Monday, August 22, 2016

Burton flips

To the shock of no one, Florida (via Newton South) QB Austin Burton decommitted from BC and is now verballed to UCLA. When Burton first committed I had a feeling it was only temporary. You don't leave Massachusetts to gain exposure only to go play at a college ten minutes from Newton South.

BC will be fine. We have another QB in this class and there is always the chance Addazio could grab another 5th year (Hayden Rettig?) or a traditional transfer. I won't disparage Burton's choice. My mom went to UCLA and it has a lot to offer. But I do question why he wasted everyone's time committing to BC when it seemed obvious he had his sight sets on other things.


Kash86 said...

I don't exactly remember the timing of everything, but as to the question of "wasting everyones time", I think he was offered by UCLA shortly AFTER committing to BC (like within the hour).

This is obviously a loss, but not the end of the world. Next years QB class is strong and BC is in good position with a number of good names. I think Burton would have allowed some flexibility with Perry down the road (i.e. Burton sticks at QB and Perry switches to safety or something), but losing Burton/a QB, while not ideal, is the last place BC should be concerned losing a guy right now.

Will be interesting to see how his ranking changes now that he is committed to UCLA

JBQ said...

Burton is a climber. You can't blame him for that. He wanted to see what "apple he could pull from the tree". It is a Kardashian mentality. You take what you can and your word means little. He can't be blamed a whole lot. After all, he is just a kid. BC just has to up what it offers. "If you build it, they will come". Let's just see if the Dazzler can "pull a rabbit out of a hat". It won't be long before we find what is at the end of the rainbow in Dublin. If it's not gold, then it will be time to crank up the draft TC slogans.

mod34b said...

it is a well-known technique - ladder climbing - used by many to get exposure by accepting a verbal to BC, and then jumping ship.

Akeel Lynch comes to mind. BC to PSU; Last year's TE, legacy Harrington, to Stanford; There was a DT who did this and went to ASU. There was an LB who dumped BC and went to UF, Stewart? - blocked punt for TD, and then found himself at the bottom of the depth chart. He then transferred to UConn.

Happens ever year. But, honestly, Daz's offense (what ever that might be) is unappealing to recruits and so are the recent results. What QB would prefer BC to UCLA. Seems like a no-brainer for the kid.

Mr Kash, what do you make of BC recruiting 2017?

Presently, BC is (again) last in recruiting on Rivals in ACC.

BC has the lowest "avg stars" in ACC (2.28)

BC has the second lowest avg stars in all of the P5 (dreadful Minn is very very slightly lower at 2.27)

What to make of this Kash? Shall we trot out the Spaz excuse or the facilities excuse? or your fav: looking at Rivals is a "lazy argument" ha ha

Kash86 said...

Do me a favor, go look at some other classes in your beloved rivals and try to make an argument that their classes are that much better than BC's. Do some research for once in your life. One school I looked at, and rightfully so as its somewhat comparable despite being better academically and having real facilities, is Northwestern, who Rivals ranks in the top 30 nationally. Take a look at some of their "fringe" type players. Look at their offer lists, and please try to explain to me how they earned your extra precious star with an offer list equal to or worse than guys at BC (with lower ratings).

You live off of this completely subjective measure that is driven by geography and subscribers to their network. Northwestern has commitments from a bunch of guys in Texas, with completely mediocre offer sheets, and yet, they have a 3rd star, compared to guys that BC has committed (Valdez, Noah Jordan Williams, Sebastian, etc ...) who are listed as 2. Iowa is another program that comes to mind. They have some very strong top line recruits, but the area that they gain spots in your beloved "rankings" is with the fringe guys, who get 3* despite having regional BS offers. These fringe guys, that would be a 2* if they lived in Massachusetts or CT, who get a third simply because they are from Chicago or Texas, is exactly why there is a numerical separation in rankings.

Don't come at me because you are too lazy to understand how this all works. Additionally, if you are too stupid to understand the impact that the facility argument has on 18 YEAR OLD KIDS, then you are arguing the wrong case.

I have never used the Spaz excuse in regards to Addazio's recruiting, only in the fact that he left major holes in the roster that needed to be filled (OL and QB which was more or less the reason for last years downtick). Once again, I realize you are ignorant to all this and simply want things to be fixed over night, but you have to be realistic.

