Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Frates honored and other links

The NCAA gave Pete Frates its 2017 inspiration award for his work with ALS and the Ice Bucket Challenge.

BC is adding more recruits before the quiet period, including Ohio DLine prospect DeAri Todd, and Conneticut Linebacker TJ Gardner. Michigan fans are also worried we might flip AJ Dillon.

This is a long article on the Houston Rockets Daryl Morey by Michael Lewis. If you like Lewis' approach it is worth your time. If you are just a curious BC fan, then read about Sean Williams and Houston's experience with him. The Williams stuff comes early in the article.


mod34b said...

Lewusxarticke is a great read. -- if you find data analysis a useful metric for informing decisions.

The Sean Williams bit is hysterical. Did Al Skinner decide to but an end to Willisms endkess problems by looking away

“So you got caught smoking weed your freshman and sophomore years,” said the Rockets interviewer [to Sean Williams]. “What happened your junior year?” Williams just shook his head and said, “They stopped testing me. And if you’re not going to test me, I’m gonna smoke!”""

mod34b said...

I wonder what the best metrics are to evaluate a future coach? Age when first made head coach and a clear upward trend in W vs L?

I'll take a stab

1. Was a HC somewhere by age 40 (or so) and has an upward W/L trend as HC and several winning seasons at point of hire
2. Was not a life long assistant who worked for a successful coach into his later 40s+
3. Had significant experience and success as a QB coach or OC
4. Was a good/decent player in his day
5. Does not have a "z" in his last name :-)
6. Is a coach willing to take reasonable risks on and off field
7. Does not have mental problems/not a flake

Napolean Bonaparte said...

No words can adequately say enough about Frates, his dedicated wife and his family. Such a horrible disease (among so many horrible diseases). As they say - don't sweat the small stuff.

Knucklehead said...

The article sucks. Sean Williams was thrown out of Boston college during his junior year not after. Something doesn't add up.

EL MIZ said...

ATL - here is my pick:


38-13 over 4 seasons as HC of Fordham. now doing a great job for Penn State. will likely be back another year, so him being a hot name on the market and BC canning Addazio should coincide nicely in 12 months.

EL MIZ said...

BC flips AJ Dillon! a bit of good news! RB in the Hillman mold, was probably best player in MA last year.

CT said...

Just saw that on BCI. Welcome home.

mod34b said...

Miz - good one.. Moorhead fits my evolving criteria. The FOrdam angle is a Jesuit plus too.

"The 42-year-old Moorhead has also interviewed for several FBS head coaching jobs the last couple of years, including Central Florida, Syracuse and Buffalo. Before Fordham, he spent three seasons at Connecticut, two of which were as offensive coordinator, the final of which was when the Huskies made the Fiesta Bowl in 2010.

Moorhead was also an assistant at Akron from 2004–08, the last two of which were as offensive coordinator."

BC will not be alone in the hunt for Moorhead after his awesome job at PSU this year.

Guido said...

Is there any truth to the rumor that Dillon flipped to BC since Michigan was adamant that he play linebacker and he is steadfast on playing running back ???? A BBall friend told me that !!! Wow, that would be something !!!

mod34b said...

Guido, the Michigan board ATL links is filled with remarks along the lines that he de-committed because he wanted to be a RB and not an LB as Mich was pushing him toward.

but honestly, to choose to play for Daz is a tough one. Maybe he is hoping Daz gets fired.

by the way, Daz has only picked up 2 OL in the 2017 class. not good

mod34b said...

As for the future OL for Dillon, he may not like what he sees. Daz is last in ACC over the last 5 classes (2013-2017) in signing OL players. LAST. (not to mentio last in offense the last few years)

Total number of OL over 5 year period 2013 - 2017 classes)

BC 13
GT 13
Wake 16
Pitt 17
UVA 18
Syr 19
Duke 19
UNC 21
VT 21

(i did not bother checking recruiting powerhouses FSU, Clem, MIA or LV) BC had several drop outs too. Other school may have too.

But bottom line, Mr Daz, OC man, OL guru, will have 13 guys to work with to attempt tp mold into a real ACC OL while VT, UNC, NCSU etc each have over 20 - 50% more OL players. not good, especially given the overall poor quality of BC's line to begin with

Unless and until rebuilds its OL base, it is going nowhere. Our OL was easily the worst OL in the ACC in 2016, and 2015.

is this all on Daz.

you bet it is.

CT said...

Somebody should put Mr. Brightside out of his misery.

How about a nice "Welcome to the Heights."

Guy would complain about the the luster of the Pearly Gates.

Treat humanity. Take a break from your online personality.

mod34b said...

Thanks Bitch.

So funny to get advise from a malcontent extraordinaire like yourself

In fact, it cracks me up.

also, you think Dillon gives a crap about what anyone write here? He does not. stupid.

knucklehead said...
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knucklehead said...

The o-lineman from Phili needs to be able start and play well as a freshman otherwise Dillon, and anyone else behind the line, should redshirt.

Thank Zuks for Dillon.

Kash86 said...

Of course you count Spaz's 2013 class to try and prove some point, which had ZERO OL commits, and which Addazio had a month to clean up . If that year has a normal OL class (4-5 range), BC is right in the middle of that group you listed. Also, I beleive your numbers are off to begin with as a number of guys were not listed as OL in HS (Austin Stevens and Joel Rich come to mind off the top of my head since youre referenceing pure numbers)

Instead, Spaziani brought in 3 kids in 2012 (2 stayed in program) and ZERO in 2013.

The line is in year 2 of a complete overhaul, thats the bottom line, it was a total reset in '15 and that is 100% on the shoulders of Spaziani under-recruiting.

Addazio showed he could take marginal talent (from Spaz first few classes) and turn them into pros. He was able to take guys who sat on the bench at UF and turn them into pros. You have to give him time to develop the OL. He will finally be in a position next year where his guys will have meaningful snaps under there belt (Lindstrom, Baker, Monteiro, Johnson to name a few). That position doesnt develop over night

Kash86 said...

You also reference the 2017 class as only have 2 commits, you do understand its only mid-december, there is still a month and a half left till NSD and BC is in good shape with Joshua Fedd Jackson from St. Joes Regional in Jersey as most likely the last spot for OL this class.

I think you need to have a more realistic opinion about how to balance/build a roster. You cant just go out and recruit 5-6 OL every year. The # of kids they take this year is planned, its not by accident.

Knucklehead said...

He has 1-2 ol commits coming in this year. That is negligence at best.

Knucklehead said...
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mod34b said...

Kash/SF22 - whatever the reasons, Daz has 50% less OL to work with in 2017 season then do "non elite" ACC schools... that is a big problem. And a problem compounded by the fact that the Daz OL bunch are the worst in the ACC over the last 2 years. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

I really hope they mature and are good next year, but i am not expecting much. is anyone?

Spaz recruited OL much better than Daz. Daz did not turn duds into stars... they were good when he got here. Did you notice that another Spaz OL recruit Wetzel is now an NFL started.

But next year is year 5 of the Daz drama, Kash. He owns it all now. Lose the Spaz excuse. it is tiresome and pointless at this juncture.

Bravesbill said...

Kash is definitely the conductor of the Daz bandwagon. Might be the only one fully onboard too.

knucklehead said...

Kash played on the line.