Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What should BC do about redshirts?

I don't want to use the whole week to rebut or poke holes in Addazio's radio show, but aside from the Brown topic, there was another argument the coach made that rang hollow. It related to redshirts. Throughout the conversation with Meter and Cronin Addazio referenced players that played as true freshmen and how in an ideal situation BC would have redshirted them all. He said that BC has always been a "developmental" program -- meaning that we succeed by taking lightly recruited guys and developing them over four and five years.

I agree that BC should always look to redshirt, but the problem with Addazio's complaints is that he was the one who played all these guys as true freshmen! Look at the careers of guys he pointed to like Matt Milano, Gutaphel, Kavalec, and John Johnson. They all played as true freshmen. But none were really needed. Addazio can't pin that on Spaz or our lack of depth at the time. He wanted to play these guys. Maybe he wanted to win right away. Maybe the thought he could recruit better talent behind them. Maybe those years at Florida skewed his perception on the impact freshmen could make. I don't know. But look at what Addazio got in return for those four guys he wants back next year.

Milano -- 13 games. No starts. Five tackles.
Johnson -- 12 games. No starts. Three tackles.
Kavalec -- 8 games. No starts. Three tackles. 
Gutapfel -- 10 games. No starts. Half of a tackle.

Now there were players that had to play in Addazio's first year, like Willis and Rouse. But he and his staff chose to play most of the other guys. For all the challenges he did face taking over Spaz's team, playing so many true freshmen was not one of them.

Based on his demeanor, I feel like the last thing Addazio wants to do is talk to the media or do radio shows. Maybe the nature of the questions leads him to trot out excuses for the losing. But enough with the redshirting and youth. Figure out what you have and then try to win with it. I don't care if the kid is 18 or 23. Just do it.


ReiDaDor said...

I think one of the problems is that they play these guys as true freshman but it's minimal time and usually just garbage time so what's the point? If you are going to burn a frosh redshirt it better be for a good reason or you better get that kid some legit playing time so he comes back sophomore year ready to go. Playing garbage time against Buffalo or Wagner and a play here or there against tougher competition is not helping him at all and I think they should just redshirt and get that extra year. If you are going to play the kid and get him some solid minutes against tough competition that will prepare him for the following year than great but I have seen the opposite happen too many times where the kids just plays garbage time and uses his redshirt.

EL MIZ said...

i'm worried he loses to UCONN and then burns Brown's redshirt in the last game of the year just to spite BC. the guy is so petty and immature it is almost unbelievable. the way he sulks and childishly eats his french fries throughout the interview - just amazing stuff.

great post, by the way. the two patsies who do the radio show are useless. awesome to see his pathetic excuses get debunked with cold hard facts. but we know daz "ain't a stats guy" he's a "run the rock up the gut til they drop" guy.

ATL - am i crazy or did you once get a press pass during Spaz's season and show up at a game to ask questions in the post game? any chance you can run that back this year at the Wake game (which you said earlier you were attending).

knucklehead said...

Cronin is a patsy? You are a joke.

knucklehead said...

All the talk about brown is a distraction from the reality that this team sucks. If brown were talented at all he would be playing. Remember fadule, flutie, Smith last season?

Unknown said...

Who said Cronin is a patsy?

EL MIZ said...

did either of you watch the interview? can you point to any part of the interview where either of the guys pushed back on Daz or asked him a tough question?

Knuckle - agree the Brown talk is a distraction. unfortunately your boy DAZ keeps peddling that to the game announcers and these radio interviewers as the reason, along with guys in their boxers being mean on twitter, he cannot succeed.

mod34b said...

amazing how knuckle is such a Daz patsy

Knucklehead said...

EL MIZ. You obviously have never listened to a BC radio broadcast. Cronin lays the undercurrent on thick. You know he went to BC and was the special teams captain of the redskins in the 80's? Can I say redskins to you or does that offend you?

It is the BC coaches show you moron(muted apology) is he going to gut the guy on his own show?

That is the asshole comment of all time considering you just did research on what I wrote here two years ago and it was highly negative of the coach. 90% of the posts since have been as well.

