Thursday, January 28, 2016

Clemson fans unhappy about Friday game and other links

Friday night high school football is a big deal in many parts of the country. So as College Football expands into Fridays, some high schools are worried about their own attendance. The only silver lining for Clemson area high schools is that Clemson's Friday game is at BC. That means Clemson game day traffic won't impact their games.

This is sort of a blast from the past...with Tampa promoting Dirk Koetter to head coach, the media decided to retrace some of his steps and interviewed Dan Henning about his former pupil. Reading the piece you can see why Henning was doomed at BC. He's a great play caller, but not a manager.

Tyler Murphy signed with the Miami Dolphins. They will be using him as a Wide Receiver.


Hoib said...

Henning was a terrible head coach everywhere he went. He managed to get the BC job of a big rec from his buddy Parcells. Got us one big win against ND, but that was about it. Never was an HC again

JBQ said...

@Hoib: The gambling scandal occurred on his watch. That is what started the downward slide for football. The players "ran the asylum". He did not know how to relate to college age young men by giving them too much freedom. The mice played while the cat was busy elsewhere.

Hoib said...


The downward spiral was brief. Reversed by the true pro TOB.

Unknown said...

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