Tuesday, August 09, 2016

QBs are the focus of the media and other links

The QBs said all the right things after the first practice. I still doubt the "wide open" ness of this process. What if Wade is demonstrably better? Will he really start? Based on the lack of quotes, it seems like Fadule is not really in the mix.

Here is Fox Sports' preview of the team. They deal with the typical questions regarding QB and coordinator changes.

After a preseason injury the Redskins decided to waive Stephen Daniels. Supposedly there is still a space waiting for him on their IR once he clears waivers.

Chris Pantale is converting to Fullback with the Philadelphia Eagles.


Knucklehead said...

O line.

JBQ said...

The option attack of GT will be a tough test for the defense. GT has a very tough qb (Thomas) who runs it well. We shall see what we shall see with the offense. Towles has the bravado and the tools to succeed. You have to have a balanced offense and that would appear to be Towles. His size is reminiscent of Matt Ryan who was able to throw over the top. If Ryan had the defense with him, they would have been undefeated. Towles really has the chance to make some ripples. For Wade being an option quarterback to succeed, I believe that he has to sit and emulate Towles and then step in next season. It also would probably help if he would spend some time on the Middle Ages "stretching rack". I believe that to run this offense, you have to have some size. BC should be already scouting tall senior throwers at other schools to take over from Towles. Towles looks good and with a little throwing discipline on his part, this could be a fun year.

Guido said...

JBQ- re: your comment on currently scouting tall senior throwers at other schools to take over for Towles - I would suggest that we finally develop and recruit our own QB's. If we can not accomplish that task , then we are in terrible shape for the future. Addazio just has not been the recruiter that he was touted to be in various posts. Georgia tech may have Thomas , but everywhere else , they are very mediocre. A loss to GT would be "BAD NEWS" and quite frankly disappointing to me.

Hoib said...


More and more schools are going the transfer route AT qb. Bama won the title w/ one last year. The area that needs the development is the Oline, that's where you want to bring in a young unit and develop it. Hopefully we started that process last year. In a few weekS we'll find out.

Big Jack Krack said...

GT has some issues, as we all do. I think they are thin on the OL, and if they have an injury or two, they're in big trouble there. Maybe not as bad as we were last year, but big trouble none the less.

Their AD just left (unexpectedly after 3 1/2 years) to Purdue, and he's happy to be back to a college town. Atlanta was too vibrant, "happening like crazy", but so cluttered from an entertainment - from a competition for entertainment and time standpoint, and all that .............. fill in the rest. He said it's really refreshing to be in West Lafayette, IN - it's really refreshing.

I guess Atlanta isn't any different than Boston in that respect - both BC and GT hired Mid-Western AD's who were or maybe are uncomfortable in a real (professional) city.

At one time Bobinski actually signed a contract with something called (low-budget) Omni Air to transport players, coaches, band and cheerleaders like cattle. I guess that has been squared away, and a real plane will be provided (maybe by Delta or even Aer Lingus - not sure.) He knew he wasn't a good fit in Atlanta.

Which reminds me - I hope BB isn't holding back on proper flights and accommodations. I'll be very disappointed if that's the case. Does anyone have some insight to the team's travel arrangements?

Big Jack Krack said...

JBQ - Thomas is shorter than Wade, and he will pass more than BC might be expecting. GT also has a stud back-up QB, from what I understand, and some very good and fast receivers.

I'd be interested to know how the players feel about our competition at QB. I'm with Guido, and don't want to see more senior QBs coming in here. We want to use our own and next year is year 5 under Daz(iani - hopefully not this year). Bringing in an outsider for year 5 would be a strange thing, I think.

Whoever wins the job could maybe exploit the GT secondary, if, of course, our own OL can do a half decent job.

The GT fan base is hoping for at least 4 TD's by the Yellow Jackets. That's fine, because I'm hoping for 5 from BC! :-) I'll even take 31 to 28.

Unrealistic? Maybe - but opening games are pretty unpredictable.

Go BC - beat GT.

Knucklehead said...

Landry is going to go ballistic this season. He is low key for a talented player. So LOOK for him to dominate, command a double team and knock down a lot of passes this season. Against GT he will open up holes for the LB's to stuff the run.

Geezer eagle said...

Guys, your comments were all insightful, informative and Professional. No cheap shots taken. Now this is more like it. Well done.

BCMike said...

I'm thrilled to get months of prep for CPJ's option. Much easier to prepare preseason for this than one week in the middle of the season when you've not seen anything like it during the season or in practice up to that point.

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