Friday, August 12, 2016

Truth comes out on ACC Network deal

There has been plenty of talk about future ACC Football schedules. Would the conference move to nine league games? Could Georgia Tech's idea of eight ACC games plus two Power 5 games even work from a logistics standpoint? The league delayed their decision on future schedules Friday but will have to decided soon. We know that because the new ACC Network contractually calls for ten Power 5 games per team!

So when the smoke clears, schedule changes are not about playoff spots, computer rankings or even the idea of the conference wanting to challenge itself. It is all about TV money. ESPN gave the conference a bunch of money and now wants some good games. I don't blame them and think the ACC's greed will be good for BC Football fans. One way or another our team will be forced to beef up its schedule. You won't have to sit through as many lame home games because ESPN won't pay for them.

In a world where BC is forced to play ten Power 5 games, my preference is the 8+2 model. This is purely for the variety it would bring to the schedule. And if BC has trouble finding willing and interesting Power 5 teams, they can always schedule non-conference games against other ACC teams in need of a game. Would anyone object to playing Pitt or Miami at random intervals to fill out the schedule?

This doesn't mean that Bates has to schedule Alabama and Texas tomorrow. The ACC has some run up time built into the TV and ACC Network deal. The looming Big 12 expansion also means that the pool of Power 5 teams could expand at any minute. But in the end, this will lead to BC playing more teams that matter. If you are a fan of football and tired of cupcakes, this is great news.


Knucklehead said...

Talking league games. I would like to see UCONN annually on Thanksgiving or around it. Wake Forest, NC State, and even Syracuse don't raise the blood pressure anymore. I want to renew a real rivalry and have it scheduled at a consistent time. There is no fucking way a deal cannot be made between Chestnut Hill, Storrs and Bristol to make this happen.

It would fill the stadium of the home team so it win, win for gate and tv ratings. Plus it would be good for the fans not just the corporate business assholes. Half the stadium would be filled with people under 21 who are students are children of alumni that is good for the programs long term.

EL MIZ said...

consistent with our student body and global aspirations, BC should be playing schools out on the West Coast - Stanford, Univ. of Washington, UCLA, Cal all are on the same level academically, we recruit heavily in CA now (addazio always talks that up in his gridiron club speeches) and we have a ton of alum on the west coast.

Knucklehead i like the UCONN idea too just for the sake of filling the stadium.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I don't care who we play as long as its somebody who has a realistic chance of beating us. Otherwise, what's the point?

mod34b said...

Miz good post. I did some digging. Surprised that Rutgers has games over the next 4-5 season against Washington and UCLA.

Rutgers is presently completely out recruiting BC and now out scheduling BC.

WTF. RU is leaving BC in the dust. freakin' dysfunctional Rutgers

Nap - MAC teams meet your standard! I'd like to see BC sign up for some SEC action.

and, i'd even go so far as to agree with Knuck.. at this point Uconn holds some interest as a opponent, and the game is not a gimmes like the UMass and Wagner games Buffalo to is a joke.

Hoib said...

I like 9 league games. I also don't see why ND games can't count as league games for the non ND team. I said it before and I'll say it again. I think Cuse BC in NYC would be big over Tgiving.