Tuesday, November 08, 2016

When you lose still matters in College Football

Another blowout. Another ACC loss. Another week of Addazio being defensive with his critics. (Most importantly) another empty Alumni Stadium. This week felt so much like other rough times this year. The fact that there is a familiarity to all the losing should be enough to end Addazio's tenure. But it is not. Because he still has time. And fortunate scheduling might enable him to save his job and change the narrative on his season.

Let's say BC gets blown out on national TV this Friday night. Does Addazio get fired on Monday? Highly unlikely. If anything, I could see BC making an announcement on Bates just to send a message to frustrated fans and donors. But barring some unexpected transgression, Addazio is finishing out this season. That's where UConn and Wake Forest come into play.

UConn is bad and BC should be favored. I know this is assuming a lot, but let's call that a 'W.' That gets Addazio to five wins. Then he closes out the season at Wake Forest. Wake is a flawed team too. They will be favored, but it is a winnable game for BC. Now if he comes out of there with a win, he's safe. Because it means BC is bowling and he can tell the media and BC can tell the donors, "we took our lumps this year, but we finished strong and made a bowl game. Things will be better next year."

If we get blown out at Wake, all bets are off. But I don't think it will happen that way. I predict a convenient "winning streak" saves Addazio's skin.


Danny Boy said...

If he loses to UCONN, it needs to be the last game he coaches. You can only call them good for new england games when they aren't actively working against our own interests. A loss to UCONN shouldn't even be imaginable, and yet here we are.

Even with all the embarrassing blow outs we've faced this year, nothing would damage our brand as badly as a loss to UCONN.

sjudad said...

With a padded schedule/wins over bottom feeder FBS schools. a 6 win season should not be a benchmark for a school with the tradition of BC.

BC78LH said...

You're saying that Bates could be fired Monday?

mod34b said...

yes, we better beat UConn. They are awful

Wake, not so much. They look like a decent football team.

statistically, they are similar to BC, but the Wake D is a bit better. But watching them on TV, they seem like a much better team than BC. Game is at Wake too.

odds (per ESPN 3:1 for Wake) are that BC does not beat Wake, does not bowl. Maybe this will be the end of the Daz-aster Error.

Shabby1011 said...

FSU is not elite, so BC may hang in there on Friday. Cook will run for 200 yards and a few long ones but BC may also be able to score on them. 38-20 which doesn't look horrible.

I ruined my Friday night and spent time watching the UConn-Temple game. What a disaster, UConn is terrible. I think BC wins handily, 28-7.

Wake looks like it could be a winnable game but I think there is no chance. I know they lost to Army a few weeks ago but they have had a good season. They already have 6 wins and they have beaten Duke, Indiana, Syracuse and UVA. I know not tremendous wins but those are wins we would die for right now. Our win vs. NC State was luck and this game will prove it. Wake will roll, 28-14.

Thus gets back to the most important question. Bates is a goner so what happens to Daz at 5-7? That would be 1 win in last two years in ACC (Worst then Spaz) and no sign of any progress. Absolutely no sign which is the most depressing part of the entire season. Even after last year with 0 wins it felt like with a better QB situation, Hillman back, OL older at least we had hope to improve. There is no hope after this year if Daz comes back. Next year would be the worst team in history of BC hands down. Legit could go winless.

Max said...

Do yourself a favor and stop drinking the koolaid. BC is horrible currently and it requires a complete house cleaning to get back to "BC football". Daz must go. BAtes must go. Bill Flynn needs to be redirected from the dead and Father Monan needs to be 60 years old again. This team and coaching staff do not deserve to represent BC. Nuff said!

Knucklehead said...

He is saying what I have been saying for months. If Dazzler loses to Syracuse, UCONN and Wake then he will be fired, but I think he beats UCONN.

mod34b said...

So beating Lowly UConn and being 5-7 gets baldy another year?

E.g. Wins over 5 losers: UMass, Wagner, Buffalo, NCSU and uconn is enough.

