Thursday, September 08, 2016

BC-UMass preview

The game didn't end well last week, but there were signs of life in the program. Now BC needs to regroup and actually win this winnable game. A lot is on Addazio now too. It is one thing to screw up the clock in a game, but coaching is also about what you do between the games. Can he lead the staff and players to fix what they did wrong in Week 1? Can he also look in the mirror and address what he did wrong?

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
If BC were an actual College Football Playoff contender, this game against UMass would be brilliant! It is a road game where we are closer to the Stadium than the home team. We would get the computer points with committee for going on the road, when in reality BC gets to stick close to a home game schedule. There's no flight. They're back on campus early. The crowd will be very supportive. But since BC's not a contender, this is just a game that keeps travel budgets down and supposedly helps build local interest. I hope UMass improves, because it would be good for BC and not just an easy "W."

Three Simple Keys
1. A few more QB option plays. I know we have a different Offense year to year. I know now we finally have a big armed guy who can stand in the pocket. But if you saw anything last week, it is that Towles can run. And the few read options he did with Willis left him wide open had he kept the ball. It is such a simple play but can be very effective. I also think the threat of Towles running will help his passing.
2. Bring pressure. Defending Georgia Tech is such a unique event that you can't really apply what BC did in that game to any of their upcoming games. This week will be our first glimpse into Reid's plans. It should involve lots of blitzing.
3. Dominate on the line of scrimmage. Our OL and DL is such a huge advantage that it almost doesn't even matter what the skill players do. If we can control both, it will keep UMass off schedule when they are on Offense and BC on schedule when we have the ball.

Gambling Notes
-- BC leads the series 19-2
-- Addazio is 9-3 in non conference games
-- Whipple is 0-7 against Power 5 teams
The current line is BC-16.5

This is the second time as a visitor in Foxboro, but BC was the home team 11 times in the Gillette's predecessor.

Scoreboard Watching
The Virginia Tech-Tennessee game is huge for BC. Not only does it influence national opinion on the ACC, but it also gives us a glimpse of our future opponent Virginia Tech.

I hope to see...
A lead so big and comfortable that Wade gets to play in the second half.

BC is in trouble if...
The game is close in the final minutes. Not only am I worried about Addazio, I am also worried about the team pressing. No one wants to start 0-2 and that is when good players and coaches start doing dumb things. If we lose another close game the mood of the team could nose dive and we could have another lost year of BC Football.

Like the UMass-Florida game, I think it will be a slowish, defensive game to start. I think BC gets a big play in the passing game that opens up the lead. This time Addazio doesn't choke it away.
Final Score: BC 20, UMass 13


mod34b said...

so sad that all of us have this little bit of doubt in our mind: will we win against one the worst team in FBS?

oh my.


ReiDaDor said...

I don't know how you call UMASS one of the worst teams in FBS after what they did last week at Florida...Honestly, I'm a bit confused by all the talk about Daz being such a horrible recruiter, etc. on one hand but then in the next breath people are talking about how this team has talent, etc. Daz has his issues no doubt but I don't think not having enough talent on the team to win games is one of them. In one game already I think we've seen a drastic improvement with the offense. People would have given anything last year to have the offense move the ball like they did last week so is that not an improvement? Does Daz not get any credit for that? Is that not a positive? I'm not saying there weren't bad decisions made that contributed to us losing that game last week but let's set realistic expectations and at least give some credit where credit is due. Call UMASS what you want but this is a HUGE game on Saturday! If we win this and can go into Va Tech and pull out a W we are set to go into the Clemson game at 4-1! If people aren't satisfied with that scenario then they will never be happy as their expectations are unrealistic. If you aren't happy with the scheduling then don't bother following the team, it is what it is! 4-1 is damn good considering last year's result! Hell I'll even be happy with 3-2!

mod34b said...

Sagarin ranks UMass #117. They are bad and one of the worst team in the country (FBS level)

BC should be blowing out UMass by at least 20.

Knucklehead said...

This site says it will be a one point game.

Knucklehead said...

Right 4-1 is damn good. It also isn't going to happen.

ReiDaDor said...

