Monday, August 26, 2019

Season Prediction Part I: worst case scenario

Here we go again. This is not what I think will happen...just what could happen. We have enough issues and concerns, that this season could go sideways. Do you trust Addazio to pull this team out of a nosedive if one should happen?

(My official predictions are coming Wednesday.)

Virginia Tech. Loss. It is a tough way to start the season. BC looks sloppy.

Richmond. Win. I don't see any way we lose to Richmond.

Kansas. Win. While Kansas is going to be better than they've been, it won't be this early in Miles' time there.

at Rutgers. Loss. Huge letdown. The D is not what is was or should be.

Wake Forest. Win. The Wake-BC series is filled with close, weird games. I think this is more of the same, only it goes BC's way.

at Louisville. Loss. Dillon's last trip to Louisville was a career maker. I don't think they let him run all over them again.

NC State. Loss. This is where the season feels out of control. Lots of hot seat talk.

at Clemson. Loss. Clemson is not losing focus at home against us this year.

at Syracuse. Loss. Another ugly Cuse loss.

Florida State. Win. I think FSU is going to be a mess again. We rally for the Crowther game.

at Notre Dame. Loss. BC keeps it close, but can't knock off the Irish. Bowl hopes gone.

at Pitt. Loss. Nothing to play for and it shows.

I would usually predict that a 4-8 season would get Addazio fired, but we know how basketball played out.

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