Thursday, August 11, 2016

More info on the new athletic projects

The Boston Business Journal published excerpts from BC's application to build athletic complexes, including a permanent Baseball and Softball facility, on the Brighton campus. Even though this is just one part of the overall plan, it is good to see some movement. The new fields have been promised long enough that a whole class of Baseball and Softball players have come through BC without ground being broken.

The article does not say how long the Boston Redevelopment Authority has to approve the plans, however, construction is expected to start in March 2017 and be completed in March of 2018. The March deadlines are crucial, since the team will need to schedule their 2018 games somewhere.

In other news related to the Indoor Practice Facility, progress on the Edmonds demolishing is noticeable.
Once the land is cleared there, BC can move into the next phase of buildings around the Stadium.


mod34b said...

Baseball is such a waste of time and money for BC. wince at BC spending money on the sport.

Bring back lax

CT said...

Lacrosse? Ha. Talk about being a regional university. Incredible some people went to BC. The standards were certainly much lower before Flutie.

CT said...

Mod, perfect post to talk about Addazio.

After all, it has nothing to do with Addazio.

mod34b said...

Thanks Bitch.

Knucklehead said...

Hahaha. "Bitch."

You two are like an angry version of the two dudes from the Sonic hamburger tv ads.

TGS said...

CT needs to get some steady employment so he can stop posting in the middle of the night between self generated nocturnal emissions.

Bravesbill said...

Lacrosse is a pretty worthless regional sport that's concentrated basically in the Northeast and Upper Atlantic states. Baseball is a much better sport with wider appeal. This past year confirms that BC can't rely on it's whole Northeast location excuse it likes to peddle when the going gets tough.

mod34b said...

BB - if you only knew about lax. Alas, you don't.

As for baseball, I watch only MLB post season and only sometimes -- that is it. regular season baseball is to me so dull. Baseball/Softball Fun to play. Fungo. yes. But dull to watch. Paint drying.

Yes it did start in the NE (by the Iroquois) - NE is as you know the largest population center in the US and the center of the universe. Lax is also quite popular in California. See

Denver, air force, Duke, ND, UNC, Marquette, B10 teams -- are each not in North East States and were all in the top 20.

BC baseball is painful. Should just be a club sport. Yes, last year was nice. 1 time in last 40 years they 'did good'.

such a waste of land to give these jokers a huge field. I'd rather give the rugby dudes the land! or, better, build a dorm or academic building. or a club team area.

Guido said...

I am totally in agreement with mod34b. To expend $$$ on creating a baseball stadium - whatever - is not pragmatic. Lacrosse would be my choice and the sport is growing in "Leaps and Bounds" in high schools in Ma. How many people on average attend BC baseball games ??? It must be pathetic !!!! And Bravesbill says that baseball has wider appeal - certainly not at the "Heights". And the success this year is an anomaly to say the least. And to mod34's other point - BC is landlocked and we are going to use all of this land for baseball and softball fields(stadiums). How many seats will be created for baseball ??? Are they going to follow ACC guidelines for the amount of seating ??? I have given up on this once "Great Institution". Please hire an AD that is a graduate of the school who has a sense of not only LOYALTY but a little common sense. I do not know the makeup of the BOD , but please get an infusion of BC grads on that Board also.

Anonymous said...

Love Baseball

Will never understand this lax bro push back

"Guys we should put all our money into Squash and become a national powerhouse! It'll take up less space and show the country how pretentious we are!"

blist said...
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blist said...

Baseball is more popular among HS boys in Mass.

Lacrosse growth is plateauing in Mass.

CT said...

TGS, I should close the blinds?

Lax is the ultimate club sport. I find it pretty boring. But if you like it, great. It just doesn't fit the national univ push that BC has embraced for 30+ yrs.

Knuckle, CAPITALIZE the word 'ironic' in your next post, please.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Baseball is a terrific sport. But BC playing baseball and trying to compete/recruit against warm weather programs on a consistent basis is like Texas A&M playing ice hockey. Just doesn't make a lot of sense in a world of limited resources. Would rather roll the savings into other existing programs.

Knucklehead said...

I would argue the academic impact that the current baseball schedule has on the team and equity of fellow students taking the same courses. Is it fair that the baseball spends 2 months on the road in florida/north Carolina because the weather here precludes the team from being able to play games in new England in the winter? Are the baseball players engaged in academic pursuits during that time and what are the logistics? If they are being shuttled between the South and Chestnut Hill during these months for them to attend classes in person? Is the expense associated with that transportation fair and useful or would that money along with the stadium funds be better allocated to hiring better professors or help maintain the current tuition expense for one year instead of increasing it 4-5% per year.

That program is a sunk cost.

I truly appreciate the players and their recent success. It has been awesome. The business model is a fucking joke, HOWEVER.

TGS said...

Stop the madness with the "how popular lacrosse is" crap. Sport was designed for preppy kids who can't hit a curve ball.
In Major League Lacrosse, rookies make about $7,000. The average for all players is a whopping $10,000 to $20,000. I think David Price pays his barber more for a good hair cut.
Even the self styled Econ experts on this board like CT (after all he takes lunch orders for the traders at his firm), should understand numbers like this point to less than stellar demand for the product.
Varsity badminton at BC before lacrosse.

Guido said...

In 2008, the NCAA lacrosse championships held at Gillette set new records for attendance, The semi-finals attracted about 48,200 fans and the final was almost 49,000 fans. Gillette has been chosen as the site for both the 2017 and 2018 NCAA lacrosse championships. There seems to be a healthy appetite for this sport in New England . How much diverse and intelligent discussion takes place when BC is plotting their future ?? Case in point - when building a baseball stadium , has anyone felt that maybe a regional baseball series could be played at our new stadium or are we simply building a stadium that will please the BRA and the neighbors . Maybe a certain minimum # of seats may put a new BC baseball Stadium in the mix for regional games. Just thinking out loud - we never seem to consider the big picture in anything we do !!!! Just think of the OOC schedule in football - having a few powers come to the "Heights" may help in recruiting ETC ETC. But no , we think beating the Wagners and Howards of the world will get us to the Cement Bowl. Whatever !!!!!

Knucklehead said...

It was a blood sport created by Native Americans who played to death so as Axel would say "Why don't you just fuck off?"

Knucklehead said...

The school is going to build 2 stadiums in support of baseball and softball? Fucking waste of time and money. Seems odd. Why can't they share a stadium BC High. Monan just built a stadium in Dorchester for them and UMASS Boston. How many fucking baseball stadiums do we need in Boston. Think about how many schools there are within reasonable driving distance of Chestnut Hill. Northeastern and UMASS Boston seem like good partners for baseball. The fucking Jets and Giants share a stadium so the argument about sovereignty is bullshit.