Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hoops defeats Sacred Heart

It wasn't pretty, but BC held on to beat Sacred Heart Sunday. The game was full of fouls and BC had a scary moment when Sacred Heart made a run in the second half, but Robinson made the difference. He scored 32 and converted 9 of 11 free throw attempts. Not a great effort overall, but at least there wasn't a hangover from the Auburn win.

Next the team plays Fairfield on Tuesday.


mod34b said...

If Christian talked like Daz

"I am just happy for the kids. We are a young team. But we believe in our selves. This kids just love basketball. And work their tails off. We are young but as you see just beat a dominant SEC team and the "New Gonzaga" - the fine Catholic boys at Sacred Catholic in Connecticut. Our plan was to keep feeding the chef -Robinson - and we delivered the meal. The future is very bright and while I think a NCAA birth is possible this year we are young. But in 2019 it is pretty obvious we will be talking about Troohy Season - thanks Jerry for that phrase - and an ACC championship"

John said...

And Northeastern beat Michigan State in East Lansing.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Sacred Heart is in the Northeast Conference. And we have invested and built a program that would be a pretty good fit for that conference. Really nice work guys!

NEDofSavinHill said...

Daz's last five years as a head coach he won a total of 27 games or just over five per year. Parcells said you are what your record says you are. There is a mountain of evidence to show that Daz is a five win coach. Year number six playing in a major conference is not going to change his ability. Change is needed and needed now.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Villanova #1
Gonzaga #8
Creighton #10
Xavier #17
Saint Mary's #20
Notre Dame #21
Boston College #260

Ever to Excel

Geezer eagle said...

That list speaks volumes.

working rich said...

If every kid on the team were a Rhodes scholar finalist, who cold care about a loss /

But they are not, they play in the ACC
Content with a victory over Sacred heart ?
wake up

TGS said...

Fairfield next, then Roxbury CC to round out this brutal stretch of non-conference games.

mod34b said...

Nap -

good list.

indeed BC has just about the worst NCAA div 1 basketball program of any Catholic School. You can add Holy Cross above BC. actually Fordham is a bit lower than BC.

other lists:

BC is the lowest ranked NCAA div 1 basketball program in Boston

BC is the lowest ranked member of the former Big East Basketball (using 2004 members)

No school has gone lower in sports as fast and as deeply as BC.

But it must all be about facilities.

Of course it is about HORRIBLE management of sports programs. Might be an interesting topic for BC CSOM to investigate - if allowed to do so.

It does make wonder if this is not actually incompetence at work, but a designed plan by Father L to refocus BC's priorities.

Knucklehead said...

Too much money has been spent on hc's and assistants for it to be by design. Leahy and Fish invest millions in Dazzler, Pasq, Ricky Brown, Scott Loeffler, Stan Heath and Spinelli then direct them/force them to fail?

Bizarre thought process.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I don't know - but to get this bad I can understand how someone might think you had to try. I'm afraid though its been continuing poor judgment by a number of senior people and the structures in place at BC that let it continue unabated. My biggest fear is that the Jesuit management team hired by the BOT will never want to admit their mistakes and change. Its all correctable with the insertion of good people, hard work and a President who makes it a top priority. But if the BOT's doesn't care - I think its all over and the only question is when.

Knucklehead said...

I can't. It is fucking ridiculous nonsense.

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mod34b said...

1. Hire Spaz 2009
2. Hire Donohue 2010
3. Hired Brad Bates 2012
4. Hired Daz 5 year deal 2012
5. Hired Christian to 5 year deal 2014
6. Gives Daz 2 year extension 2014
7. Retains Daz 2015 after 0-for-ACC
8. Gives Christian extension 2016 after 0-for-ACC
9. Retains Daz 2016

each of these 9 decisions reflects gross incompetence in management of BC sports programs.

random or planned it is hideous

Knucklehead said...

You said it makes you think it is a designed plan. This last statement is a retraction of that.

The BB and Football situations are obviously abominable.

They aren't a designed plan.

That is demented.

mod34b said...

it very likely is not a specific plan, but it would be hard to do a worse job if you tried to do it poorly.

Each one of those decision was bad from the moment it was announced. Add to it the mismanagement of sport facilities and the game-day experience. Both were badly managed, and still are badly managed. or lo ok at the overall inability to prioritize sports... BC has too many ACC teams - more than almost all teh rest of the ACC and it is the last school that should be trying to manage that load. Then they decide to put big resources into loser baseball.. more bs. it never ends with the BC leadership. It seems that only good sports decision in a decade was to leave Jerry York alone.

What is apparent is that ACC sports is not a priority for Boston College. To reduced both football and basketball to national embarrassments and laughingstocks - and not give a shit about it - is hard to do,

If this level of gross incompetence can go one for almost a decade, i too wonder about the rest of BC. How could these horrible managers of BC sports be trusted to manage BC's core mission of academics and the general financial stewardship of the University

mod34b said...

knuckle, are you just being a dope or attention seeking? i know you are currently very interesting it telling people they are stupid. a teen blogger phase, it seems (and with F bombs too)

I said "It does make [one] wonder if this is not actually incompetence at work, but a designed plan"

you said that i said "You said it makes you think it is a designed plan."

wonder = ponder, think about, meditate on, reflect on, muse on, puzzle over, speculate about, conjecture; be curious about

think = : to form or have in the mind 2 : to have as an intention 3a : to have as an opinion

Knucklehead said...

You sound like Eric Stratton in Animal House when he is defending the fraternity against the Student Council. He starts out with a cogent argument and then ends up saying that "sentencing" his fraternity would be like "sentencing" the USA and he won't stand for defamation of the United States of America. Then they all walk out.

Boston College is in a hardcore rut in BB and Football. Both have had lulls in the past and "this to shall pass." The smaller sports have done very well for decades though: M/W Hockey, Sailing, M/W Soccer(so has BB and Football). So the Athletic Department is not completely mismanaged - this is a positive indicator for BB and Football if the right coach is in place and given time put a program together. This is key because BC will not take questionable recruits to improve the talentbase. The problem I have with Football is that they haven't addressed the core of the problem, o-line, so I don't think Dazzler is improving the program. I don't know what the fuck is going on with BB. They need to recruit some city/urban players who can take it to the ACC pussies they are up against. Remember Dean Smith calling Danya Abrams the dirtiest player he ever saw? Things have changed.

Knucklehead said...

Go climb a Christmas tree weirdo.

mod34b said...

Nice bad boy

Geezer eagle said...

Enjoying my morning entertainment. Love the knuckle/mod comedy tour.

Rathskeller Yeller said...

I know this is a hoops thread but I received this survey link email last week from the BC athletic department. If you are or ever were a season ticket holder for BC football, I urge you to have a voice in how to improve the program. Maybe it will change nothing but you'll certainly feel better after getting your "thoughts" out in a survey that the athletic department will see.

John said...

Thanks Rathskelter - just filled it out and simple. 50/50 on my tix next year. One request and only one request - put a better product on the field.

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