Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Hot Seats and other links

The Football season is nearing and Addazio is starting on many Hot Seat lists. Last year was disappointing, but it will take a lot for Bates to fire Addazio this year. Perhaps another winless ACC schedule.

Matt Ryan said all the right things at his BC press conference. He made a special point to thank and credit his two offensive coordinators -- Dana Bible and Steve Logan.

BCI listed all the ACC's odds for winning the conference and division. If you want to put money down on BC, you'll make big bucks if BC wins.


mod34b said...

Is this Bates' last year under contract? Hope so. BC desperately needs change in leadership. Bates won't be firing Daz who is after all "rebuilding" and it is all Spaz's fault 4 years later.

Daz is not the biggest problem (he is second biggest). 1ACC win in last 11. Never beat ACC team with a winning record. 10 players on Rutgers had competing BC offers and opted for Freakin' Rutgers etc..

So ATL. You think Daz going 1-7 in ACC will be enough to save him? Hope standards are not that low

Geezer eagle said...

Rutgers and Temple out recruiting BC. My eyes are rolling back in my head. Our school has so much more to offer athletes. What the hell is going on here?

mod34b said...

Georgia - indeed, what is Daz doing? and why on Earth is he known as a recruiter??

here is a stat: BC 2017 has the lowest quality (avg. stars) recruits in the ACC, and the 3rd lowest quality recruits in all of P-5. Only lowly Oregon State and Utah are lower. In fact, BC 2017 avg. quality is even lower than last year's horrible recruiting results. One can argue about the value of stars, but it is a stat that applies to all teams. It may not be super precise, but it clearly is a big indicator that something is amiss in Daz-land.

Again, why on Earth is Daz known as a recruiter??

The RU coach - 42 year old Chris Ash - is also from the Urban Myer tree. RU is now #11 nationally recruiting. Amazing accomplishment for RU. freakin' RU????

Eagle Esquire said...

What a Daz-aster. He really makes me appreciate the TOB years.

JBQ said...

@Eagle Esquire: His record so far makes Spaz look good. Actually, Spaz served BC well as a d.c. He was just advanced to a level of incompetency. It is obvious that Daz is a Siamese twin to BB. There is a mysterious 150K loan. It now appears likely that favors are exchanged. Brown was hired at Michigan because of the connections of BB. He was working for his own advancement to that prestigious post. There was also maneuvering for the Dazzler to move there as well. BC is a "stepping stone". Leahy loved BC but he loved ND more. Neither Daz nor BB love BC. They only love themselves and their exaggerated view of their own importance. I am just surprised that neither John Fish nor the Rev. William Leahy appear to give a ding dong. Fish runs a top 200 fiscal enterprise for the entire country in Suffolk Construction. Father Leahy has always been on top of things. If Daz fails this Fall, the entire set of dominoes may fall.

Knucklehead said...

Boston College is a good school in a good location. The party scene(integral to recruiting) is too prep school-ish. Handful of friends drinking in a small shitty dorm room. The players are not revered by students or the administration like at other schools.

Why would I go to Boston College when I can be a rockstar at another school. We don't leave green padded envelopes in lockers anymore either.

Eagle Esquire said...

Just off the top of my head here are some of the players TOB recruited to the heights: Brian St. Pierre, Tim Hasselbeck, BJ Raji, Ron Brace (RIP), Will Blackmon, Gosder Cherilus, Anthony Castonso, Mark Herzlich, Jolunn Dunbar, Dejaun Tribble, juco transfer Paul Peterson, Derrick Knight, Matt Ryan, Paul Zukaukas, Brian Toal (5 star recruit), William Green and Matt Tennant. Many of the aforementioned players had careers in the NFL. Tom Coughlin was once told that a team like BC could not exceed 7 or 8 wins in a season, he said why not and proved them wrong. I've heard Daz make the same excuses. We need to be disabused of the notion that we can't field an ACC championship caliber team. BC needs a real coach and an AD that has a commitment to excellence, and they need it now.

mod34b said...

Well said e.e.

couple more: Snee, Colombo, Beekman, Hovan, Kiwi, Trueblood, Silva, Koppen

CT said...

Come on. You two have the same dictionary.