Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Baseball drops ACC Tourney opener to NC State

BC left too many on base in a critical ACC Tournament loss to NC State. Jacob Stevens gave BC a solid start but BC failed to capitalize early and the Wolfpack padded their lead in the later innings. Now BC as they face UNC next in pool play. That game becomes a must win to keep any hopes alive. The good news is that this team has responded repeatedly when it seemed like they were in a hole. EDITED: My mistake. As Brian pointed out in comments, this eliminates BC. I thought they could still have a chance depending on how the pool played out, but even if UNC loses twice, BC is out.


Brian said...

We are eliminated. If the teams finish all at 1-1, the top seed in the pool advances. Dumb, but w/e.

ATL_eagle said...

Is that true? Can't NC State beat UNC?

Teej said...

it basically lets every team play 2 games when they go down there, but gives the higher seed a 1st round bye.

So BC/NCst got to play 2 games, but only way to advance as lower seed is to go 2-0.

I originally thought dumb rule, but I guess it allows teams to play and showcase more (especially like an 8 seed that may want 1 more win to help with committee). If not, it'd be like last yer where we travel for one game and if we lose were out.

Geezer eagle said...

Good old BC. The annual ACC doormat in almost all sports. Gotta love it.

Anonymous said...

I am your fan I like your team Thank you for your reply !!!