Saturday, August 20, 2016

BC posts about the scrimmage without really posting about the scrimmage

BC released a write up of their second scrimmage and it sounded more like a write up from a newspaper. No statistics are listed for the QBs. No mention of leading tacklers or who lined up where. It is a change from how things used to be covered by BC.

I notice these things because I've been doing this for so long. But maybe those sorts of details don't really matter. If Wade looked sharp or Towles went 8 for 8, is that really going to change Addazio's decision? Probably not. What's is encouraging is seeing new names like Tavon Jones or Glines sprinkled into the news. The hope is one of those new names turns his scrimmage showing into an impact on the real season.

BC also mentioned the focus on Georgia Tech. While it might seem early, I understand why they are doing prep for GT now. Playing a option team always creates more work. Plus we are going to be totally off schedule with the trip to Ireland. It makes sense to deal with this now. 


NEDofSavinHill said...

Watched about a half hour of the scrimmage. The offense was not clicking. The defense dominated and it looked too much like last year. Maybe I missed the good parts but Towles and Wade were one for nine passing and the four runs were stuffed at the line. Hope I only saw the worst parts with the o-line backups playing. Otherwise not encouraging. The above may explain the lack of stats.

mod34b said...

Thanks Ned. You have provided the only substance about the scrimmage that I have seen

Got any more details on OL? Who was playing? Providing pass protection? Or not? Sounds like run blocking not "there" yet

I hope they get it together. Another year of this OL "not yet ready for ACC play" will be horrible

I saw Towles say he needed to be more accurate. Duh! Read Daz say he was unhappy. But not much else

NEDofSavinHill said...

No more details. Sorry.

blist said...

Boston Globe raved about the DBs today. Sounds like the offense is pretty poor tho, reading between the lines

Hoib said...

actually a break to play GT first. The extra time can make a big difference. It usually does in bowl games when facing a triple O team.