Sunday, May 22, 2016

More opponent previews

CFN put out two more ACC Atlantic previews. This week they looked at Clemson and Louisville. Of the two, I think Louisville is the better matchup for BC. Last year we really frustrated their Offense. While I trust Petrino to work out the kinks, I still think an aggressive approach can rattle the still young Jackson.

Clemson will probably start the season very high in the polls. We will be viewed as one of their conference cupcakes. Knowing Addazio, we will probably be highly conservative and hope to keep it close. Maybe things will change with the new Offensive leaders, but I still don't think Addazio will suddenly become a daring game manager.

The ultimate good news is that both games are at home.

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JBQ said...

Addazio is on the clock. He is being given a second honeymoon. The complexity is that he is being paid 2.6 mill for 5 more seasons thanks to Bates. A recent article in USA Today documented that Brian Kelly has a base salary of 900K plus incentives of at least 500K. That is still half of what Addazio gets. Something sure doesn't add up.