Thursday, August 22, 2019

Big questions: Can BC find magic in the transfers again?

A series of questions as we approach another year of Addazio.

Last year's senior class was arguably Addazio's most talented. Their departures left multiple holes. While there is youth in the pipeline, he wisely picked up a few transfers to help bridge any talent gaps. Grad transfers have been critical to a few of Addazio's seasons. The question heading into this year, will any of this year's transfers be difference makers for this season.

Danny Dalton might be the most prominent transfer given his New England roots and history with BC (he decommitted to go to Penn State). Now that he is finally an Eagle, he offers the potential to fill in some of the productivity at Tight End. However, Tight End was probably one of our deeper positions. In this case, Dalton is a nothing to lose fill in. If he plays well -- great. If he doesn't -- BC has others who will gladly take those snaps.

If we don't need Dalton to be great, we sort of do need Richard Yeargin to be great. DLine is our biggest question mark. We need someone to step up and provide pressure. Can it be Yeargin? He will get the chance. He's had all the tools, but dealth with injuries and setbacks while at Clemson. He was also among the best dline prospects in the country, so you could see how he might have been overlooked down south. At BC, he will finally get his chance.

Hayden Mahoney is another ACC transfer. Can BC get more out of him than Miami? He is supposedly set to start...and Addazio handles the Oline well, so that's a good sign. Some of Addazio's best transfers have been P5 Olinemen. Let's hope Mahoney continues that tradition.

If any transfer might make or break the season it could be Aaron Boumerhi. The former Temple kicker will be asked to do something seemingly simple, just kick FGs and convert extra points. Kickers have been one of Addazio's Achilles Heels. Maybe one grad transfer can break that cycle of frustration.

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