Monday, November 07, 2016

One short explanation and one long one on BC's DBs

After another blowout, many are wondering how the team took such a step back this year. Addazio was asked about it in the postgame (below).
With the increase of big plays, the DBs would seemingly be the problem. But in my opinion, they are not. It is nearly the same group as last year. As much as we miss Justin Simmons, his absence is not the reason for the step back or the problems with the Defensive Backs. My short answer to why we've allowed so many big pass plays, is that we are bringing less effective pressure in the front seven and therefore giving opposing QBs more time and opportunity to go deep on BC. The long answer is more complicated.

Addazio touched on this a little in his media rounds on Monday, but there are actually multiple contributing factors to the blowouts. I am trying to list them all so we understand, but I am not excusing it. Addazio arrogantly claimed that this was "BC's defense" not "Don Brown's" when Brown left for Michigan. It was on Addazio to help maintain or improve what Brown built. He didn't. And if he does get fired, it will be in part because he couldn't keep BC in the games against the ACC's better teams. Here are all the contributing factors that I see.

1. Don Brown
This is the no brainer. I don't think Don Brown was some sort of miracle worker, but he is a good college Defensive Coordinator and especially good once he gets the talent he needs in place. That is why our D got really good in his third year at BC. While Jim Reid and Paul Pasqualoni are familiar with Brown's scheme and approach, it is not the same as the creator running it.

2. Kevin Lempa.
Gone from last year is also the position coach for the DBs. Kevin Lempa helped guide these guys. Now he is in Hawaii. Lempa is a strange dude. He may not be the recruiter Addazio needed, but his players always seemed prepared and understood their roles.

3. Facing better Offenses.
If you look at our three blowouts, you see other teams with great QBs or great player callers. Look at Louisville. Even if we had Don Brown back, don't you think Petrino would have figured things out? Petrino is not going to be fooled forever. Clemson also overwhelmed us in part because of their talented QB. The other team that blew us out, was VT. Maybe they struggled against BC last year because of their OC Scot Loefller.

In the end, having multiple contributing factors to the drop off makes fixing them more complicated. I hope Addazio has a plan for Florida State and the weeks ahead.


EL MIZ said...

"maybe they struggled b/c their OC was Loefler" LOL who is now the BC OC. way to throw some subtle shade, Bill.

i don't understand this Addazio excuse. "all the offenses got better." yea, isn't that the point? we returned 8 guys - shouldn't our D be better too?

mod34b said...

I'd say Reid is the major problem. Pasq. Did a good job with D vs NCSU

Then Reid returned.

He just does not have a good touch for keeping offenses off balance with the right combo of defenses

Other teams know how to exploit his obvious and plodding strategy such that BC Dbs find themselves in 1-on-1 without help too often against more talented players

Our most glaring stat:

2015 against ACC opponents gave up 18 ppg
2016. Now st 36 ppg.

A lot is wrong with D and O (worst scoring offense in conference play in FBS)

mod34b said...

BC avg score in ACC games 12 points
BC opponents avg score in ACC game 36 points

Avg loss in ACC games 24 points!

We lose by 4 scores on average.

Last year avg ACC lose was by 9 points.

Holy bleep.

Daz cannot compete in ACC. #firethebaldman

bceagle93 said...

I'm sorry ATL, but my feelings about Daz are like how I feel about the election: I just want it to be over.

Enough BS explanations and analysis. Stick a fork in this guy. Start using this space (and your time) to write about something more productive like hockey, baseball or other sports that are doing well that we might not know about.

And in case I haven't said it before: TC for AD and HC in 2017.

JBQ said...

"Why do we fight"? Why does it matter? A vaincre sans peril, on triomphe sans glore. On this day of a peaceful transition of power, let's look at why it matters. My father was shot down on his 21st mission over Germany. On Mission 20, he went up with 3 squadrons of 12. In two minutes, the Germans shot down 2 squadrons and 24 crews were gone. They ran out of bullets and my father lived to fight another day. He was shot down on his next mission and became a POW and I was born. BC has to live to fight another day. What is going on now since the demise of Jags is horrid. Let's get some resolve here and live to fight another day.