Saturday, April 15, 2017

The arms race

I retweeted this Saturday, but thought it deserved its own post.
Woody is right. This sort of thing is an enormous misuse of funds. The costs of those flat screens should go directly to the players. Seeing this sort of misguided largesse is also a reminder BC is taking the wrong approach.

Publicly BC's leadership has been against official payments to players. The only problem is players are getting paid illegally and through stupid benefits like 10K flat screens on their lockers. BC -- because of our revenue and our philosophy -- will never be able to keep up with all this nonsense. The indoor facility is nice but it won't have the bells and whistles the power programs have. So instead of keeping up with the Joneses, BC needs to argue for a true salary program for players and true direct benefits. It is only fair and will correct the market. Currently we have an inefficient black market where things like high-tech lockers are considered a good investment. If players were allowed to negotiate or get a salary, they would probably take much less cash into their pocket and hang their things on a hook!


Geezer eagle said...

So ATL, are you officially arguing for the termination of the STUDENT-athlete concept? Although I agree the current system is a travesty, paid college athletes is opening up a whole can of worms.
Will the jocks still be required to attend class? Which sports get paid and which don't. Will the big football and basketball factories pay more than the low revenue schools? Do third string bench warmers get paid? Are the jocks considered minor league prospects for the NFL like they already are in the sec?
The questions and problems are endless.

JBQ said...

"Georgia Eagle" is right. We know that this is coming and so does Father Leahy. Father Jenkins of the pseudo Irish school has remarked that they will drop football if players will be paid. Believe that if you will. If you pay football, then you pay women's track. Semi pro is coming and maybe there will be just one league that pays such as the SEC. Stories on Louisville and Kentucky of recent vintage show how ridiculous the current system is. The NCAA plays favorites and the university presidents have taken a back seat.

Geezer eagle said...

Well put, JBQ.

Max said...

There should be other leagues. Eddies the NFL where athletes can play, develop and get paid. Oh wait that has been tried and NFL (and Donald Trump) f'd it up.

Why bother when universities a glad to do for nominal fee.

I say jack up the rights to college games. Academia will never be able to play hardball with sports. They have no clue what they are up against.

I say keep college different than pro. I would say everyone on this board would not want 90 % of NFL players in your home

Guido said...

If any type payment to athletes becomes the norm , good luck to monitoring any system. I would simply say - give up COLLEGE athletics and let the pro franchises sponsor a semi- pro system. College sports used to be fun to watch , but all the BS that now occurs (one and done etc) has ruined the experience for me. I have almost "THROWN IN THE TOWEL".

JBQ said...

@Guido: At least you now know how Father Leahy feels.

working rich said...

Stevens Institute of Technology an engineering school in Hoboken has a real student athlete program. They have girls field hockey to get the kids out of the lab and running around .
Those students are real student athletes.
No one goes to the games except the kids and friends .
No Georgia dome.
The way it should be.

John said...

Flat screen TV on lockers - $10k?

We have truly lost our minds at BC Athletic Dept.