Saturday, October 15, 2016

Is this guy going to get Brad Bates a new job?

This is Todd Turner. He runs a college search firm that places high level athletic personnel, including Athletic Directors. He was also the Athletic Director at Vanderbilt when Brad Bates was there. If you read between the lines, it appears he's helping out his former protege again.

This summer when Turner ran the Athletic Director search for Missouri, he presented Bates as a candidate. Now Blauds is reporting that Bates is in the mix for the San Diego State opening. Guess who is running their search? Yep, it is Todd Turner. (The fact that San Diego State only has an opening because Turner landed their old AD at Mizzou is an entirely different topic altogether.)

Bates could have spun taking the Mizzou job as a step up. It is an SEC school, a flagship state university and more money. San Diego State -- even with BC's current issues -- would be a step back. It is not a Power 5 school and not as big a department. But for Bates it might seem like a nice landing spot given his contract situation. What happens to Bates if BC doesn't extend him and San Diego State doesn't hire him? No big deal. Turner will just float his name for the next search he runs.


eagleboston said...

Get rid of Bates, pick up a new AD and hire P.J. Fleck, 7-0 in the MAC. Row the Boat!

Bravesbill said...

No more MAC anything please. ATL laughs st SDSU but they've been more successful than BC has in the money sports in the last decade.

JERZeagle said...

Just a reality check guys:

- we lost to Virginia tech by 49, Syracuse beat them by 14

- Louisville should have beat Clemson, we lost to Clemson by 46

- Nc state should have beat Clemson, 23 lost to Clemson by 46

This is a joke. All of this is a joke. Brad bates: joke.

Addazio: joke

Christian: wow, joke.

10 teams from the big east and acc EACH make the tournament each year. Boston college: 0-18


mod34b said...

Just looking a Syracuse, NCSu and Wake yesterday, let's you see how bad and uncompetitive BC football is.

0-8 in ACC now seems to be the likely outcome. UConn will be our most competitive game. Wow.

I am glad someone is helping BB leave. Can we infer that BC BOT has let BB know "times are a Changin''"

eagle1331 said...

Good riddance. If BC re-signs or extends Bates I will never donate a dollar to athletics again, and any tickets I buy will be on the secondary market.

Knucklehead said...

Sounds like Bates is gone. New AD, if he has his act together, will use his first year evaluating the department and searching for fool-proof mens hoops/football coaches.

That means another year of Addazio and Bates.

diabetic tackle said...

Todd Turner resembles an older happier Tom O'Brien

blist said...

I hope this means Bates is gone. I'm gonna dream that Coughlin is the answer for usr. The guy's turned around/built 3 organizations (BC. Jacksonville expansion & the Jints)

mod34b said...

Eagle1331. CSom?

I laughed at the biz precision of your threat:"any tickets I buy will be on the secondary market."

To show you BC I will not use the primary market! That will leave them begging to change!!!

Napolean Bonaparte said...

The odds of Bates getting another FBS level job after the experience here have to be rather long. Would think successful AD's and head coaches at this level are a little more ruthless than our guys. If you were given the comp/benefits package these guys were given - how long would you tolerate having it put in jeopardy by someone else reporting to you?

BCCBS said...

SDSU a step down for Bates? Reality check: # of NCAA tournament appearances since the end of 2004/05 season? BC 3 / SDSU 7. # of Sweet 16 appearances since 2004/05? BC 1 / SDSU 2. Even if we go back to the early years of Skinner in 2001, BC has been to 1 less tournament appearance than SDSU btw 2001 and today. SDSU averaged 12,209 in attendance last season; BC 3,411. Conte’s capacity is well below SDSU’s but you get the idea (BC averaged 7,200 in 05/06, 84% filled). What about football? SDSU has been bowling 6 yrs straight.

As I look at SDSU’s success in basketball over the past decade, it begs me to ask the readers: why is there seemingly so much more focus on turning around football among fans than turning around basketball? I really don’t think this is simply b/c we’re in the midst of football season. I’ve followed BC sports only since the late 90s, so I don’t have that football history as ingrained in me as some folks. Nevertheless, the evidence (Nova, Georgetown, Gonzaga, Marquette, Xavier for Catholic schools; plus all sorts of smaller schools like Butler) would seem to strongly suggest that BC should have a much better shot of “fielding” a competitive, successful basketball team than a successful football team. I’d love both football and basketball to be really competitive and fun to watch, but if I had to choose, I’d choose the sport with what I view as the higher (theoretical) ceiling probabilistically.

Geezer eagle said...

BCBC, intriguing hypothesis with merit. But football is the money sport. But the fact that small Catholic schools like Gonzaga are consistently in the Sweet 16 while BC can't even win one fucking ACC game is appalling and disgraceful.

Big Ern said...

Gonzaga? Villanova is currently the National Champion. Are we saying BC can't do what Villanova has done?

BC sports are a disgrace.

Knucklehead said...

Gonzaga is Gonzaga. That program started organically, they made tremendous hc hires and now they back the program with serious $$. They fly around on private jets, play everyone everywhere and at any time of the day.

Gonzaga, like most other Jesuit schools, has 1/3 of the academic standards that Boston College does.

Like I said a few weeks ago BC needs to lower its standards for 2-3 seasons and "let in" 5-7 football players and 2 basketball players that it normally would not. That should improve the talent base and ultimately interest in the programs(by players and fans). Once we are stabilized we can heighten the standards.

mod34b said...

BC's sports legacy is as a football school. That is why this current period is such a disappointment.

Basketball is fine, but it ain't football.

BC must improve Football and Basketball. I'd say at this point basketball is in worse shape. 0-18. than football. I have almost no hope for hoops. Good players do not even consider BC.

With the right coach, BC football can be very competitive in 2 years or 3.

For hoops, we need nothing less than a home-run coach to hope for a 2-3 year turn around,.....which is a very tough order to fill at this point.

CT said...

A bball program is much easier to build than a football program. Bccbs is right. Higher ceiling there. Been saying it for yrs. The ceiling is unlimited in bball. In football, much lower. Anyone quote BC's bball grad rate? Where it ranks? Didn't think so.

Lenny Sienko said...

If you had a choice of spending the coming winter in Boston or San Diego, which would you choose? San Diego seems like a fine landing place for Mr. Bates.