Sunday, August 27, 2017

Season Prediction Part II: best case scenario

If Addazio has any real substance as a head coach, one year he will have a season when it all comes together and all breaks his way. If he ever has a season like that, this is how it might play out.

As a reminder, this is not what I think will happen. This is more of a "what if." My real prediction will come later in the week.

at Nothern Illinois. Win. The D looks tremendous and creates all sorts of turnovers. BC's QB situation still seems a bit unsettled, but the OLine creates big holes for the running backs.

Wake Forest. Win. This is a good matchup for BC. BC gets to the QB all day. The passing game looks okay, but BC's deep and talented RBs remain the stars.

Notre Dame. Win. Needless to say, this is a big game and a big win for Addazio. The 3-0 start earns BC some votes in the polls.

at Clemson. Loss. Both teams are undefeated and it gets a primetime slot on ESPN. The game is low scoring, but BC cannot move the ball against an elite D.

Central Michigan. Win. Another relatively easy game. BC's OL and DL control the game.

Virginia Tech. Win. A huge confidence builder. This proves the hot start was legit. With the win, BC is ranked.

at Louisville. Loss. The Cardinals tear up BC's top D. This is the worst we look all year.

at Virginia. Win. I just don't expect much from UVA this year. I think BC controls throughout.

Florida State. Loss. A real letdown in front of a solid Friday night crowd.

NC State. Win. As I have mentioned, I don't get the NC State hype. I think we win this game with ease.

UConn (at Fenway). Win. We just run on UConn all day. This is fun to watch.

at Syracuse. Win. This is very close, but BC holds on in the end.

This would leave BC 9-3 (5-3 in the ACC). Clearly not among the elite of the ACC, but it would show that Addazio can compete when he has his players. Because we still don't sell tickets, I think we end up in the Sun Bowl against Oregon. BC wins that to finish 10-3 and just outside the top 10.


Unknown said...

"FOR BOSTON" Let us all hope you are correct. Would be "bow worthy" as Meta and Pete say!

John said...

☺️ wouldn't it be nice....... Like the old Beach Boys song.

The OLine must prove their worth. Let's remember that they are still 15 to 20 pounds lighter than when we first joined the ACC. That's significant if you fancy yourself to be a team that can push opponents off the line of scrimmage. A quick peek at the UGA OLine shows quite a few guys 325 to 345. Their average might be 330.

So, we must have a balanced attack to give our OLine a chance to gel and Excel.

Go BC - beat NIU and get us going!

modest34b said...

so we

1. beat 3 chumps N Ill, C Mich UConn
2. beat 3 pre-season ranked/regarded teams VT, ND, NCSU
3. beat 3 mediocre ACC teams - UVA, Syr and Wake

nah. no VT win. we won't score more than 10 points, for starters . ND?? nice to think about

8-4 is probably a ceiling

eagletix said...

Even finishing 10-3, no way BC is just outside the top 10 without an eye opening marquee win, which doesn't happen in your scenario. Top 20 yes, but after the doldrums of the past several years, still viewed as a flash in the pan.

Geezer eagle said...

Delusional. I would love to see this fantasy develop, but no way, Jose.

JBQ said...

Hope springs eternal within the human breast. Man never is, but always to be blest. Alexander Pope

Unknown said...

thank you

Unknown said...

I know this is fantasy, but seriously how stupid is ATL? Even if BC did go 10-3 in this scenario there is no way they are anywhere close to the top 10. Maybe they are in the top 20. Maybe.

bceagle91 said...

10-3 with losses to FSU and Clemson and a bowl game win really should get us in the top 20. I agree that the top 10 with 3 losses would be a reach. Maybe an SEC West ream could do it, but not us.

TGS said...

Actually hilarious. What's next, no more snow in winter, the Dems find common decency, Khead gets a date that doesn't involve a Visa card or an air pump?

CvegasEagle said...

lol tgs

knucklehead said...

Two douchebags

Unknown said...

SPAZDAZIO eunda est (must go) if he doesn't win 4 ACC games) It is year 5

What kind of an idiot at the top permitted Bates motel to give him a four year extension.

HE also needs replacement.

Unknown said...

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