Sunday, October 16, 2016

BC still favored over Syracuse

For weeks it was noted that Syracuse was the only ACC game where the computers (and oddsmakers) favored BC. But as the Orange upset Virginia Tech on Saturday -- and looked good doing it -- I doubted the point spread would still favor BC. I was wrong. Despite the huge win, BC opened as a six point favorite

The BC home game accounts for approximately three of those points. And BC's defense and Syracuse's terrible D, account for the remainder of the spread. I predict the line will shrink as the game nears. 

I hope BC wins. I think it could be enough to give us a little momentum. 

By the way, Addazio is 4-2 when favored in ACC games. 


bceagle91 said...

Year 4 of Addazio and BC has been favored in 6 conference games. Wow. Syracuse beat VT pretty handily. We know how the VT game turned out for BC.

lbkjj said...

I never bet against my alma mater but this looks like a " lock"

mod34b said...

At best BC is 50/50 against Syracuse. But I fear it is worse. I think our secondary will get shredded and our offense really can't score enough to keep up. It should be a day of misery - topped off with crowing comment from vile 'cuse fans. My only hope is to throw logic aside and go with hope.

Yet ESPN computers see BC as a slight favorite. Rest of ACC schedule BC is a long shot per ESPN computers This game vs Syracuse will go long way toward determine if BC goes 0-8 in ACC. (Purdue just fired 4th year coach for failing to win!!). Silver lining: Daz's goose may be fully cooked on Saturday!!


Syr. .55 (55% chance of win; 45% chance of loss )
@NcsU .15 (15% w;85% L)
LV .05 (5% w;95% L)
@FSU .04 (4% w;96% L)
Uconn .6 (60% w;40% L)
@Wake .24 (24% w;76% L)

Bravesbill said...

I'd have to think BC is favored only because it's a home game. If this was in the Carrier Dome, BC would be a fairly big underdog.

knucklehead said...

A loss aat home to Syracuse with two weeks of preparation time is bad news for addazios employment status.

JERZeagle said...

this is a bet-the-rent type bet. even if we win, do you think we win by more than a touchdown?

homefield advantage? Alumni will have more cuse fans.

Big Jack Krack said...

"Alumni will have more cuse fans." Such is the state of BC Football - sad.

I wonder if it's possible to research one's past posts on this blog?

Some time back, most probably during the first season under Spaziani and Tranquill (but maybe before they even started, after the tearful dismissal of Jagz), I posted that if we (meaning Defilldicko) took the foot off the gas, and didn't pay attention to detail, we would fall to the bottom of the ACC and fan apathy would set in.

Since we had so recently before that appeared in two ACCCG's, I was taken to task by some, and probably called an idiot.

I don't take any delight in being correct on this - but it is as though GDF and BB have done this deliberately to us.

This is a huge game - not only because it's Syracuse (and long time fans my age know what that means) but also because a loss should signal the end for both Bates and Addazio as far as I'm concerned. We are going backwards, and I'm sick of it.

If we lose, and there are no changes on the horizon, attendance will rightly fall below 20K per game. That in itself is a reason to clean house.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Congrats to hockey team on win over the Badgers. Wasn't it about 8 years ago that someone ranked the combined success of both teams ( Football under TOB and b-ball under Skinner ) over a five year period using the Sagarin computer and BC finished 5th in the country. Over the last 5 years using the same formula BC wouldn't make the top 100. They've gone from near the best to the worst. And some criticize TOB. Clueless.

Guido said...

If BC loses to Syracuse , how can you fire Addazio ??? Three years left on his contract @ approximately 2.6 million per - $$$ 7.8 million big ones. I am only a small donor to the Flynn Fund , but I would vomit on a daily basis to think how many $$$$ have been totally wasted in this athletic arena. Big donors must be disappearing as fast as season ticket holders. It is so depressing !!!! And for a great academic institution such as BC, why was there not an "OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE" that told Bates that two 7-6 seasons did not warrant/justify an extension ????? This scenario is a black mark on Boston College in so many ways !!!!!! Not just from an athletic viewpoint !!!!!

John said...

At least "fire" Bates by announcing to the press that his contract will not be renewed.

Addazio's contract extension is a problem for sure. We are damned if we do, and damned if we don't.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Guido - agree re the extension. But we seem to have a long habit of this if memory serves me. Didn't the prior guy extend Skinner not too long before he fired him? Didn't Spaz and Donahue also get premature extensions to help with recruiting? Was Leahy the only oversight on all of these extensions? Seems we need a better process. Essentially, we give every major coach who comes here an unbelievable severance package before we need to really worry about losing them.

Dumber than dog poop - and proud of it.

mod34b said...

Under Brad Bates well-coiffed do, is there a brain? Maybe

So the big unknown with Daz is his buyout. Purdue just dumped their coach. And save3.5 million by dumping him after July 26, 2o16

Hazel contract:

• Signed through: 2019-20.
• If he's fired: The buyout is $7.5 million after July 1, 2015, but before June 30, 2016. Here are the other potential payments by year of termination.

• 2016-17: $4 million.
• 2017-18: $1 million.
• 2018-19: $1 million.
• 2019-20: $1 million.

Did Brad Bates insert a decent buy out clause? If he did, great. We just do not know

And even if there is no decellerating buy out, , basic cost-benefit analysis says fire him anyway.
MHe is causing lasting damage to BC football

John said...

Lasting damage for sure.

Kash86 said...

Lasting damage would be doing something stupid and firing him mid season, essentially giving up on the year and losing the recruiting class. you give him until the end of the year and hope to god that bates bails before the end of the season, then hopefully have an AD in place when a HC switch is made post FB season.

Its also not entirely fair to blame Bates for all of this. He is not a miracle worker and can only operate within the constraints placed on him by the overall university, which, lets face it, are impossible. Until more change happens top down, you're going to see a never ending cycle of AD/HC hires until they finally get one that works, and that could take decades. If the rumors are true that Leahy is about to retire and that an athletic advisory board is being created (which ATL stated), those are both steps in the right direction.

mod34b said...

Kash, i did not suggest firing Dazoo after the game. but, alas, The year is over and best recruits - the few there are - will bail soon. We need a new HC.

Bates is to blame. while no one gets 100% of the blame, and there is plenty of blame to go around, bates richly deserves a lot of blame. He cannot even come close to being freakin' mediocre in football and basketball. Just zero leadership out of Bates.

but i agree - as does almost everyone else - don't let Hair Boy make the next hire (because he is not good at hiring). no reason we cannot get an AD and HC i n place by jan 1, 2017

getting BC righted will not take decades? nutty suggestion.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I think by decades he meant if we continue with the same process and the same people unless we hit the lottery by accident. He has a point except that nobody will live that long. Unless Leahy and others are on some Machiavellian path to get us out of the ACC and deemphasize athletics - I agree it can be fixed within a reasonable time by some smart people.

What I find most troubling is that Leahy has never, as far as I know, articulated in any depth his aspirations and vision for athletics at BC (especially football) and our role in the ACC. Under the circumstances and unless they are tone deaf, you'd think the Executive Committee of the BOT's would ask Leahy to deliver something approved by them in order to calm the masses and represent a first step. Until that happens - we are all trying to read the tea leaves.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I think the trouble we are all having is that in every one of our little different worlds - we all know that if we duplicated the results of BC's athletic programs of late - there would be hell on earth for each of us. Yet that does not seem to be the case at BC. Maybe the answer is that we all need to get jobs there.