Monday, August 08, 2016

The Towles-Harambe dedication is going to be a thing

Last week Patrick Towles posted an Instagram (below) dedicating his season to the deceased Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Harambe. BCI noticed it and I thought it was just a college kid working an internet meme into his pictures. No bid deal, right?

Of course I was wrong. Now the story is getting picked up by other outlets (here and here). I fear that this will be mentioned a lot before the season and more than we want once the games start. Personally I think the idea is funny (and I assume Towles is going for laughs), but this really runs the risk of becoming a dead horse. The best ending for this meme is for Towles to really kick butt and everyone gets into Harambe. If not, let's hope it just dies out.

A photo posted by Patrick Towles (@patty_ice_8) on


mod34b said...

could be Be WORSE


Geezer eagle said...

Hey, lots of gorillas on this blog. They should appreciate the dedication.

Geezer eagle said...
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Tim said...

His Twitter handle is "Patty Ice."

mod34b said...

"Dedicating this season to the realist there ever was... #RIPHARAMBE "

(was the gorilla a hard-nosed realist? doubting that)


"Dedicating this season to the realEst there ever was... #RIPHARAMBE"

or better

"Dedicating this season to the MOST REAL there ever was... #RIPHARAMBE "

and, as to ATL comment, "but this really runs the risk of becoming a dead horse" horse? uh, nah something more simian...

Hoib said...

classic example of media saturation. Just play the dam game, and give the rest of this crap a rest.

Knucklehead said...

To dedicate your season to a deceased Gorilla is a major DUDE concept.

It is easily the funniest thing to happen involving Boston College sports since the hockey team was driven into an on coming greenline train 3-4 years ago and they all scattered.

See what happens when Cameron leaves. Things start to lighten up.

JBQ said...

From the picture, Towles is very chunky and at 6 ft 5 can take some hits. However, he appears to be a "gunslinger" with a lot of bravado. This would account for the high number of interception to touchdown ratio. I would hope that he could calm down. He also appears to be a "free spirit" and maybe can loosen up the "doom and gloom" atmosphere around the football program.