Wednesday, February 14, 2018

BC won't change the name of the Yawkey Athletic Center

According to a report in The Heights, BC will not change the name of the Yawkey Athletic Center. The school cited an agreement with the Yawkey Foundation that the building would carry the name as part of the Foundation's $15 million gift. The controversy related to the Yawkey name started when Red Sox owner John Henry started pushing the City of Boston to change the name of Yawkey Way outside of Fenway.

When the controversy first started last summer, I said BC should change the name or tweak it enough that it would be associated with Jean Yawkey. Even with keeping the name, BC can start rebradning it internally ("YAC" or "Y-A-C") to the point that the Yawkey aspect of the name becomes an afterthought. They could also shrink or change the lettering outside the building.

As long as the Red Sox push their issue, BC's challenge will linger. I am not upset about the name. I just continue to believe BC needs some sort of plan to deal with the issue in the future. The Foundation was generous, but there is no reason for BC to take a big stand to defend Tom Yawkey -- a man with no real ties to the school. 


Knucklehead said...

Cannot really see the name on the building even on a clear day. Lets not make it sound like BC is aggrandizing Tom Yawkey. The school is not.

It is probably the most non-descript athletic facility in Power 5 sports.

The statement in the post about the signage is bullshit.

Marketing a name change to an acronym only draws more attention for the "resist" movement flunkies, who are the only ones who care about the name of the Athletic Center at Boston College.

I think Boston College was ahead of the crybaby curve when it named the facility the Yawkey Athletics Center and not the Tom Yawkey Atheltics Center. Words matter don't they left wing culture warriors?

If you have a problem with Boston College naming its athletics offices and players facility the Yawkey Athletic Center then you need to be put on the top of a watch list.

Edward Griffith said...

the season 2 years ago deep into the super regional one game from CWS.
Beat ND Sat. and that wretched Boheim 28th do it "FOR BOSTON"

Geezer eagle said...

ATL is clearly a PC culture warrior. What's next from the Left - ban all monuments and tributes to Washington and Jefferson because they owned slaves? This shit needs to end.

Joseph said...

"watch list" Culture warrior". Serious? Tom Yawkey was a well-known, confirmed racist. "resisting" that fact is not the BC thing to do. Connecting that kind of person to any institution that wants to claim excellence is bogus. It has to do with knowing right from wrong, not "right" from "left".

bceagle91 said...

John Harrington worked for the Yawkeys both with the Sox and the Foundation. Prior to that, he taught accounting at BC, so that might have had a lot to do with it.

Edward Griffith said...

It is important to remember we are all working for the glory of BC "For Boston" not for
taking cheap shots at each other. "For Here All Are One"

BigEast94 said...

And change Cushing Hall as well

Geezer eagle said...

Hey, Joseph. What do you want to change the name to, The Vladimir Lenin center?

knucklehead said...

Ooooh. Joseph. Words do matter.

The guy was a racist and enabler. He dies in the 80s.

Let it go.

Like I said, the name of the facility does not specify or aggrandise Tom Yawkey.

You obviously didn't not under the theme of the comment.

The wording poked you right in the eye though. As predicted.

knucklehead said...

Re-name it Joseph Athletic Center. Because Joseph hates racists. Hypocrite.

Call it JAC.

Geezer eagle said...

As in JAC-ass

PerishTheEagle said...

The plan for the future is real easy and requires no effort or resources. Don't change it. That's it...the whole plan.

@MrNASAgang said...

As a Blackman I wouldn’t mind that. But that’s just me.

Guido said...

Mr. Thomas Yawkey may have had racist tendencies , but also let us remember that he took over the "Jimmy Fund" operation in its' infancy (Lou Perini asked Mr. Yawkey to assume this NOBLE CAUSE) and expanded it big time !!!!! That fund was for all children with cancer , no matter their color, ethnicity or religious background. All this recent activity against the legacy of Yawkey was started by John Henry who is a total hypocrite . One should study his life background in detail. Maybe we should also consider taking down the statue to Bill Russell at the Garden , because he also is a BIGTIME RACIST - Personal experience with Mr. Russell !!!!!! Bill Russell apologists , however , would defend him because of the racism he faced in his lifetime. WE HAVE HUGE PROBLEMS IN THIS "SOCIETY" ( look at the massacre in Florida) and we should begin to get our priorities in order !!!!!!!!!!! Joseph , were you alive to witness the life of Yawkey ??? I doubt it and I bet that you are petitioning Notre Dame to change their moniker !!!!!

John said...

I do not believe that Bill Russell was a racist, never mind a Big Time Racist.

He was the victim of racism and became an out-spoken civil rights champion, just like he was on the court.

Bill Russell was well educated and in speaking out on behalf of African Americans and minorities, he should not be confused with being a racist.

He spoke out against his experiences in Boston, and rightly so.

Bill Russell is not a racist.

Geezer eagle said...

Can you people actually define racist as opposed to bigot and prejudiced? Get off the PC bandwagon.

Geezer eagle said...

Can you people actually define the word racist as opposed to bigot and prejudiced? Get off your PC bandwagons.

knucklehead said...

The guy was a bigot are whatever you want to call him he was also an enabler of some detistible behavior.

Boston College has nothing to do with that. The money came from the wife via a long standing employee relationship with John Harrington.

Let's cut the shit and move on.