Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Being aggressive when you have a great Defense

Beyond what the statistics say about conversions and clock, there is another way in which Addazio's game management is too conservative. He never calls surprise plays on Special Teams. As we've struggled to score, we haven't seen a fake field goal, a fake punt, or an onside kick. Where are these plays? If a Coach truly believes in his defense, he would roll the dice more often. 

In 2008 Jags pulled out every trick in the book, but other BC coaches took more risks than Daz. TOB used fake field goals and an onside kick. I even remember Dan Henning calling a perfectly timed fake field goal against Notre Dame (when Jim Reid was his DC). If you have a great Defense, those sorts of risks need to be taken. Whatever you lose in scoring or field position, you trust your D to protect you.

The only glimpse that Addazio might be saving something, is that he has Jeff Smith holding on Field Goals. Smith is our best athlete and can throw. I hope that BC is spending time on something special with him. If not, we are just wasting another asset. 


dixieagle said...

I really don't think he has it in him to be creative or daring. I hope he proves me wrong, but I have yet to see evidence to the contrary.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

I thought the same thing seeing Jeff holding for field goals. Almost no other reason to have him out there unless you are going to pull a trick at some point.

eagletix said...

I think this coach needs more work on fundamentals, like clock management and correct use of timeouts...looking for trickeration is asking for too much at this stage for this coach. A little optimistic there saying that Smith can throw, or at least suggesting he is a throwing threat more than say anyone else on this team. that's why he is at wide receiver after the QB experimenting last season.

JBQ said...

Reviews by ACC coaches profiled the two different defensive coordinators. Brown was known for taking risks and keeping the other team off balance. Reid is known to be very conservative and strong on fundamentals. Announcers have stated that trick plays keep both sides of the ball on their toes. The offense always loves it. The defense then picks it up. Not using them is a sign of stagnation and lack of ingenuity.

Knucklehead said...

Here Boston College football,
I did half your job for you. While doing my own job.

8 prospect(s) found
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Chris Dunn K 5'9" 160
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Chris Kessler K 5'8" 140
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Sekope Lutu Latu K 5.2 6'3" 230
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eagle1331 said...

We actually have another kicker... on scholarship!

Grant Carlson was signed last year. Time he sees the turf.

This other kid is 3 for 8 in his career on field goals. He is not as much to blame as Daz for the losses, but he shoulders the brunt of the load when it comes to players. I hate to say that, as it is picking on a kid, but unfortunately the glove fits...

CT said...

ATL, good point. Interesting. At least Les Miles gambles, right?

Dan said...

ATL, unless I'm mistaken we kicked two fake field goals on Saturday.

eagleboston said...

Spaz never ran a fake punt or field goal. Never. In 4 years! That is insane. Defenses never had to worry about preparing for a Spaz team as they were too predictable. My fear is that Addazio is the same. I think he might have run a fake field goal in his first year, but he, like Spaz, is too predictable. Teams know late in games, he will have the offense do 3 straight running plays into the center of the line. Very easy to defend this and the chance of success is nil.

We are in dark times, folks. We had a brief reprieve with 2 straight bowl games, but the future is not very bright. Even if Daz has a terrible season, I fear he will be granted 1 more year. That means we are looking at 2-3 more years of misery before a new coach can turn it around.

eagleboston said...

Interestingly, I spoke with several of my friends that went to Dublin and they claimed BC fans were out-numbered 4-1. I was stunned by that given that Ireland is the homeland/ancestry of many alumni. Perhaps many have already visited Ireland and did not feel the need to see BC there.

Big Jack Krack said...

We were definitely outnumbered - pitiful. And many of the fans who came hid inside rather than sit in their seats in the rain. GT side looked full - BC side looked empty.

Not a good showing by BC fans. GT had much more spirit and we continue our descent into the pits. Wagner and Buffalo might not get 20K. Our attendance will be a disgrace this year, Brad.

BC fan since the 1960s said...

Attendance will be a disgrace this year; you are correct. It is what they deserve for the last several years of terrible coaching/ineptitude. Look for many empty seats at Gillette this week. UMass also draws poorly but the difference is they NEVER have drawn well.

On kicking, go through some Division 2 and 3 box scores and see how many FGs of 40 or so yards are converted by kids playing at that level.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

If we had a winning or competitive program - attendance would not nearly be the issue it has become - especially with respect to games that are televised or available on a PC to those living outside of the Boston metro area. We have become an entertainment option not worth the hassles associated with attending BC home games. And I'm not sure anything would fill seats for games against the likes of Wagner and Buffalo. To state the obvious - this is why people in Bates' and Daz's position are paid a lot of money and this is why the "management" at BC overseeing these guys has to set clear expectations (in return for their generous compensation), ride herd on their performance and get rid of them promptly when it becomes clear after a reasonable opportunity that they aren't meeting those expectations. Clearly - this season sets the outer boundary on reasonable opportunity for both guys (and perhaps the guy who hired them as well). As I have said before - we need to change our institutional culture not only with respect to program support but also with respect to expectations and tolerance applied to the most highly compensated employees of the university.

