Sunday, August 21, 2016

A different sort of hype video

BC released a well-received hype video last week. It was well done. But I thought some fans might like a different sort of video to get ready for Ireland. Like maybe the full game of the 1993 upset over No. 1 Notre Dame. Enjoy it while it is still up!


bceagle93 said...

Thx for posting. Most exciting sports event I have ever attended. Almost 25 years later, still vividly remember rushing the field with my buddies and seeing the players we knew on the field. And watching the interview with TC at the end reminded me of just how great a coach he was for us. We need to get this back!

mod34b said...

awesome. Great to watch (last 20 minutes). Fun seeing Lou Holtz, Tom C, and a very young Chris Collingsworth as announcer.

this was no fluke, BC rose to #11 after this one (and then lost to WVA the next week)

can we even imagine BC as a top 15 program now? Well we did it in the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000's... what about the 2010s??

JBQ said...

After viewing the game once again, several things jump out. Chris Collingsworth stated that TC was offered the Giants coaching job and turned it down because he had some "unfinished business at BC". Kevin McDougal, the Irish quarterback, was extremely gracious in defeat and said several times that the BC quarterback played extremely well. TC refused to take the bait of calling this a revenge win. He said that BC was a lot better team than the previous year. Remember that this was a 2 for 3 when BC had to play at ND for 2 and 1 at BC. The BC student body tore down the goal posts on campus. The red headed Foley except for 2 lost center snaps was monstrous. Toward the end of the game, the home town refs made two bad calls. One was not calling "intentional grounding" on ND and then you could see Cannon of BC drag his foot in the end zone. Collingsworth was on top of both. Mamula with 4 sacks, Boyd with 2 td receptions, Foley with his cool, Campbell with his tremendous runs, and most of all the left footed Jewish kid putting one in the breadbasket of TD Jesus will be remembered forever. Coughlin had the class. Evidently, he brought some state troopers with him. The final image of the entire BC team kneeling on the sidelines linked arm in arm as the kick sailed through is something that BC has to get back.

Teej said...

Is that most underrated game ever? back and forth early, bc goes up big, ND come back, BC seals it...amazing.

knucklehead said...

Team was loaded. They started 0-2 then almost ran the table. WVU game was absolutely fucking nuts. place was packed and ready to pull down goal posts before it started. guy in the section o er had a heartattack during the game. David green fumbling was brutal. Those teams were epic.

That game is the like the 84-86 Celtics playing the Lakers. Steve Boyd, Glenn Foley, Mike Mamula and eric shorter are like bird,ainge, McHale and DJ going up against Showtime and the grass pickers.

Big Jack Krack said...

My countdown has begun - flying out September 1st.

Writers in Atlanta pick GT with a great deal of certainty.

I agree with all posts and the WVU game in 93 was a crusher. We learned what ND felt like losing to us after they beat then #1 FSU. Even with Green's fumble, we coulda/shoulda held them for the victory and the Fiesta Bowl, as I recall.

Go BC - beat the Yellow Jackets. Let's get this ACC season started off with a nice victory.

Hoib said...

When that wounded duck went through the uprights, it was the happiest moment in my 40 plus years of BC. Fandom!

Btoal said...

Maybe the most talented roster ever at BC. Could have easily been 10-1 and playing in
a bowl game with national championship implications. Those were the days!

Big Jack Krack said...

Did a brash QB pass to his Tight End much during those years? And there was plenty of opportunity for WRs to figure into the action, and he hit them too, as well as RBs receiving out of the backfield.


Will the Dazzler let his new OC figure this out?

Glenn (I don't even know what a Buckeye is and I couldn't care less; [I don't even know where South Bend is- why would one go there?]) Foley. His father gave us some exciting moments in the early 60's as well.

Go BC - get your swagger back and punch opponents in the face!

Fenwick 111 said...

Did anyone notice the fan in the background at the 2:40:18 mark? It was meant to be!

Thank you for posting this. Awesome game. Coughlin's car was crushed by fans standing on it waiting for the team bus to arrive at Conte later that night. What a great memory.