Sunday, December 17, 2006

Spaz and a little AOL update

The latest rumor is that Spaz is getting a Leahy interview. This may be true but I don't expect him to get the job. I think this is courtesy to a long time employee and a chance for Leahy to talk about the current state of the team. However, if Spaz is the choice, Gene will a hell of a time selling it to the fans. But I just can't see this...especially when there are two really good finalists.

Here is a short little take on the situation on the AOL Fanhouse.


flutie22phelan20 said...

You seem to prefer Jags over Spaziani. I'm curious as to why?

Seems to me that Spaziani has accomplished quite a lot at BC, and is currently coming off of his strongest coaching season to date in molding our young D into a really strong unit. He has a track record at BC, knows the drill, etc, and has a fiery personality has been kept in the background under TOB. I think his floor is equivalent to that of his predecessor; I think his ceiling is much higher.

Jags, by contrast, is much more of an unknown commodity, who brings many of the same assets to the table but a lot more risk.

ATL_eagle said...

There are many reason I like Jags and will get into it more if he is the guy. But one thing I like about Jags and Whip is that the both represent fresh air. Spaz would be the most boring and lame choice of all time. We are not going to the next level with him. Plus everyone kills TOB, but I put the Syracuse game and this year's NC State game on Spaz.

flutie22phelan20 said...

I know we could play the blame game all day with the staff re: Syracuse and NC State. I happen to agree with you, partially, on 'Cuse--Spaz was responsible, but that was a staff-wide breakdown. As for NC State, as soon as BC got a 7 point lead, Bible et al. called plays like we were up 30. Also, it's not Spaz's fault that P. Anderson had a total brain freeze, and stood stationary on the ten yard line rather than actually playing defense--that wasn't supposed to be single coverage.

ATL_eagle said...

Why was Spaz in a 4-3-4 with time running out against NC State? Hasn't the guy ever heard of the prevent?