Monday, December 12, 2016

BC beats Auburn! (Maybe it was a good time to play Pearl.)

If last week was a disaster for the basketball team, this week is off to a good start. BC upset Auburn in Madison Square Garden 72-71. There was a lot to like about this game and still some things of concern. However, I don't want to diminish this win. It is was against a Power 5 team on a big stage and against a team with momentum. I don't expect this to mean BC turned a corner. This could still be a fluke. Most likely this is the "two steps forward" process of progression. Here are some other likes and dislikes:

-- Clutch plays from Popovic. When BC needed a basket, he made a beautiful post move. The tip in to win was also nice. It seems like he has a good basketball IQ.
-- Bowman creating in traffic with the game on the line. He wanted the ball late and got his shot off. That seems like a simple thing, but when was the last time we had someone who wanted the ball like that, could actually get a shot off and we didn't wince when he did?
-- Not letting the game get away from them. BC had a ton of mistakes down the stretch (see below). Yet they didn't fold. That is progress.

-- So many turnovers. Pearl pressures. We know that. But things were really sloppy, especially for Robinson.
-- Trouble with a two man game on D. Auburn kept getting open shots with just two guys on the perimeter. Do our guys not talk to each other out there?
-- Christian calling a timeout as BC drove for an open shot. And BC made what would have been the go ahead basket. Thank god that didn't come back to haunt us.  


Eagleytics said...

I learned after the Towson game not to get too optimistic after a nice win--but good work team. Popovic looks like the real deal. He is smooth around the basket and has more size than Jeffers. Sky is the limit for that kid.

CvegasEagle said...

I was at the game tonight and sat next to Auburns tunnel. After the game, I yelled at Bruce "to come back to BC, come home" half jokingly. He acknowledged and laughed. He also came back to the auburn section and chatted with fans about 20 min after they lost (during the 2nd game). He seems like a friendly guy albeit his past is tarnished. But maybe it was the strike contrast to Frank the Tank Martinnnnn who was coaching the second game.

Good to see our guys happy after that win and agree with Rich above re: Pop. Bowman played alright (minus dumb TOs) and wasn't afraid to take the last shot. I guess I'm not surprised that he's afraid to do anything with that haircut.

Still won't win an ACC game though. Peace

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Sort of shell shocked - almost forgot how good it feels to see us win a meaningful game! Its good for the kids, the coaches, the fans, the alums, the school - its good for everybody. I hope Leahy watched the game and was able to leap off his sofa after Popovic's tip in and understand for a brief moment why its worth every ounce of hard work, tough decisions and investment for Boston College to win.

GP11 said...

Really fun win. There's talent on the team, but it's going to be another year or two for them to become even a middle of the road ACC team.

Robinson is so smooth, but fails to demand the ball which limits his ability to take over the game. When his shot didn't fall a few times, he faded to the background. He needs another summer to tighten up his handle and/or work on some basic post moves to get to the basket when he's struggling from outside. Could turn him into a legit #1 option.

Our guards have talent, but became scared to penetrate after getting swatted multiple times by Auburn's bouncy bigs inside. Need to work on drawing contact or making a secondary play instead of just assuming you have an easy layup. Bowman's athleticism is off the charts. Excited to see what he develops into having just dedicated himself to bball this year.

The bigs are SLOW. Popovic's moves inside were nice, but he is a statue. I remember reading a blurb (I think on BCI) comparing him to the middle aged guy at a pickup game who looks terrible but has 10 points before you know what happened. Very true. Jeffers is a bit more athletic, but anemic on the offensive end. It's going to be pick your poison with those two until Popovic can improve his athleticism to help on the defensive end.

This team is going to really struggle in ACC play this year. Auburn has some talent so not trying to underplay the win too much. But I'll be pleasantly surprised to win more than 3-4 ACC games. Another 0-for is possible. The seeds are there. Need to recruit a quality big or two and a knockdown shooter.

But hey, a win is a win.

BCMike said...

"when was the last time we had someone who wanted the ball like that, could actually get a shot off and we didn't wince when he did?"

Good thing you included the "and we didn't wince when he did", as Eli Carter was the clear answer up until that point.

notfadeaway said...

I'm surprised you didn't give credit to Daz for the win

NEDofSavinHill said...

Congrats to the b-ball team. Good win. Congrats to Lamar Jackson on the Heisman. Will be fun seeing him play in 2017.

JBQ said...

The sidewalks of New York with all respect to the City of Patriots is a nice place to visit. Barclays is rivalling the hectic MSG. This is recruiting heaven. Many the good NYC lad would love to play in the ACC. St. John's just can't recover the magic of little Louie. Therefore, the better players will be open to moving up the coast where family can see them play to say nothing of visits to the Big Apple.

JERZeagle said...

nice bball win. unbelievable that no one on auburn grabbed that rebound right in front of the rim.

also, look at the teams ahead of us on what ESPN considers the most interesting bowls. We come in at #38


@jerzeagle Hey, at least Rutgers isn't playing.

JERZeagle said...



STL_eagle said...

ATL...what is the word on the street regarding a new AD? If BB is not going to be extended (and if there was any chance we probably would have heard talk by now) then it seems the school would want the new AD in place before well before BB leaves in June.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

JBQ - trust you are talking about this high school conference re recruiting:

Pretty interesting group of alums. Schools like Power Memorial, All Hallows, Molloy, Rice, LaSalle, etc. used to produce a ton of talent. Not sure how that stands today - get the sense that its all moved to the basketball boarding prep schools.