Going 1-15 in 2 years in ACC is good enough???

I hope not

Knucklehead said...

Yes. Too much money tied up with him and new AD search could save him even if he loses-out.

eagle1331 said...

Cliff Notes version of this post: If you want change at BC, you need to stop donating and root for losses the rest of the season.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Speaking of Bates - where is he?

John said...

Hopefully packed up, ready to go and presently on approved leave.

Soon to be unemployed.

baldysheehan said...

Who cares anymore? Any school with a minimal amount of pride would have changed direction two years ago. Read the most recent interview of Addazio over on BC Interruption. The man is a fake.

John said...

That is the accurate and sad thing - who cares anymore?

You got what you deserve, BC.

An unwelcoming, losing atmosphere with no positive vibes or hopeful rhetoric.

"We'll be better next year." Brad Bates, in Dublin, Ireland - Sept. 3, 2016.

Heck of a job, Brad.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Max is right. Daz can't coach and must go.

mod34b said...

Daz's latest excuse: We are in a bad part of our cycle and will rise again to greatness

"STEVE ADDAZIO: Sure. I mean, you know, there's no question that when you get some of these elite teams that are all on one side of the division, if you have -- and it's all cyclical. It's cyclical. I mean, you know, there have been times in history, like when we first got in the ACC here, some of those teams were down. I was at Florida when Florida State was down in 2005, '06, '07, okay. Clemson wasn't where they were, okay. Notre Dame wasn't where they were, okay.

So my point is these things are cyclical. But right now the cycle we're in right now, we happen to be in a cycle where we are -- in our conference, on our side of the division, we have some elite teams, okay. So if you take -- right now Virginia Tech has got some fourth- and fifth-year players on there, and they're hitting their stride right now. But when Coach Beamer was struggling the last few years because he knew that that team was coming up the bubble, they were young and they were coming up, and that's where they are now. Permanent crossover game. They were down for a while. Even when I first got here, that wasn't the same Virginia Tech team, right.

And so you play 12 games. You know, if you start out, you've got 12 games and four of those are elite teams like that, just through the percentage numbers if that were the case. That means that if you said, okay, those four teams, they're elite, then there's eight more teams, you're 80 percent of eight, that's six."

Big Jack Krack said...

Wow, such a well-spoken Head Coach. Such a confidence-builder; such a leader.

Let's shoot for 80% wins against the other 8 teams who are not elite and that equals 6 wins.

What a goal! Come on guys, let's run through a wall for this HC. Such an inspiration!

Friday, Veterans Day is my anniversary, and I think I'll cut the romantic dinner and dancing short, so I can race back to watch us against one of the 4 elite teams! Even though we haven't got a chance according to our own HC, I think it will be worth my while to give the game a peek.


Go BC - kick the can down the road and Forrest Gump ("Stupid is as stupid does") your way into the New Year!

Meanwhile, players - for your own good you must stay self motivated to excel, and that will serve you well after graduation. If you had a team only meeting this year, I didn't hear about it, but it would have been a good idea.

Big Jack Krack said...

VT was down because they had the same OC that we have now. Duh.

You can't make this stuff up.

mod34b said...

BJK .. the new Daz math was entertaining! don't bother with elites.. and then go 2-4 with the the ACC also rans....then 4-0 on the "cupcake" branch of the schedule.

and that is in fact what Daz's goal is for this year.

our 3 games against "elites" were blow out losses because this a-hole never even conceived of a way to win. He never tried. WTF. Should be more of the same Friday...and, let us not forget that VT improved in 2016 because they hired a new coach with offensive chops...

now that is an idea i could go for!

eagleboston said...

I don't even care anymore. BC football is no longer fun and the scary thing is, there is no hope. I believe we are looking at a 20-year dry spell. Since I turn 50 next month, I'm going to be an old man before BC football is relevant again.

Why do I think we are in a multi-year drought?

