Wednesday, May 24, 2017

BC win totals from CFN

Last week, the leading gaming service released their 2017 win totals for college football. However, BC only earned a "N/A." Most of the teams selected at the bottom of their conference received the same status. This is partially due to lack of interest and the fickle nature of predicting the bottom of a Power 5 conference. If scheduled well, a lower Power 5 team can walk right into five wins. Although the gaming experts are avoiding BC, CFN is not. They put the over/under on BC wins at 5.5.

I don't bet, but the over on 5.5 seems like easy money to me. I will get into season predictions later in the summer, but winning the three non-Power 5 games, and then getting three wins out of ACC and ND play doesn't seem too much to me.


JBQ said...

Northern Illinois is not a gimme. The six years previous to last, they were in the MAC championship game and flirted with being ranked in the top 25. If BC looks good against Northern, they will have a good season. Nevertheless, this is certainly not an easy away game. The game against Colorado State of recent vintage should teach BC not to count their Easter eggs early.

knucklehead said...

I am giving us wins in the first two games but Wade(starter?) is weak, the defense is strong but relatively watered down, the special teams will be a mess without Al and Wake(our "real rival" in the ACC)is always a very tough and competitive game. Most of the rest of the schedule is brutal.

Under. The line should be 5.

What is our preseason strength of schedule? What is Addazio's record in season openers . . . not good right?

Still pissed Addazio drove Al off. Al is one of the few proud BC people involved with college coaching and they drive him off. Effing ridiculous.

2017 Boston College Schedule
Friday, Sept. 1             at Northern Illinois W
Saturday, Sept. 9        Wake Forest* W
Saturday, Sept. 16      Notre Dame L
Saturday, Sept. 23       at Clemson* L
Saturday, Sept. 30      Central Michigan W
Saturday, Oct. 7          Virginia Tech* L
Saturday, Oct. 14         at Louisville* L
Saturday, Oct. 21         at Virginia* L
Friday, Oct. 27             Florida State* L
Saturday, Nov. 11       NC State* W
Saturday, Nov. 18        at Connecticut (Fenwy) W
Saturday, Nov. 25        at Syracuse* L

Matt said...

Addazio didn't drive Al off. This was Al's decision. Tough to lose him but he wanted to be closer to home. Although Boston college should be a clear step up from cinci that school is investing a lot in coaches so he probably is getting paid as much or more. They have a loaded staff.

knucklehead said...

They were butting heads on the sidelines last season. Not saying he was fired. He wasn't given the opportunity to progress that he deserved. BC shouldn't let a coach with his credentials leave. Are Loeffler(OC) or Pasqualoni/Reid(DC) better than a coach "on the rise" who is a proud alumnus? He was essentially run off by a lack of opportunity.

Geezer eagle said...

Knucklehead, trying to find a new opponent after Mod34 was driven off after you and ATL did nothing to eliminate his imposter? Pathetic.

Geezer eagle said...

As a retired army officer, I am appalled at the leadership on this blog.

knucklehead said...


John said...

Maybe we can win at UVA and at Syracuse. And then again, maybe not.

5 and 7 looks more possible than 7 and 5 - especially because of our performance during the last 8 years.
We'll have to bust out one of these years.

Fact is, our schedule is full of teams that have advanced their programs, and can't be expected to have down years. ND can't be counted on to stay down. Clemson, VT, Louisville, FSU - Oh Boy!

Syracuse seems to be on the rise past BC - so all those who thought it wasn't a rivalry will get very sick of losing to the Orange.

NC State and WF are counted as BC winning, but no guarantee for sure.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Go BC in 2017

knucklehead said...

UVA on the road is tough.

John said...

We are either going to have a surprising year - better than the predictions, or we are going to have a new Head Coach after November 25th - especially if we win less than 5 games with 3 or 4 blowout losses.

Blowouts are no longer tolerated here.

knucklehead said...

You must respect this hoouuuuse.

Anonymous said...

I like your team i'm your fan thank you!!


Bravesbill said...

Blowouts are obviously being tolerated here given BC's recent history. BC hasn't done anything to show that it doesn't tolerate losing by 40 3-4 times a season.

Unknown said...

They've lost to Syracuse a few years in a row, they're not going to lose to them again this year. It's not like Syracuse is a top 25 school, BC should beat them this year.