Just stop being lazy and coming on here with the same vomit inducing BS that you bring overtime ATL makes a post. You continue to claim that Addazio is such a bad recruiter, yet he was excellent at UF, when he could recruit to an actual football program with better than average facilities. All I ask is that you do some research, and take time realize what BC is right now. Its a mediocre program with the worst facilities of any school in the Power 5. Those are facts whether you like it or not.

mod34b said...

Kash - I think you might be kinda youmg, but do you know who Don Rickles was. You are him. Or you are Trump like.

you simply can't make your point without personal insults. I really laugh when I read your nonsense. I see you usually posting on the other place (dark, very dark) , and know that you do spend a lot of time reviewing this stuff and know quite a bit about recruiting. But honestly, when you have to be abusive (the coin of the realm in your home boards, I realize) it makes me know that you really do lack confidence and credibility.

Big Q: is Daz doing an awful job recruiting for 2017 class? did he do an awful job in the 2016 class? I think the answer is yes. Care to differ with a reasoned response?

So let's get to the insults. How many today?

1. Do some research for once in your life.
2. you are too lazy to understand how this all works
3. you are too stupid to understand the impact that the facility argument
4. I realize you are ignorant
5. stop being lazy and coming on here with the same vomit inducing BS

Ok. just skip the urge you have to vomit insults. It takes away from your credibility.

Of course recruiting is quite subjective. Rivals is quite flawed, but to blame BC's woes on "star bias" is silly. BC sucks on the gridiron in case you did not notice. It lacks the quality players other int he ACC have. Daz is not a recruiting magnet. He just is not. Recruiting under Urban Meyer, UF and Nationals chmpionships is easy. At BC Daz just isn't cutting the mustard. Way it is.

So How does BC do on the other rating services?

247 recruiting ranks BC 13/14 in ACC and 13/14 in quality of recruiting? Is that "star bias" at work again?

ESPN is a pay site so I cant see the details, but BC is not in top 25 - yet Rutgers, Duke in Maryland are in the ESPN top25 in recruiting. Where is BC?

usually at this point you run away and hide. you really are comical you #+^&%#$#!! (omg!!)

So see you later

Kash86 said...

I am neither young nor trump like, it is just frustrating to continually listen to you spew the same nonsense over and over, especially when it is coming from such an uninformed source.

So your solution is to back up one subjective ranking set with another to prove your point ? That is what it has come to ? That's the backbone of your argument ?

As for recruiting under UF/Meyer, yes that is an easy sell, exactley what I said above, so thanks for acknowledging that. But what you fail to address is the fact that Addazio is in fact recruiting to a program with the worst facilities in the country. Kids that have options (and get the stars that you so covet for your analysis) are going to pick schools where they have nice things, that's not BC. The BC education is not good enough to overcome the huge deficiency in facilities and support. The BC that TOB recruited to is a different animal than what it is today because BC is stuck in the early 2000's, and other programs know that (to negatively recruit). So untill BC catches up to the rest of the country in regards to facilities

I quite honestly find it funny that you would sit here and call me "young", when everything you complain about is exactley the narrative of a "want everything now" millennial, while offering no insight into how to fix the problem. You complain about Addazio at every turn, but I would love to understand the direction you think this should be going (while acknowledging the commitment of the university). I think all things considered, while perhaps not up to par with your holy ranking God Mike Farrell, Addazio has done a fine job at BC, especially considering the absolute disaster he inherited. I understand that there is nothing that I say that is going to change your uninformed opinion, I just think you need to take a closer look at the state of other programs, who you imply are recruiting at such a higher rate than BC, and understand that even in a completely subjective universe, there is very little difference in the makeup of said programs. You bring up 3 interesting programs in Duke, Maryland and Rutgers. All three programs that have had almost no historical success, but are all investing in facilities and recruiting very competitively (again looking at the other offers kid have, not rankings).

So keep hammering home your Addazio complaints. Keep ignoring what BC is. Keep on expecting BC to magically become something overnight without the support of the University/President. And keep on praying to the all powerful Mike Farrell and your recruiting rankings.

mod34b said...

year 4 of Daz is overnight? hardly.