Why not Knucklehead? Why can't it happen? How about some freaking belief in this team?? The negativity on this site is unbearable! I choose to believe it's possible and will stand behind the boys on the field and even behind Daz! That's what we've got right now so let's support 'em! Go Eagles! One week at a time! One snap at a time! Prove all these armchair naysayers wrong and shut them up!!!

ReiDaDor said...

I hate to say it but UMASS will be a tough game regardless of what the experts are saying...lets get it done boys!!!! 1-1! First step!

ObserverCollege said...

This article is shameful. Witness:
"A lot is on Daz now too";
"It is one thing to screw up the clock in a game, but coaching is also about what you do between the games.";
"Can he lead the staff and players to fix what they did wrong in Week 1?";
Can he also look in the mirror and address what he did wrong?"
"Not only am I worried about Addazio";
This time Addazio doesn't choke it away.

Here's a clue: the PLAYERS lost the game. Not the coach. The PLAYERS.

All COACH Addazio can do is lead the horses to water, give them the tools to succeed. He can't make them drink. I know people want to make it out like these are "kids", but in fact they're grown men, all eligible to defend our country.

Coach Addazio teaches the players that no one is going to save them. No one is going to let them pin ANY blame on HIM, the General. That's just like the REAL WORLD. Writers and "bloggers" aren't out there telling the world that the CEO is at fault for the ACCOUNTANT failing to put the decimal point in the right place.

Players need to learn that it's ON THEM. Coach Addazio puts together a transcendental game plan week after week, and makes the perfect call each and every time. It's on the players to execute. They didn't last week; we'll see if they do tomorrow.

Knucklehead said...

Right one week at a time. 4-1 is a leap.

Don't worry I always support the eagles.

BCAlum2000 said...

ObserverCollege - good to see Adazzio is posting on your blog ATL ...

ReiDaDor said...


Big Jack Krack said...

OC cracks me up.

Hario said...

Oyy - OC is pretty funny.

If BC loses Sat - Daz should be fired on the spot.

mod34b said...

Hoib and Knucklehead actually AGREE with OC. ha!

let's talk OL.

they did a very good job with pass protection vs GT. Ya. very noticeable improvement there.

they sprung Hilliman for a "very Andre" 73 yard romp. Guy is fast.

But the rest of the OL play at the line of scrimmage was actually not too impressive. I think the average run was about 2.6 yards per carry (without the long one...I know why exclude the very success the constant running into the line is designed to generate)

UMass might be a good test of BC's line of scrimmage run abilities.

last, play selection

Is there a new Daz Offense? Not really - running was something like 2:1 over passing. Sure more passing than last year, but hardly a new Daz offense. That penultimate series left no doubts. By the way a few commenters have noted that on the third play of that series when Towles had a fumble/bad snap, the line was diving forward. Meaning that last play was not a designed pass play. it was another run up the middle into a cloud of dust. holy shit is Daz predictable


Knucklehead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Knucklehead said...

Here we go . . .

OC was with Hoib and I until 'he' says "Coach Addazio puts together a transcendental game plan week after week, and makes the perfect call each and every time."

That is where 'he' turns is around on the reader or does he?

Knucklehead said...

Mod, That last play could have been the screen they ran earlier. I don't recall the exact line movement on that play though. A screen would have been a nice aggressively conservative call there. It might also be the reason why they botched it?

mod34b said...

screen? usually the OL is pulling back as if to pass protect.. then letting chump DL through....only to be setting up a screen of blockers..

as I recall all the OL were pushing forward as in a designed running back inside the tackles run.... in fact the eagerness of the center to push forward night have been the cause of the fumble/botch

but I agree. something different was needed. Daz is the perfect coach for a play action pass on that series. Maybe that was going on...

knucklehead said...

Yeah that is right. Dont recall the exact line movement and who moved where. We aren't dealing with the creme de la crème though. So nothing would surprise me. It was very odd to run the same exact dive 3 times.

janebc said...

I know the BC has sports scene has been arid lately, (with the usual exception of thanks be to God for Jerry) and baseball, too, but Observer College is back. His sardonic wit is sorely needed in these times.

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