Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Lids and things

I’ve lamented before that I am not a fan of BC’s current logo. It really cuts down on anything I would think of wearing or buying. So when I found this hat,
Best BC Hat Ever Posted by Hello

at Sports Moments & Memories in the Perimeter Mall I had to buy it. No angry chicken. No italicized letters. Simple. Adjustable-fitted. Perfect. It might be my all-time favorite hat.

Moments & Memories is filled with all sorts of SEC and ACC tchotchkes, but not a lot of BC stuff yet. That is probably best since I don’t have to fight the temptation to buy a BC chips and salsa tray or a BC style miniature stock car. Much to my surprise they did have a foam mascot hat like these (sorry, couldn’t find a pic of the BC one). So if anyone is interested in the foam hat or the perfect hat, let me know. I might be willing to ship. Or you could just call the store yourself.


Mutryn's non-throwing arm said...

Dear ATL-

The BC derivative of the grotesque headgear mentioned above has been available for quite some time at the BC bookstore. If your wife can't wait to administer the fine piece, let me know, and I can FedEx it to you ASAP. I believe there were only a handful remaining, so don't hesitate!

ps-our logo looks like two parts of a drunken alphabet.

Jay said...

That hat is not that great.

ATL_eagle said...

Jay, I'll toss it up to different tastes. As an example, I'll be the one wearing searsucker and a bow tie at your wedding!

Mutryn, no need to buy the foam hat. I can get it here. Maybe I'll wear it at Jay's wedding too.

Mutryn's non-throwing arm said...

Ditch the bow tie and go all out-the bolo tie. "The can't-miss hit at all weddings this year!" That's what Bride magazine says. Not that I read it or anything.