it.

CT said...

Yeah. Was responding to the commenters.

Bravesbill said...

Michigan still had better players on defense too. The Big 10 is too heavy like the ACC but MSU is much better than FSU on offense. Plus other Big 10 offenses would blow other ACC teams out of the water: Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska. Penn St has a top QB too (even though I personally think he's overrated).