Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Bowl talk and other links

CBS' Jerry Palm, who tends to be the most accurate, saw enough from BC to now slot us in a Bowl. He places us against Maryland in Detroit. That's progress, I guess.

The guy who scored the winning TD for Georgia Tech is now suspended. How come these things never happen before the game?

Andre Williams is hoping for a career resurrection in San Diego.


mod34b said...

Nyet. A Detroit bowl at 6-6 vs Maryland at 6-6 in Detroit with no fans on 12/26 is not progress. It is an utter embarrassment

The embarrassment will be compounded whence the Empty Sweatshirt gets extended and lauded for another great turn around

Hario said...

Lol -- mod i really dont think hes going to get lauded for a great turn around if that happens... I am not sure why that is such a worry for you.

the extension -- after Xtian's extension that may be a legitimate fear even if he doesnt win any games.

Geezer eagle said...

Mod nailed it. Not even BB would watch this game. Worse case scenario is BC wins the Ice Box bowl and Daz gets a five year extension.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

Agree that the Detroit Bowl against Maryland is not progress, but the practice time before a bowl is too valuable to pass up.

So we're all confident the Georgia Tech players went out after the game and enjoyed Dublin right?

blist said...

A bowl is a good thing. suggesting otherwise is silly. BC hitting bottom again won't help anything and mediocre records won;t help Daz in the long run.

mod34b said...

6-6 is the definition of mediocre.

a bad bowl is a bad bowl and a bad thing.

b-list, will you be one of the folks applauding Daz's miraculous turn around bowl-eligible season if we wind up in the Detroit bowl? I thinking you might be.

blist said...

No, I won't be, I think Daz has such an easy sked he is basically given 6 wins. A bowl even if we're 6-6 isn't an embarassment. A disappointment yes, but the season's already a disappointment b/c of how the Daz blew the Dublin game. A bowl is better than no bowl and it's better than last year. It's not like we're some powerhouse program where a down year gets some excellent but not elite recruits thinking they can get more playing time if they commit and be back to winning on national TV in a year. Being able to say we went to a bowl provides a helpful narrative to sell to recruits.
I also suspect (I think ATL said it recently) that Daz could survive another winless ACC year. So just pragmatically for the long term health of BC football, ending up in a bowl this year is better than not.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

The reality is Daz is coming back next year regardless of any situation. I truly believe that. He could go winless in conference again but as long as he beats our New England rivals he will be fine.

6-6 and the Detriot Bowl won't be an accomplishment. I won't even think it is progress. Progress this year was going to be 8-4, but that is unlikely to happen.

The bottom line is a bowl game, regardless of which one it is, means extra practices for the players. It means young guys can develop. It means more snaps. All of this is a good thing for the program so, yes, there is no bad bowl if it means our team can get more practice.

janebc said...

I am on board with Mod. I don't underestimate BC's willingness to hype some mediocre bowl into a "big turnaround." I remember the way relatively close losses to Miami and ND were spun into "moral victories,"during Year 3 of the Spaz regime.

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