Knucklehead said...

Dazzler knows the offensiveline sucks but he cannot bring himself to say it because his second son who is attached to his hip on the sidelines all game has been the worst offensive line coach in college football history the last two years.

If it were anybody else coaching the line they would have been drawn and quartered publicly by Dazzler.

TGS said...

Cronin is no patsy, but he and his partner are 100% stooge BC pussies.

ATL_eagle said...


I have had press passes before. I only had one and during the spaz era and didn't go to the postgame. I am going to Wake, but I am taking my family. I am not going to any postgame.

In general, I am not afraid to ask tough questions, but with a guy like Addazio it often becomes pointless. He's not going to say anything candid and will just get defensive.

Knucklehead said...

You ought to go to the postgame. Ask him a question about why Justin frye is by his side all game and the line still underperforms. He will flip out and get himself canned.

mod34b said...

knuckle.... hmmmm.. i recall after the GT game you were blaming players and praising Daz, almost like you were Observer College. you keep talking about how he won't be fire this year .... you blame assistant coaches but not adz, or at least not often..

Geezer eagle said...

What is this Hatfield and McCoy feud between Mod and Knucklehead? It's actually entertaining.

Big Jack Krack said...

I agree that if we had many 4th and 5th year seniors as starters (developed at BC), we would be a better program - especially on the OLine.

Unfortunately, it will take HC Addazio many, many years to get there - and I don't see that happening.

Meanwhile, we are still on track for "Bowl Eligibility" according to our Football Website and the Boston Globe - which "was the original goal".

The original goal (in Year 4)? Are you kidding me? 4 1/2 blowouts - worst in BC History in a given season! But our original goal is still in sight?

And so, it's UCONN Week - a must win for Bowl Eligibility.

I hope we win, because I can't imagine what those of us sitting around in our boxer shorts will scream if we lose.

Big Jack Krack said...

I wish we didn't have to criticize our Football Head Coach, I really do.

I wish we could compete; I wish we could play exciting football; I wish our games against ACC "elite" competition weren't over in the first quarter; I wish BC was more welcoming to its loyal fans and tailgaters; I wish the Administration would compare DBS Seating and the revenue generated by the tailgate parking fees against the lost revenue of empty seats and fans staying away in droves; I wish the Administration would simply revisit Donor-Based Seating and have the courage to eliminate it because it makes it easier for loyal fans to stay away when the HC produces a very boring, unsuccessful and unwatchable style of football; I wish the HC would get his head out of his ...; I wish our HC would show some true leadership and not play favorites on the field, but play those who are deserving of a chance; I wish, I wish, I wish...............

Big Jack Krack said...

Mod made some comments about the Wake Forest Game.

It's true that I will be in attendance with some WF friends. We will be fortunate enough to be sitting in the President's Box, but if we lose to UCONN, and if we are playing badly against WF, I will definitely excuse myself from my vantage point and execute some kind of Brown Grocery Bag protest.

HC Addazio might wish I was sitting at home in my boxer shorts.

Suggestions for the Grocery Bag "Brown Out" for Wake Forest.

Scribble something like this on the bags:

We're #1 - at losing!
I couldn't give my tickets away!
C'mon man!
On the Road to 1-15!
We Stink!
All I want for Christmas is a new AD and HC!
Upset Fan!
Ashamed Eagles Fan!
Thanks Brad - Thanks Steve!
Decade's Worst!
If you paid for DBS, you'd hide your face too!
We'll be better next year, right Brad?
Wait till Year 5!
You can't make this up!
Cut the Sh&t!
(I'm a) BC Dunce Fan!
1st down, 3 to go Bates, Addazio, Leahy
Tormented Soul!
Put me out of my misery!
I am not enjoying this!
Who am I? Why am I here?
Up the Middle! What a Surprise!
Players, don't listen to Dazoo.
Players, call your own plays!

I wish, I wish, I wish that this wasn't under consideration, I really do!

Go BC Players - beat UCONN and WF for your own pride, not because of some original goal of 6 and 6 with a dumbed (way) down schedule put together by the outgoing AD and maybe HC.

