Monday, January 18, 2016

Basketball recruiting and other links

If the start of ACC play proved that this team still needs more talent, so Jim Christian and his crew were on the road to watch future Eagle Ty Graves. It may seem excessive to watch a kid who has already committed, but the only way BC will change things is if they go hard after any talent that is interested.

This is from last week, but SI put together the most painful games to watch from last year. BC made the list twice, including the top spot. 

Tim Boyle was Spaz's last big recruit. However, when Addazio came onboard he let Boyle out of his commitment and suggested he wasn't a good fit for BC's offense. Boyle went to UConn and never really clicked there. Now he's heading to FCS


AlbanyEagle said...

Two points about the SI "worst games" piece:
1) The Wake game should make the list of ALL TIME worst football games. It was definitely the worst I've ever witnessed, at any level.
2) Will we ever be relevant enough to no longer be referred to as the "Golden Eagles"?

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Hario said...

BC adding Purdue to football schedule - that is more along the lines of something i want to see.

JBQ said...

@Hario: What year?

Hario said...

i think 2018 and 2020

mod34b said...
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Napolean Bonaparte said...

I see that WB lost another ACC match up. Winless so far in ACC. We cannot recruit ACC talent - and we just extended the head coach's contract. Just a suggestion - but it might be interesting to do a brief spotlight once a week on a BC program outside of MB, Football and Hockey and an examination of the coaching performance. It might also tell you something about our AD.

Guido said...

Was recently looking to purchase a few seats to Villanova vs. Providence - quite expensive , but that is not my point. How is it that both these schools have darn good BB programs and we are so bad !!! Villanova has had Jay Wright for 14 years and look at the results. Their 2016 recruiting class has one 5 star (6'9"-285lbs) and a three star (6'10" 215lbs). Villanova and Providence can assemble decent teams ,so what is our problem ??? Please do not tell me that there aren't real top notch coaches that would want to come to a great City like Boston and a top notch school like BC. Villanova and Providence are similar to us , but we are located in a great city. THERE IS SOMETHING DRASTICALLY WRONG !!!! Do we form a search committee with former players contributing their thoughts in the process ???? ONCE AGAIN, THERE IS A MAJOR PROBLEM AT THIS INSTITUTION. Thank God for York !!!! But when he leaves , we might go down the chute also.

Hoib said...


there aren't real top notch coaches that would want to come to BC. Go through the history of the last 2 searches. The 2 schools u mention, Bball is the premier sport. Plus they don't play in the meat grinder ACC. The job is viewed by the pros as a dead end.

Jatin said...