Friday, October 14, 2016

End of the Week Rant: Leave the Coordinators alone

Remember last year when BC had the worst offense among the Power 5 teams and one of the worst in college football? Offensive Coordinator Todd Fitch took the blame and was pushed out. Now he is coordinating a Top 10 Offense at Louisiana Tech. I hammered Fitch last year even though prior to the season Addazio said it was "his" offense and the coordinator implemented his philosophy. I also endorsed Addazio's idea to have Jim Reid run the same defense as Don Brown. In retrospect, I was probably wrong. And so is Addazio. A good head coach needs to find a scheme and coordinator he likes and then give that guy some freedom. We had injuries last year on Offense, but as big a problem was flipping QBs and styles and approaches. We never simplified. Now the Defense -- with the majority of the players the same -- look lost or overmatched. Something is not working. My fear is that once again we are dictating to coordinators instead of letting them set the approach.

Periscope Update: I held another Periscope Friday morning to discuss schedules and Brad Bates' contract. These remain a work in progress so I appreciate feedback. A few notes:
-- If you doubleclick the video it takes you to a Periscope fullscreen so that the movie is not such a closeup.
-- This didn't get as many live interactions as the Post Game Periscope did. Post game after a night game is a natural timeslot. Is there a daytime slot that people would prefer to discuss general news?
-- I appreciate the questions and topics that I got ahead of time. Keep them coming.


mod34b said...

Remember when our offense was among the worst of all P5 teams. I.e. 2015. Why yes I remember it like it was today. Oops it is today too. We are still frightfully bad on offense. The current stats on offense are just as bad this year aslast year. No real improvement

Daz owns it too. It is his shit show.

And given that the second half of the BC schedule has tougher opponents, I m not expecting much improvement.

From CfB Stats. Ranks in FBS games (eliminates stats from Wagner, Howard)

Total offense
2016 #126/128 (only buff and ru worse)
2015 #128/128 (the worst)

Scoring offense
2016 #122
2015 #127

Rushing offense
2016 #96
2015 #98

Passing offense
2016 #115
2015 #125

Napolean Bonaparte said...

So there's hope? God almighty. Between the state of BC sports and the future leadership choices for our country - I'm ready to emigrate to Tristan da Cunha.

blist said...

So if I do periscope, will I see JBQ making air quotes? Big Jack Krack chomping on his cigar, exhorting us to have some pride? Does steam actually come out of Mod34b's ears? Will people learn I am actually a 400-lb hacker on a bed someplace?

JBQ said...

@blist: If your bed has nails on it, we are all in trouble. Loeffler and Reid are good coordinators. With "mod34b" and his comparative assessment, it is obvious that "the cook is spoiling the broth". They are under orders from the "head cheese". Why would you have no shackles on Murphy and yet plenty on Towles? When Towles comes on the field, he looks like Aaron Rodgers. There are a number of pro teams drooling at "giving him a shot". He is the perfect physical specimen on paper. Are you telling me that Daz can't design an offense to build around his talents when he is 6 ft 5, 250, and runs a 4.5 forty? Instead, it is R-R-P-Punt. As Jags said in his interview, BC is "getting the same players". It is just a matter of being able to develop them. If Syracuse wins, it must be considered of firing the Dazzler immediately and elevating Al Washington as interim coach as suggested by someone on this site.

Bravesbill said...

Hey on a positive note, BC is pretty much guaranteed to finish ahead of Rutgers. Boy is their offense putrid.

mod34b said...

Bill - i think you need to fine tune the periscope thing.... When click,,i get nothing.....

and nice to see your pic....while you are certainly a handsome guy, i had never seen your pic before. Somehow i had this idea that you would look like Matt Ryan! ha!