Max said...

Daz is a joke as a coach. Which is really sad because if he just hired a decent OC and D.C. He could spout his verbal diarrhea and no one would care. Unfortunately he has turned out to be a sad man wishing for greatness instead of doing the hard things it takes to achieve same. If my son even entertained the thought of playing for this joke of a coach I would send him to one of the service academies where they play football for a release and fun from the eventual job they will do. When did BC start recruiting puss:::? When did BC coaches come up with "elite" team excuses for losing? JFC - play the game and make the other team know they played BC. Guess what - we will win. I am so pissed that I am apathetic at this point. Get the F out of my school.

Knucklehead said...

Praising Daz for GT. That is a complete and utter mischaracterization.

He didn't lose the GT game though the players did(dropped passes, penalties, missed FG's and the defense on the last drive). That is not praise that is what I saw.

Do some research on that.

Knucklehead said...

If he beats UCONN he is not getting fired based on how I perceive the administration functions. Personally, he should be let go after this season even if he beats UCONN and Wake. That decision is up to the AD so since we don't have an AD Dazzler my be back next season regardless of the results.

Here is another scenario. If I recall properly Ohio State had its D coordinator play interim HC the year before they got Urban Meyer. They kept him on a D coordinator. Maybe we dump Dazzler and give Al Washington(Pasqualoni probably won't hang around if Dazzler is gone)the job for a season while the AD and HC jobs are being filled.

Al is the long term HC regardless of who is hired next. If Boston College lets him go they are a lost cause.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

God this is boring. There really isn't much to talk about until Leahy retires (or is otherwise removed from major athletics decisions) and Bates and Addazio are fired. Its sadly irrelevant whether we win the next two games. Talking about becoming bowl eligible under the circumstances typifies BC's current character - pathetic. Until all of these ass clowns are gone and replaced by capable people with integrity - we are "On the Road to Nowhere". Christian deserves this season to make a difference and I hope he succeeds - otherwise he will have to go together with the women's basketball coach who has also achieved next to nothing. We are in the Atlantic Coast Conference - and we need to be a proud member - not a shameful joke.

Geezer eagle said...

This team going to a bowl would be the biggest travesty in college football history and a sound argument for significant reduction in the number of these meaningless scrimmages.

knucklehead said...

If they become bowl eligible with this team then the future is bright. They can only go upwards from where they are now, especially on offense.

That is not to say the coach remain.

mod34b said...

knuckle is at it again.....implicitly praising think the future is bright with what Daz has assembled? it is not. Daz has created a bleak future. Last in recruiting this and last year. He can't attract talent. He can no longer attract quality assistant coaches and he can't coach and he can't win. Also seem to be an emerging message that he is a prick to his player and dumb as "nut sack."

We have the among the worst Offenses in FBS, and a very bad defense in ACC play ...

and our O-O-C schedule is ranked #128/128, Our OOC could not have been easier. Part of bates' and daz' plan to save their own asses. chumps!

Who did we beat (or hope to beat)

Umass (rank per Sagarin 140)
UConn (#111)
Wagner (#207)
Buffalo (#176)
NCSU (#46 = our 'signature win!)
Wake (#68 if if if)

we lost badly to every team with a winning ACC record.

I will never root for BC to lose, but I agree with Nap. Bowl eligibility means nothing with the ACC results we have seen. I'd like BC to go bowling, but to fire Daz beforehand...

knucklehead said...

You are soberingly obtuse and in need of reading comprehension instruction.

mod34b said...

afraid not Knuckle my reading comprehension is excellent. I can read your posts...and see what you say... no F-bombs today?

BC's future in 2017 is bright? that is just nonsense.

knucklehead said...

You missed the first word "If."

That is poor reading comprehension Mod.

Sounds like you have heard that before.

mod34b said...

I saw the if. your retort is really lame.

knucklehead said...

Yeah brotha.

1661_Comm said...

Mod 34 B, how can BC's out of conference schedule be #128/#128 if we beat teams ranked #207 and #176 ? Are there that many independents?