Friday, November 04, 2016

Friday picks

I hope at this point you are using my picks to make money. It is pretty simple: bet the opposite of what I do. This week I really like the road teams.

(Picks in bold.)

Temple-10 at UConn

Notre Dame-7 at Navy

Texas-3 at Texas Tech

Air Force+1.5 at Army

Pitt+3 at Miami

Virginia+3 at Duke

Syracuse+26.5 at Clemson

Georgia-2.5 at Kentucky

Alabama-8 at LSU

Washington-17 at Cal

Last week I was 4-6. For the season I am 34-52-4.


knucklehead said...

Is this still one of your favorite schools, saltine?

TGS said...

34-52-4 for the season and you decide what games to pick. A blind monkey suffering from Daz induced insomnia throwing darts at a board would have a higher win percentage.
Quit now and just go back to telling us the Daz is actually quite a good coach and good times are right around the corner.
Ever to excel baby.
Only thing BC excels at now is charging exhorbitant tuition, being cheap with their endowment, and ensuring BC fans "enjoy" the worst game day experience in college football.