Saturday, May 14, 2016

Simmons signs with Broncos and other links

Justin Simmons signed with the Broncos. Under the current bargaining agreement, there is not much negotiating room. Your pick really determines your pay.

If Mehdi Abdesmad doesn't make the Titans, he will be in high demand in Canada. As a Canadian, he can fill a valuable roster slot.

This guy thinks BC has the 5th best QB situation in the division. I remain more optimistic. If one of the guys steps up, we could surprise plenty of teams.


Hoib said...

QB doesn't matter unless the OL comes along. Even if we had Watson last year w/ that line play we wouldn't have been much better.

Guido said...

I asked this question before , but did BC distribute a roster with the current weights of the team at the spring practice game. I am interested to see if certain team members have put on some much needed weight to be effective in the division this year. Any info is much appreciated.