Sunday, August 25, 2019

Big questions: How tough is the schedule? [UPDATE]

[BC wanted to make is clear that Addazio did not schedule this season's games. So we are clear, Notre Dame is part of an ACC agreement. Richmond is an interchangeable FCS. Kansas and Rutgers are the big P5 variables. They were scheduled towards the end of Bates' tenure. I argued to BC that Addazio had a voice in those games getting scheduled. BC says no.]

A series of questions as we approach another year of Addazio.

Be prepared to hear a lot about BC's schedule this year. It is rare to be playing 11 Power 5 teams. For years, BC has put one or two mid-majors on the schedule to pad the win total. From afar, it looks like that wiggle room is gone this year. But a closer look at the schedule also has me wondering if it really is any harder than it has been in the past.

Richmond, Kansas, Rutgers, Notre Dame
Richmond might be one of the more consistent FCS teams on the east coast, but come on, they are still undersized and coming to Alumni. If Addazio can't win that game, he has problems. Notre Dame has been on our schedule at various times through the years. This year's game is on the road and late in the season, so it could be dangerous. However, Notre Dame has been coming off two strong years and most sites have them expected to take a step back.

When Addazio scheduled Kansas and Rutgers, they were two of the worst teams in college football. At the time, I found it cynical and short-sighted. When you schedule a team years in advance, you can't truly predict how good they will be once you take the field. Look at Purdue last year. I doubt Kansas or Rutgers will be as good as Purdue, but both will probably give us more of a game than we want or expect. But still as a whole, this non-conference schedule is favorable. BC should be favored in three of the games, and come away with at least two wins.

ACC games
There is nothing unique about the ACC schedule we play this year. Pitt is our rotational cross division game, but everything else is the same. Do you usually feel like BC has a tough conference schedule? Yes, we play the defending National Champion, but we also get Florida State during a rebuild. Yes, we kick the season off with VT, but they have many issues and question marks. I am a big believer that the ACC games will always be cyclical. For every team on an unexpected upswing, there will also be a team in a down cycle. This year is no exception.

I hope BC and Addazio don't use this schedule as a crutch. Aside from the perception, it is probably not all that different from a typical BC season. Manage it well and win the games we should and BC will probably be where it always is under Addazio.

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