Incidentally - I hope we do not take UMass too lightly based upon their performance against Florida. If we lose to those guys there will be a shit storm of herculean proportions. If not - then we know the patient is truly dead.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Speaking of UMass - the thing I fear most is their head coach. Whipple is very capable and I wish we had hired him. Putting that aside - we should still win this game based on player talent.

mod34b said...

Curious why so many are so sure that Leahy and BOT are not supportive of athletics

Daz paid in upper half of ACC his salary is very competitive. He has hired prominent assistants who get a pretty penny. Christian also has a excellent group of assistants.

And BC announced a huge financial commitment to facilities upgrades

Bates is a dud. But seems to be paid well and initially looked good on paper.

So why is it that Leahy and BOT are viewed as unsupportive of football and basketball ?

Seems to me that job of managing the "talent" falls in Bates not BOT/Leahy

Guido said...

It is no wonder that BC football is irrelevant, except when local stations ridicule them for the quality of opponents. Just think , UMASS at Gillette this week-end , then away to VT. Then BC comes home to Wagner (Beat ST. ANSELM 38-16) WOW and then they host another gem in Buffalo (Losers to Albany 22-16 ). We have reached our NADIR . Total embarrassment !!! Thank God that I gave up my tickets that I had for years. I just feel so bad for the kids that will play to a very empty stadium for their first two home games !!!! If I were the AD , I would have told ADDAZIO that I was going to schedule quality opponents not only for the fans , but also the great kids that represent BC football. Go Eagles - Please do not underestimate UMASS - a loss to them would be so DEVASTATING , though I believe that we have too much talent !!!!!

SaturdaysOnShea said...

The frustration with Leahy and the BOT derives from the continued failure since Jags and Skinner were fired to find suitable replacements that could replicate the level of success the two had during their time at BC. Think about who has been hired since Jags and Skinner left: Frank Spaziani, Steve Addazio, Steve Donahue, and Jim Christian. This is compounded when these are the people who are hired when elite names are associated with the positions: Brian Kelly in 2008/9 and Jay Wright a few years ago, and yet we are saddled with increasingly uninspiring hires who prove themselves to be underwhelming coaches.

To continue to make these same mistakes now for close to ten years creates the perception that Leahy and the BOT have no interest in being successful. Whether true or not, perception is reality. If it is not true, and they are invested in athletics, I have seen nothing that proves otherwise.

mod34b said...

SOS, agreed there has been bad hires, especially BB. But BOT/L have supported the programs with money. A new AD is what is needed. It I IMHO just unsupported speculation that the BOT/L do not support athletics.

The real core problem is BB. While he looked good on paper in 2012, upon close inspection his judgment in hiring, retaining and managing coaches, not to mention scheduling and marketing, is terrible (and it was terrible going back to the start of his Miami of O tenure)

Kelly was not coming to BC after his Cincy success. He was a big name able to command SEC type money. Same with Jay Wright, he was just toying with BC, in my view.

But yes, they should have done better than Daz and Xtian.

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

As it pertains to the BOT backing sports. Since i have been hammering those exact points for 12 months this parallel came to mind.

Have you ever seen the movie major league where the guy in the upper reaches of the stadium is banging the drum for the Indians when nobody is in the crowd listening and then one day a TV reporter comes and interviews him about the team and then word of mouth spreads and the team starts to improve dramatically

In this scenario I am the guy banging the drum, you are the reporter . . . not sure yet about the team starting to improve dramatically.

Willie Mays Hayes. I hit like Mays, and I run like Hayes.

NEDofSavinHill said...

BC held FSU to 217 yards of offense last year. On Monday an extremely powerful SEC team was able to limit them to 580 yards. Where are the SEC apologists? Has everyone fallen for the myth of dominance? 2. Was anyone surprised that Johnson out coached Daz? Johnson got his Div. 1 start at Navy. He was hired by Gladchuk. He was the same AD that hired Coughlan and the winningest coach in BC history TOB. Can anyone name a college coach who produced better QBs? Three pro bowlers Ryan, Hasselback and Wilson. Plus other NFLers in Glennon St Pierre and Hasselback. How many NFL QBs have Spaz, Jags or Daz produce?

mod34b said...

knuck, I'm not quite getting your point. You are saying the BOT/L are a core part of the problem or they are not a core part of the problem?.

Knucklehead said...

Someone needed to shed light on what the guy banging the drum was banging the drum about.

Knucklehead said...

Hammering meaning driving home the same points

mod34b said...

well your answer in unhelpful. I don't call you banging your drum , you head or anyone else. So what is it you think you been "hammering" on?

mod34b said...

that BB is the main culprit, or that the BOT/L is also culpable?

Stephapro said...

Interesting debate this one. Your perspective on the issue is rather radical though. Thats all the same