Daz's recruiting blows and his results on the field are awful. You can't blame highly unsuccessful recruiting all on facilities - a 'lazy' argument as you would sputter. I am sure it is a 'factor' - but Daz's style of play and his results are a much bigger reason for recruiting failure.

"Addazio has done a fine job at BC, especially considering the absolute disaster he inherited" says Kash.

oh my. a fine job? really?? I suspect you actually believe that.

SaturdaysOnShea said...


Who would you recommend to replace Daz at this point? After last year, I am not convinced he is the answer that will take us to the next level/ the same level Jags and Logan got us to, but credit is due for taking over the dumpster fire from Daz and producing two winning seasons, a Heisman candidate, and a signature win (against USC) for the program. But please, let me know who you think would be a better candidate right now given the circumstances.

And second, say something positive about Boston College football. Literally anything, because I am not convinced its possible for you and I am beginning to wonder if you are merely a Notre Dame troll.

Lenny Sienko said...

DAZ recruiting at U. Fllorida? His premiere recruit was Aaron Hernandez.

Kash86 said...

Jags and Logan had tremendous success at BC on the field, but I think anyone with an intimate understanding of the program under Jags, has to question the long term health of said program. It's interesting, the way Jagz recruited was in a manner that would excite guys like mod, guys with "star power". But interestingly enough, most of those guys in the Jagz classes left after the GDF fallout (and many proved to be low character type guys), so I would argue the LT strength was not the same as the on field product. This was compounded by Spaziani not even recruiting a sufficient number of players to fill a roster (something mod continues to ignore).

The problem many have is that they see the "success" that TOB had here and wonder why that can't be quickly duplicated (conveniently forgetting that TOB also had 2 stinker seasons to start). If it was still the early 2000's, in sure BC would still be getting their share of local guys for obvious reasons, even beating out traditional powers who would try to recruit the area. But in today's college football, when a kid can look at playing football at BC, or going away to play somewhere with top level facilities and a University that cares, it's a no brainer. Mid wants to ignore these things and hope that a coach can magically start improving everything, but there is a reason that schools with numerous advantages in re: to BC continue to invest in facilities and support staff to further distance themselves. It's not a complicated formula.

But let's all sit here and listen to Mod continue to complain and wish upon a star while neglecting the real issues with the Boston College athletic department. It's a different era of CFB and BC has to catch up otherwise no coach with the ability to turn this around is going to want to come here.

Kash86 said...

I also have to say, I don't understand how you can say the facility argument is a "lazy" one to make. As I briefly hinted at earlier, why do you think these schools are continually investing in the facilities for their program. Clemson was in the NC game last year and are completely overhauling their football facility. Are they doing that for fun ? For their health ? You need to catch up to the realities of current college football instead of constantly complaining about things that are much larger than Addazio

mod34b said...

SoS I've said plenty good and plenty bad about BC. Stick to BC football not. me. You sound quite defeatist about selecting a new coach. I am confident BC can get a much better coach. are you filled with doubt? (and what's with the tentative passive negative voice: "I am not convinced " huh? what does that even mean?)

Are you asking me to serve up some happy talk. ok, ill try: I liked Daz's selection of Don Brown, and his success in bringing in 3 top athletes from UF.

I hope BC does well this year. 7-5 seems very possible. 4 OOC wins and 3 ACC wins (Wake, Syr and NCSU/VT). GT is a push But it all depends on the OL.

As with all things BC football: there is reason for hope and there is reason for serious concern.

mod34b said...

kash - are you blaming the internet and social media now? hysterical.

Now taking after Jagz and TOB. Good golly, are you a Daz's stooge? You are just such a blind homer.

are you seriously comparing BC to a national championship big money programs? Why not compare BC to Alabama?? Wow. and you were the guy who just wallowed in BC mediocrity?

As for the Spaz-is-to-blame argument, I have refuted you in devastating fashion many weeks ago. Rather than respond, you ran away. So I had your answer.

Kash86 said...

