Tuesday, February 27, 2018

BC confirms Trautwein as OLine Coach

After a few days of speculation, BC confirmed that Phil Trautwein has joined Addazio's staff as the Offensive Line coach. He replaced Justin Frye, who went to UCLA.

Trautwein is a low risk hire. He's young and knows Addazio and Addazio's teaching well. He's from the Northeast, so there should be an easy adjustment to BC life. The big unknown is his ability to identify and recruit talent. The young guys tend to be the recruiting workhorses, so he will have to jump in head first. Trautwein is a New Jersey native, so hopefully he can help our push in that area.

There is plenty of depth and talent at Oline right now. Because positions are in flux, there is potential to screw it up, but I trust Addazio to help Trautwein manage the unit and help them perform at a high level.

Good luck to Trautwein and welcome to the Heights.


EL MIZ said...

for all the handwringing about our wretched coaches, Ryan Day is now a $1mm+ per year OC at The Ohio State under Urban Meyer and Frye is in LA with Chip Kelly. not a bad outcome - hopefully these guys look back on their BC time fondly if they are considered down the road for the head coaching gig.

NYCEagle said...

Why can’t we keep any of our assitants?

mod34b said...

I am very happy for Ryan Dsy

Really happy.

He is now too much of a big shot for BC

He will never return. Yay

Yes, he was a bad OC for BC. 12th place out 14 in ACC 2 year in a row for total offense, and he inherited a lot of OL talent. He had Andre. But he could not gain yards. Just awful. 12/14. That was bad work.

Why on Earth do so many people like this guy?

Edward Griffith said...


knucklehead said...

They aren't seeing what you are.

12/14. Use your eyes. Football isn't the fucking NASDAQ.

mod34b said...

thanks Bitch.

If you do not know what you are talking about do not constantly offer f-bomb laced garbage opinions. Go do some charity work at your alma mater in the U Mass system

John said...

NYC - I don't think we're outside the standard for college football teams in terms of staff turnover.

But the trend certainly seems to be higher/better compensation for assistants. And everyone wants to move forward in their careers, etc.

That may be part of it.

NYCEagle said...

Yeah I don’t blame them when the money/pedigree of the program they’re going to is too much to turn down. I guess I just wish BC was the type of school who could lure up and coming talent from Power 5 Programs, not the other way around

Knucklehead said...

Stupid. Wrong. Non-sense. Another Mod34b post.

Deacon Drake said...

Boeheim is eating a big ding dong tonight... it makes me happy. The offense is shredding the zone. The ball never stops.

MattBC03 said...

Frye was here long enough. Phil Troutwein was a GA on our staff for a couple years so he knows the system and what BC is all about. Great hire.

On another note, I had no idea Frye left until I saw this. Don't think BC Interruption posted anything.