Monday, December 19, 2016

A Jesuit who got it

This is the late, long-time faculty member and BC Administrator Father William Neenan, S.J. This is part of a longer speech, but I highlighted the reference to BC history and the importance of football below. (Go to 9:48 in the video.)

We hear various things about what sort of school BC wants to be and where the Board of Trustees wants the school to go. While I don't want to put sports first, I hope BC's leaders share Father Neenan's perspective and realize that taking sports seriously has always helped and will continue to help BC.

(Thanks to CE for the heads up.)


BCAlum2000 said...

God bless Father Neenan. If it wasnt for guys like him and Father Monan, BC would not be what it is today and my multiple degrees from this great university would not mean anywhere near what they do. If only Father Leahy had their vision ...

mod34b said...

Yes Father Neenan was a marvelous man, great teacher and academic and more. Very funny too.

He obviously saw sports as important to building BC as an institution - to building and binding the Eagle Nation community.

It is such an obvious goal and a tradition at BC that has been so successful. Yet for more than a decade with GDF and BB, Leahy has failed to even achieve mediocrity.

As I mentioned earlier, if Leahy cannot figure out how to manage even average ACC play, how can we have confidence that he and the BOT are properly managing the overall goals of the University. BC, for one, is stalled in USNWR at 31 or so for a long time. I do not hear much about any kind of success from BC.

mod34b said...

*for nearly a decade (correction of "more than a decade")

Knucklehead said...

I am beginning to see some parallels between Father Leahy and Gene D. Gene made great financial moves for the school, ACC entry and was very well connected to places like ESPN both of which have served BC very well even now when we suck. However Gene had a heel and it was hiring head coaches. That ultimately lead to his demise in a role that he could have held for life if his hiring practices were even mediocre.

Similarly Father Leahy has been a tremendous fundraiser for the overall University and has done well with improving the physical plant. Really well . . . the place is beautifully designed and maintained. There is a huge difference in the Dust Bowl and Quad between now and when I was cutting grass over there in the summers as a student(internships are for suckers). However, his heel seems to be the same thing. Hiring. In this case specifically AD's. That may sound like a minor part of his overall job but financially and in terms of public perception the AD job is paramount. It concerns me that Leahys check and balance Fish is not a Boston College graduate because Leahy is creeping towards his own downfall may need to replaced soon. You just cannot continue to hire poor performing employees when you are in a high level management position.

bceagle93 said...

Jaguars sending out strong signals. Buffalo Bills and Jets may follow. Now is the time Board of Trustees: do the right thing, fire BB and bring TC back to right the ship.

TC for AD and HC in 2017.

JBQ said...

I watched the entire video. I am one of those who was born on third base. The good father is special not only because he was a St. Louis Cardinal fan and graduate of St. Louis University, but because he got it. He related how Edmund Campion was hanged, drawn, and then quartered---Kind of like what has been going on near Alumni Stadium of late. BC is "the last man standing" among many the Jesuit football school. Eagles have a "song to sing" and lately the canary imitator appears to be chirping in a coal mine. Once the canary dies, the miners better get out quick. As said so well by "Super K", Go Eagles.

TheFive said...

I miss Fr. Newman who was such a good man an an embodiment the best BC can be.

Far down on the list of things I miss about him is that he had Fr. Leahy's ear on athletics. Nobody in Leahy's inner circle cares now; but Neenan did, deeply. That influence is missed.

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