I didn't run away, I most likely got tired of your sthick and uninformed opinions and never looked again on the website. Perhaps if your arguments were based more in reality I could respond further. I can't possibly even guess what you said about Spaziani that could have been "devestating", but I'm sure it was on par with your normal nonsense.

As to your Alabama/Clemson comment, you come across as completely contradictory. You want Addazio to be able to recruit at the highest level possible (and rack up those stars that help you sleep at night), but don't think that he should do so with the proper backing (financial, facility, etc). Shouldn't BC's place in the world of college football mean they should be doing more to make the program attractive ? Not remain still and let everyone continue to distance themselves. Not allow schools like Syracuse or Wake Forest completely lap you in the facility race (which Syracuse did years ago and Wake is doing currently). The reality is that all schools are obliterating BC in facilities (not just Clemson and Bama) and putting not only Addazio, but whatever mythical figment of your imagination you expect to coach next, at a major disadvantage.

You're attitude is the reason BC is in this position. This arrogant sense that BC is so great they can get by doing things on the cheap and the power of the degree is enough to level the playing field, are you Father Leahy ? Not really sure where you're going with the Internet/social media comment, I'll just write that one off as more nonsense. Actually, you are the one that is ironically running away from sufficiently answerin the facility question. Why does BC feel they are special enough to compete at this level without the proper support ?

Kash86 said...

To address your comment about me being a "Daz stooge", I do think he has a model that works at BC. I think his style is very attractive to the kind of kid that BC can currently attract with the OVERALL state of the program and the geography that BC is competitive. I felt that TOB had a similar strength in recruiting the right guys that fit the mold of the program. Did it take someone else to maximize the output of TOBs guys yes. Might it be the same for Addazio, possibly. But If Addazio is fired after this year or next, and attrition is minimal, the program will be in a far better spot than it was under your BFF spaz.

Would I like Addazio to recruit guys that are sought after by higher profile programs, of course, but I also deal in reality and understand what BC is fighting against. I also think that from a recruiting perspective, you are going to find it very difficult to clearly delineate between most programs (after Clemson, FSU and maybe someone like UNC who has done well). To complain about the subjective ranking system in relation to the other schools in conference, when quite frankly, there is very little difference between the school ranked 5th and the school ranked last in the ACC, is just nitpicking to carry out your anti Addazio agenda.

JBQ said...

@Kash86: If you watched the '93 ND game on this site, you will note that the magnificent redhead was holding for the field goal try. He grabbed a lousy high snap, set it down in motion, and rotated the laces for a left footed kicker. This is called great coaching. Spaz was a great d-coordinator. He was a lousy head coach. If you compare the meticulousness of TC to the Dazzler, you will know quickly why "mod" is right and should be allowed to express his opinion without ridicule. How many extra points were missed with Murphy the holder and three different kickers? Daz could not even see the problem. Al Washington is now the special teams coach. Let's see what happens and hopefully it is for the good.

Kash86 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kash86 said...

With all due respect to you and TC, I don't really understand the connection or the point you're trying to make. The debate is about recruiting. Does Addazio have his deficiencies as a head coach, of course. Is it completely fair to judge him based on the talent level he has dealt with in the first few years, I don't think so, although I do agree it has shown some deficiencies.

That was 1993. It's 2016. College Football is a completely different animal. If you're saying that there is someone out there like TC who can come here for 3 years and have success while using BC as stepping stone, then sure, I completely agree, I'm sure there are a bunch of people like that. The Coughlin thing also helps support my previous point. BC was a different animal back then. There was plenty of name recognition coming off of the Flutie years and BC had their pick of players in NE. Facilities and the "extra stuff" was not as relevant.

Mod doesn't really have a point in the grand scheme of things, he just complains, so saying that the 3 years of TC validates whatever he's saying is wrong. If what you're trying to say is BC having a good coach helped them have success and beat ND, then ok, no duh, having a good coach of course helps you win games, but football is becoming much more than having a HC who is a good on game guy, it's about getting players on campus, and having the support of the school to do so

Does some NFL OC or DC come here and see a tick up in recruiting ? Maybe, most new coaches do. Will it matter that theyre constantly fighting he negative recruiting because of lack of institutional support, yes, eventually it is going to catch up to whoever comes here next.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Have a brew and chill - its out of your control. Otherwise - commit to donate a huge sum of money with a lot held in reserve until Father Leahy addresses your concerns with the program. Alternatively, get pictures.

mod34b said...

kash .. you are losing it. gibberish. making up stuff. come back tomorrow. i do not know what you are saying now. I won't tell Daz and Brad you sucked today. promise. tomorrow will be better

Kash86 said...

