Sunday, June 26, 2016

Camp, kicking camp and Towles stuff

BC posted a a slide show of some of their Football camps. It is a pretty good insight into much of what goes on...which is nothing. While it is critical to get targets and good regional teams to campus for camps, there is also plenty of kids who camp at BC who have zero chance to play FBS football. For starters, many are young and this is just something to do in the summer. BC and its football staff make a few bucks, kids get a great experience and it grows BC Football and Football in general in the area. Most colleges do this in all sports. One of my kids just spent a week at a Georgia Tech camp. But there are also camps for older, elite prospects which are very important. We've generated dozens of players from these events over the year. The camp environment allows the players and coaches to get to know one another in a football setting. And unlike the new satellite camps, it a kid attends camp at Alumni, you know the guy has real interest in BC.

Another smart camp related thing that Addazio is doing is hosting a Kohl's Kicking Camp at Alumni. Ours just took place last week. Kohl's sponsors a series of these around the country and they are a tool to showcase Special Team's specialists. BC coaches have attended these for years looking for kickers and punters. By having it on campus, BC improves their access and ability to recruit kickers and punters that much more.

Athlon thinks Towles was one of the bigger QB transfers this year. They don't mention the chance of Wade starting. It should be an interesting training camp. I think both guys think they will start.


mod34b said...

Towles will be a huge improvement.... how could he not be over 2015 BC QBs?.

Still, the team's success or failure will turn on the OL. Towles mights still do ok with a substandard OL, but the team won't.

Luv to get the ATL take on the OL.

The big issue is not really experience (since they all have some ACC experience), but talent. As freshman, most of the OL appeared to lack sufficient quickness to block edge rushing DEs. That lack of quickness apparently also was present in the Spring game. The Frosh seemed to lack strength and technique to open running lanes.

So ATL, any insight into the OL beyond "hope they are better."?

JBQ said...

Congratulation on knowledge of your son attending a camp. That is the real purpose of college athletics contrary to the thinking of the prosecutor, Jerry Jones, of Monroe, La. In response to the comment of "mod34b": I agree.

dixieagle said...

After seeing last year's OL in (incredibly inept) action, I have serious reservations about this year. I understand the returning players will have more experience and may be a little bigger and more mature, but I agree that the talent seems iffy. I hope I'm completely wrong.

Hoib said...

Be nice if the kicking camp led to us getting our first good one since Nate.