Thursday, August 24, 2006

Season prediction Part III: what will happen

This is part III of my possible predictions. This will serve as my official prediction. The others were the extreme. This is what I think will actually happen. Last season, I came pretty close with this forecast. I am not as confident in my the predictions below. I really think this could be a fantastic season. The type many of us have been waiting for. Yet common sense and TOB lowering expectations forced me to add one more loss than my gut wanted. As much as I like being right, I would welcome this team out performing my expectations below.

What will happen

At Central Michigan. Win. BC is listless for most of the first half. However, they get their act together and kick ass in the second half.

Clemson. Win. This is the game I went back and forth on. I really think Clemson is overrated and we face them at the right time. However, the constant “this is Clemson’s year” talk left me questioning my instinct. So I went with history. Let me explain. After TOB, the second most predictable coach in the ACC is Tommy Bowden. Like clockwork, his teams stumble early only to save his job late in the season. I think we win this game and provide the Bowden haters with more ammo for the new year.

BYU. Win. Alumni is not College football's toughest venue, but I like our chances against a BYU team crossing the country.

At NC State. Win. NC State has talent. I think they lack good coaching.

Maine. Win. Not even interesting.

Virginia Tech. Loss. The longest win streak of TOB’s career is six games. Closing last season with three wins would mean BC would enter this game with an eight-win streak. Do you honestly think it will last past this game?

At Florida State. Win. Revenge from last year. Bouncing back after the Tech loss will be a real sign of this team’s heart.

Buffalo. Win. I hope people are starting to realize how light this schedule is.

At Wake Forest. Loss. Losing this game would be crushing. It would kill any good will TOB would have built up with the hot start and the FSU win. But until O’Brien proves that he can consistently avoid a WTF game, I need to pencil at least one in. As everyone knows, Wake has given us fits. Why should I expect anything different this season?

Duke. Win. A team that might be worse than Buffalo.

Maryland. Loss. I believe this is our year to knock off a few of the big boys. As sure as I am of that, I am unsure how we will do against our peer programs. TOB has historically split against his peers. I think we trip up over Maryland this year.

At Miami. Win. I think this is the end of the Coker era. I also think this will be a huge game for Matt Ryan.

9-3 after the regular season. I don’t think that will be good enough for the ACC Championship game. So I see us going to Orlando for the Champs Bowl against Nebraska. We crush them and TOB gets his first 10 win season in 10 years.


MattyR08 said...

Have to call this a successful season. Plus, have a 10 win season gonig into next year when we win the BCS

lola said...

8-4. go tigers

Adam said...

I think you underestimate how bad Maryland will be this year. I'm not buying the national resurgence of that program. Looking forward to watching the Eagles at CM to get the season started!


Mehl412 said...

I like this one better than the worst case scenario! Ha.

BTW, this blog is my absolute favorite connection to BC Sports now that I am an alumna (BC 05).


Kirk said...

Why on earth would a quality program like BC start the year at CMU? Are they that desperate to get on TV? They certaintly will not get a huge pay day in Mt. Pleasant. I'm happy to see it as a CMU grad and I think BC will win but as Corso likes to say "It will be closer than the experts think".