Good one bud. You say I run from your "devastating spaz comments" and you cant even answer my simple question. Its because you know you're blind criticism is totally wrong in the face of the realities facing Boston College. Be more of a hypocrite

Kash86 said...

Ill make it simple for you since you don't seem to get it. I asked you one question that you continue to shy away from.

You claim that the facilities argument is not a valid one and Addazio should be recruiting guys with "higher stars" regardless of the programs backing. But, why does every program in the country find it important to build modern facilities in the name of attracting recruits and developing their program, and BC thinks they can get by without it ?

CT said...

Kash, if you lived in Atlanta, I'd buy you a drink. College football and its economics are not TC or even TOB related. I would love some of these posters to visit any P5 program.

The gibberish thing concedes defeat. The NB comment IS the point. That you're making.

But hey. Let's read one more obsessive post about the HC. Daz could leave for UCF and based on support (AD and Prez) make it a jump up. Even TOB articulated a ceiling! Isn't that kinda the point?

mod34b said...

Thanks Bitch. Been awhile.

Kash wanted to make a few solid points but got lost.

I think He is going to come back tomorrow and see if he can stop attributing nonsense positions to others and stop trying to "win" a blog argument, rather than just politely participating in a discussion.

I think he is also going to work on not denigrating arguments (and commenters) he disagrees with and accepting that there can be differing opinions on a sports blog. Duh? Heck maybe you can join him on these points. (Ps are you now going to say "that's rich .....")

Knucklehead said...

Hahaa. Thanks bitch. Priceless.

Kash86 said...

I get you won't answer my question because it completely contradicts everything you whine about day to day and probes how full of sh*t you really are. That's ok. Good luck with your star rankings going forward pal

Knucklehead said...

BC has always had inferior facilities. We have beaten everyone at one point or another, have had good spans, been involved in some of THE GREATEST college games of ALL-TIME(won most of them to, in every sport that matters) and have produced some of the best college and pro athletes in the country(not felons either). The facilities are coming along, are sufficient and don't preclude the program from success. Kind of like the guy who drives the new Honda accord instead of the new audi. If the girl you just met is worth it then she won't have a problem with the Honda because she knows you have more to offer than a car.

Adazzio fucked up last year. He thought his team was solid and it was a puddle. He solidified shit this season with Towles and the guy from Virginia state or where ever. Towles gives the offense some attitude which is what they need. We will have an average season this year, probably. 4-8 is in play though. Addazzio will washout if he isn't the answer. If he acts like an asshole this year like he did against Wake last year he should be released immediately.

Bottomline: Regardless of its average facilities or disdain for selling out its ethics and morals for more wins Boston College kicks ass. Everyone else can fuck off.

Joe said...

while your analogy makes sense, it completely contradicts the point that mod is trying to make above. BC's job is to attract 18 year olds, who, by their nature, are going to be attracted to the person in the audi. Thats just life. If BC wants to go cheap and get by in the Honda Accord, like they have been, then the kids who have options elsewhere are going to find the Audi (or better) and the recruiting (rankings) are going to dictate that.

As to your other points, I think it was brought up above, BC has always had inferior facilities, but that was during a different time, when they weren't as magnified. Now that the facilities race is so "in the face" of high school students via the internet, twitter, coaches (negatively) recruiting, it just becomes more apparent and a bigger stain on the overall resume of BC.

The money exists. The space exists. It is just going to take a proactive administration to push things through. There is no reason that a school like Wake Forest should be as far ahead (in football and in general) as they are in building athletic facilities

mod34b said...

joe, there is a specific plan to build a top quality Football indoor practice facility next to Alumni

When that will happen? I do not know. But the issue of football facilities has been addressed and plan is afoot. it is an AD issue now. until then, Bc has the bubble

if one can cut throughout the noise and clanging above, one of my points was that while facilities plays a role in recruiting, it is not an acceptable excuse for Daz to use for having the worst recruiting classes in the ACC two years straight, and among the worst in P5 leagues. Consider this: freakin' Spazoo out recruited Daz, That is bad.