1) No commitment to excellence at the top
2) Facilities way behind
3) Zero fan support. I went to Alumni last Saturday and the stadium was empty. I mean empty!
4) Boston is not a college sports town. People in Boston care about pro sports and that is it. There is zero local support for BC even though "Boston" is in the name.
5) Despite several excellent players over the years, we have absolutely no coaching tree. Where are the Alumni that have some pride that can coach this team?
6) There are not enough high quality football players in New England. The people are smaller in the East and they don't have a high work ethic. Football is built on the lunch box teams that are wiling to work as hard as it takes.
7) High academic standards. Most of the ACC has players that have no business being on a college campus. We can't do that. They have to qualify academically. That narrows the field of athletes dramatically.
8) No tradition in football. We have won one major bowl in 40 years. The 1985 Cotton Bowl. One major bowl in 2 generations!
9) We have failed to capitalize on the success of several former players in the NFL. We used to put more players in the NFL than any other school our size. Bit we did not toot our own horn enough about this.

I hope I'm wrong but we are a small school and everything has to click just right for us to be competitive. Unless we luck into a Heisman-caliber player or strike gold with a coach that craves a challenge, we will be stuck in mediocrity.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

"The people are smaller in the East and they don't have a high work ethic"??? I live in the East and need to take you over to my local Dairy Queen on a Friday night and show you some of the biggest heffers you've ever seen in your life. But in fairness to them - their glandular problems exacerbate all that potato salad and ice cream. Not sure the work ethics are considerably different but I would agree, as an example, that getting more working class kids as offensive linemen from the bowels of PA is probably better than from the Independent School League around Boston.

mod34b said...

"The people are smaller in the East and they don't have a high work ethic. "

Eagleboston - that is just flat out stupid.

East coast people are smaller?

East coast do not have a high work ethic?

CT said...

Maybe he meant to touch on the dearth of elite talent in the Northeast as opposed to other areas of the country?

Regardless, the sentiment expressed is pretty typical nowadays. Who knows? Maybe the bball team will show signs of hope. For the future. Down the road. At some point. Off in the distance.

mod34b said...

well true, the talent pool is not good in NE. But its not good in Wisconsin and other states and they do well. Smaller though?

and lower work ethic? If anything the work ethic in Northeast USA (e.g., NYC and Boston) is far higher than any where else in the USA or the world. Take NYC, if you don't bring your A game and work your ass off, you might as well just go home. Intensity and drive is the name of the game. Can that be said of most (not all) of the hayseeds in Iowa?

mod34b said...

just took a peek at Michigan 2017 class. They are hot and must be a big draw right?

The biggest area for recruits: New England and Michigan!

4 from NE (RI, Ct, Ct and MA), 4 form MI, 2 OH, and the rest single recruits form different states

mod34b said...

24 recruits in new England going to P5 school. 7 going to BC. other going to FSU, ND, MI, RU, NW, SYR, WF, Duke

NJ has a lot of talent too. PA and Oh available too.. FL as well... talent can be had in state where BC has a history of successful recruiting,

so there is talent in New England... not a ton.... but BC could get more if we did not seriously suck

notfadeaway said...

this just ruined my week just after recovering slightly from Tuesday. World is coming to an end.

notfadeaway said...

This man needs to be fired. The 6 wins are total BS. This is BS.

CT said...

24 from a region is not good. And look at those schools mentioned. Trifling. Anyway, the Catholic angle is an advantage, esp wrt all the Catholic HS that have started in the South. I always think of Calvin Johnson when recruiting is brought up. He went to Sandy Creek HS here in the metro ATL area and everyone offered him. His parents are highly educated and instilled that love of knowledge in him when he was young. He chose GTech for the curriculum. Calvin Johnson, a physical freak, in the best way, and he wanted the academic challenge. They are out there. It is possible.

Bravesbill said...

That quote from Daz made my head hurt. Seems like he can't articulate his mission, game plan, strategy, and instruction to his players either.