Daz simply is not good at recruiting at BC. The facilities excuse is a small part of the reason why. The bigger reason, in my view, is the offense Daz installed and the results Daz achieved.

Crill said...

It is embarrassing for BC that this comment chain (and many other recent ones) are on the Internet for anyone to read. If this was another team's blog I would laugh at them; instead I just feel sad about how things have devolved.

The comments used to be great on this site! I don't post much but always read them - and generally appreciated the banter. Can everyone please tone it down and get back to some good, respectful dialogue whether we agree about Daz, recruiting, or the facilities? We all root for the same effing team!!

Geezer eagle said...

Thank you,Crill. I've been trying to get these barbarians to tone it down and be mutually respectful for months - to no avail.

Hoib said...


I've been on this blog for years, and my take is that the shrill commenting has been here from day 1. Particularly instigated by one person, and I don't think he's going anywhere, so get used to it.

As to Daz and his recruiting. I've been one of his biggest boosters, but it's time to show what you got. By the end of the Spaz years we had been reduced to a bunch of patsies on both lines. Daz was able to get an upgrade the first 2 years doing it w/ mirrors. Year 3 produced the perfect storm of things that can go wrong. This year we'll take the field w/ all his players, let's all calm down and see how it plays out.

Knucklehead said...

BC has beaten everyone over the years with 2nd place facilities. The facilities haven't just become an issue in the last 5 years. Sorry that is a ridiculous pathetic rationale. The key to success at Boston College is being able to develop the players we have. Defensively we have been able to do that. Offensively we have fallen off the table. The head coach NEEDS to develop the offensive line. Then he can bitch about the QB and falsely blow smoke about how good the backs and receivers look to pump up their ego's. The head coach is not focused on what the problem is . . . the Offensive line.

Fix the offensive line and everything else can develop.

Geezer eagle said...

I don't often agree with you but your comments pertaining to Daz, recruiting, his performance thus far, are right on the money. It's time to put up some victories or get the hell out of Boston.

mod34b said...

crill, I've never seen a post by you before. Such a pathetic comment you make. You're 'sad' and 'embarrased' about someone else's comments? "I just feel sad" --from a comment on a obscure sports blog?

Might I suggest your try a different BC blog to find that 'happy' (although empty) feeling): BCI. Hoib frequently posts there, including comments like he just posted: "As to Daz and his recruiting. I've been one of his biggest boosters."

BCI is very pro BC, very pro Daz (they used to be virulently anti-Spaz, to give you some history). No strong opinions allowed. "Happy" droids. Loud people are quickly banned there. Very mild. (GeorgiaEagle that be for you too.)

But Crill spare me the holier-than-thou crap. ATL is a spots blog with no moderator and is not a representation of BC. Good Lord. At age 40, 50, 60 are you words still representative of BC? Obvi, not.

That being said, I do agree that Kash could be more civil and less Don Rickles like. Other than Kash's abusive posting, everything else above is fine.

Again if you want to be seen as representing BC, supporting BC and being milquetoast pleasant, BCI is a good destination.

Geezer eagle said...

I'm mild? Mod, did you see how I erupted after JBQ accused me of being a girl? I'm just a big believer in civility and mutual self-respect. Remember, I'm one of your biggest supporters. Don't turn on me, bro. One other things, boys and girls, we are on the same side. We are all BC Eagles. Save the venom for the ND jackasses.

mod34b said...

No worries GE. You were literally mentioned parenthetically and only parenthetically . I enjoy your posts And support

Let me ask you a question: who are you referring to here:"I've been trying to get these barbarians to tone it down". If you think it is too much here, Well BCI had no barbarians

However upon reflection your Assessment of Daz , clarity of thought and confidence probably would work over there.

Mild? Nah. I take it back. My apologies

Geezer eagle said...

Mod, you aren't a barbarian for defending yourself against the unprovoked attacks by the Visigoths who defame you. Just rise above it my friend and ignore the Goths.

knucklehead said...